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Nations of the Americas Part 2

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Nations of the Americas Part 2

  2. 2.  Some of Argentina’s best-known and influential authors include Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, Jose Hernandez, Jorge Luis Borges, Adolfo Bioy Casares, and Ernesto Sabato. Some of the most well-known female authors include Alfonsina Storni, Silvina Ocampo, Susana Calandrelli, and Olga Orozco. Sarmiento’s works displayed aspects of sociology and semiotics. He was part of the first generation of intellectuals in Argentina. 1837, Juan Cruz Varela published many works relating to revolutionary spirit while remaining under the paradoxical Spanish domain. Jose Marmol published the first Argentine novel titled Amalia in 1851-1852.
  3. 3.  Spanish colonial architecture is seen throughout much of Argentina, as well as French and Italian influences. Virginio Colombo, Francisco Gianotti, and Mario Palanti were young Italian architects who helped design the Italian pavilion for the Exposicion Internacional del Centenario in 1910. They went on to be successful architects and much of their work was conducted in Buenos Aires, including Art Nouveau. The Santa Felicitam Church was designed by Ernesto Bunge. The Central Post Office and Palace of Justice were designed by Norbert Maillart. The National Congress and the Colon Opera House were designed by Vittorio Meano. French neoclassical architecture arose during the second half of the 20th century. Rationalist architecture arose after the 1930’s.
  4. 4.  Argentine cuisine reflects the cultural diversity of its people. Native Indians grew melons, squash, and sweet potatoes. Italians brought pizza and various pasta dishes that included lasagna and spaghetti. The British settlers started the tradition of teatime. Argentina is known for its consumption of protein, especially beef. In Patagonia, lamb and goat are preferred over beef. Empanadas are an Argentine staple with a wide variety of fillings cheese, to vegetables, to meat. Dulce de leche is a national food that is commonly used to fill cakes and pancakes but is also spread over toasted bread for breakfast or served over ice cream. Mate is the traditional drink of choice in Argentina. Wine, coffee, and tea are all important staples..
  5. 5. Sources W i k i p e d i a , T h e F r e e E n c y c l o p ed i a . W i k i m e d i a F o u n d a t io n , I n c . . 27 F e b r u ar y20 1 2 . < h t t p: / / en .w ik ipe d i a . o r g/ w i k i / Ar c h it ec t u r e _ o f _ Ar ge n t in a > . 2 A p r i l 20 1 2 . W i k i p e d i a , T h e F r e e E n c y c l o p ed i a . W i k i m e d i a F o u n d a t i o n , I n c . . 22 M a r c h 20 1 2 .<>. Web. 2 April 2012. W i k i p e d i a , T h e F r e e E n c y c l o p ed i a . W i k i m e d i a F o u n d a t io n , I n c . . 2 9 M a r c h 20 1 2 .< h t t p : / / e n .wi k ipe d i a . o r g/ w i k i / Ar ge n t i n e_ c u is in e > . We b . 2 A p r i l 20 1 2 .

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