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Local Shelter enters Challenge


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Local Shelter enters Challenge

  1. 1. Tricia McCann
  2. 2. In order to win theHumane Society of StJoseph County must beable to get enoughvotes; entering them inthe top 50 out of nearly100 shelterscompeting.
  3. 3. After placing flyersaround the local area theshelter decided tomaintain a voting stationfor employees andcustomers.
  4. 4. The shelter is home toover 100 dogs andpuppies. In entering thechallenge the shelterhosted a “Name yourown Adoption Price”event where the customerdecided the adoption feeon certain canines.
  5. 5. With the event theshelter has been ableto show more signssuch as these; hostingdogs who had a hardertime with beingadopted before.
  6. 6. The shelter is also calledhome to nearly 300 cats andkittens. Unlike the dogs, allcats are considered for the“Name your own AdoptionPrice” event.
  7. 7. It is the shelter’s hope tobuild more outside playareas for the cats similarto the ones seen here. Itwill enable the nearly 200cats who do not fit inadoption to be moved outof their small cages.
  8. 8. This area is home to onlya few of the shelter’sfeline companionswaiting to be adopted.
  9. 9. As the shelter spays and neutersall of their adoptionanimals, winning the challengewould allow them to purchasebetter and more surgicalequipment. This would helpthem meet the demand ofanimals finding their new home
  10. 10. One of the main issuesthe shelter mustconstantly face is how tofeed all 600 of theiranimals. With the100,000 dollars theywould be able to fill theirsupply and focus on theanimals themselves.
  11. 11. The money would alsohelp the shelter pay torepair or replace brokenitems.
  12. 12. Programs such as “Pawsfor Pages” which teacheschildren how to read andthe Junior Humane Campwould be able to havemore activities, booksand members.
  13. 13. Many of the items in thegift-shop are purchasedby the shelter. They hopeto be able to buy betterquality items and have alarger variety.
  14. 14. Although the shelter is runoff of donations, manypeople can no longer affordto donate. Forcing theshelter to cut back onemployee’s hours andinhibits improvement.
  15. 15. The main reason for the shelter’sinterest in winning the contest liesbehind the unfinished building.With more animals than before theshelter is running out of room.With the 100,000 dollars theshelter will be able to finishbuilding and create a better placefor the animals.