Fashion...Meet Technology


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The Fashion Techie provides businesses with fashionable solutions for online and offline success including fashion public relations, fashion marketing, fashion website design, fashion writing, fashion social media marketing, and fashion event management.

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Fashion...Meet Technology

  1. 1. Fashion … Meet Technology Get Started Today!
  2. 2. Our Approach Provide Unique Services Develop Strategies That Work Train & Educate Get Started Today!
  3. 3. Online Marketing • Social Media Marketing • Video Content • Pay Per Click Advertising • Affiliate Program Development • Email Marketing • Contest Management • Search Engine Optimization Get Started Today!
  4. 4. Fashion Web Design • eCommerce Development and Design • Project Management • Product Uploading • eCMC • Web Copy & Product Descriptions • Backend Development and Training • Informational sites, blogs and more Get Started Today!
  5. 5. Online PR • Local & national campaigns • Celebrity endorsements • Design of press kits, biographies, lookbooks, letterhead, business cards, press materials, campaigns • Professional writing services for press releases, pitch letters and website copy • Online media and editorial outreach Get Started Today!
  6. 6. Online Event Mgmt • A press worthy event concept • Event production • Preproduction • Event planning • Invitation design and distribution • VIP and celebrity recruitment • Online press coverage • Podcasts, Tweet Parties, Second Life Events, Webinars, and more Get Started Today!
  7. 7. Our Services Our fashion writing services include: • Web Copy • Keyword Optimized Articles • Fashion & Lifestyle Blogging • SEO Product Descriptions • Press Releases and Media Kits • Ad Copy • Tag Lines • How To Guides • Product Reviews • Ebooks • Marketing Plans Get Started Today!
  8. 8. Online Courses • Online Courses include the following topics: • Twitter • Social Shopping Networks • Pay Per Click • Online PR • Facebook Coming Soon! Get Started Today!
  9. 9. Our Company When Fashion Met Technology The Fashion Techie was started by Tierra M Wilson in 2007 after her career as a VP of a technology institute, adjunct technology professor to Fortune 500 companies and community technology advocate led to a number of high profile consulting jobs. As a consultant and fashion addict, Wilson soon found out through intensive industry research that the fashion industry was being left behind other industries in online marketing, social media and e-commerce development. “I was shocked when we ended our research project and found that many fashion related businesses were going to technology firms that had no experience in fashion whatsoever. It was like asking PC Magazine to suggest a pair of shoes to a shoe addict while predicting their online patterns…it just didn’t make sense,” says Wilson. Get Started Today!
  10. 10. Our Company Our Guarantee Today The Fashion Techie is a full service interactive marketing agency with connections and partners across the United States. Our goal is to provide fashion related businesses with effective online marketing strategies, training, design, and development. As a result, we’ve learned that in the world of fashion and technology, anyone that promises you instant results and 100% satisfaction is lying. Our Guarantee is simple…. We guarantee to build you the best campaign possible for your company. What Sets Us Apart? The Fashion Techie is not a Silicon Valley technology firm that talks in languages you can’t understand leaving you dependent on them for every technology need your company has. We provide you with a campaign that you can comprehend while providing you and your employees with the knowledge needed to help you succeed…even after your contract has ended. 1.623.341.1722 Mon – Fri | 9am – 6pm Get Started Today!