What Timothy does...


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An overview of Timothy\'s service and offering.

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What Timothy does...

  1. 1. Creative talent management, recruitment & resourcing solutions for agencies April 2009 M +44 (0)7710 419702 | T +44 (0)20 8543 6067 | E tim@timothycreative.com | W www.timothycreative.com © Timothy Ltd 2009
  2. 2. Creative talent consultancy Timothy has been developed exclusively for creative people within the integrated,  advertising, design and digital agency space; catalysts within their companies. ◦ Art Directors, Designers and Copywriters. ◦ Creative Directors. ◦ Creative Services Directors, Project and Creative Services Managers. ◦ Planners – communication, insight, creative and brand. ◦ Information Architects. In a fragmented, homogenised, market, Timothy provides relevant and credible creative  talent which will evolve a company’s offering rather than replicate what’s gone before. A human face in talent management and recruitment.  Integrated | Advertising | Marketing | Design & branding | Digital © Timothy Ltd 2009
  3. 3. Approach Working in partnership with agencies, to help them become the brand of  choice for the most talented creative people. Working with agencies so that they benefit from having access to the kind of  talent pool that both drives their new business and retains their existing business. All the while evolving their culture. Delivering expertise, credibility, a powerful, trusted, network and a  consultative manner. Driven by the excitement of seeing a company transform as a result of our  behind-the-scenes involvement. Integrated | Advertising | Marketing | Design & branding | Digital © Timothy Ltd 2009
  4. 4. Talent management solutions within creative & planning departments We’ll actively work with agencies in a way that moves them beyond a tactical & reactive recruitment solution to one that is strategic, proactive and manages the creative department in a more holistic, accountable and scalable way. It’s as much about developing a pool of creative talent that aspires to join their company, so that when the need arises they’re not searching for that elusive replacement from a standing start, as it is about finding them someone who can fill a position straight away. Integrated | Advertising | Marketing | Design & branding | Digital © Timothy Ltd 2009
  5. 5. Recruitment solutions When our agency partners are looking to fill a permanent or temporary creative or planning vacancy, we’ll happily work with them in the following ways: Retained Search  ◦ Providing a research orientated, clearly distinguishable process and a guaranteed result, for senior and/or ‘business critical’ positions. Recruitment  ◦ Providing best fit permanent or freelance candidates for contingent positions. ‘Creategy’  ◦ Providing scalable, short-term creative and planning resource solutions in Pitch situations. Integrated | Advertising | Marketing | Design & branding | Digital © Timothy Ltd 2009
  6. 6. Pitch winning ‘creategy’ – scalable, short-term resource solutions Through representing a breadth of the best, most awarded creative and planning talent,  we can respond to an agency pitch within a specified time-frame, to deliver strategy, executions and even the ‘wow’ factor needed to ensure success within a pitch environment, depending on what the need is and how our client would like to work. Clients’ pay one fee and we manage the pitch process on their behalf – in the way a  photographer’s agent would – by defining the creative brief, putting the right team together, managing timescales and coordinating tissues, wips and all reviews. Creative & strategy come together to form ‘creategy’ – pitch winning solutions that free  up an agency’s time and resource to pitch effectively, knowing that all associated costs will be upfront and fixed – allowing for complete financial control too. Integrated | Advertising | Marketing | Design & branding | Digital © Timothy Ltd 2009
  7. 7. Additional value added services Outsourced talent management for smaller agencies that would appreciate a  central coordination point. Offer management  Competency based interviewing.  Interview training & techniques.  Portfolio advice.  Salary & benefit surveys.  Integrated | Advertising | Marketing | Design & branding | Digital © Timothy Ltd 2009
  8. 8. One fixed & transparent fee We’re not 'selling' clients people based on the salary they’ll earn. Instead we’re  providing clients information to give them the confidence to make an important hire, knowing that nothing’s been left to chance. By working like this clients get the best advice regardless of the outcome. Clients will see candidates that save them money on salary and candidates  that might cost them a little more, but they do so knowing that there is NO potential for additional financial gain on Timothy’s part. It’s about meeting the brief, and then going beyond it. It’s about adding value. We want Clients to involve Timothy in their business for the long term. We  want to be a part of their evolution and build trusted partnerships with them. In this way Timothy will have more opportunities to help its talented creatives build the successful careers they hope for. Integrated | Advertising | Marketing | Design & branding | Digital © Timothy Ltd 2009
  9. 9. Tim Mitchell’s biography For over 5 years, Tim has worked with some of the most respected and  awarded agencies to enhance their creative offering , through the acquisition of the best creative talent available. Junior to Senior. As a consultant Tim has worked in, and understands, the communications  mix. From integrated marketing and advertising, through to digital & web, direct marketing & promotions, through to design, branding and PR. Over and above talent management, he’s been working in the advertising and  marketing space – agency and client side - since 1994, when the disciplines above were separate vehicles and not the hybrid conversations they are today. He has a distinct take on the past and a very relevant opinion about the future. Integrated | Advertising | Marketing | Design & branding | Digital © Timothy Ltd 2009
  10. 10. Some testimonials “Tim takes an intelligent approach to finding the right person for the right job. If you're  an employer, you don't need to worry about any quota-filling nonsense. He won't bombard you with a rainforest-worth of CVs in the hope that one might stick. Be prepared to be asked a lot of questions. Once he knows what you're about and what you're after, he'll come back with a considered list of prospects. As a candidate, you'll find him supportive and full of interesting angles on where you might find a home. I've recommended him to lots of people (on both sides of the fence) for his straight-forward, considered approach.” Ed Prichard, Executive Creative Director and Strategist. “Tim is exceptional. A great listener with an intuitive head for the brief. His long term  focus builds brilliant relationships and he sits amongst a very small group of recruitment professionals that understand that long term strategy is far more important than the short term fix. I spend my life taking calls from consultants, Tim is the one I'm always happy to call back.” Piggy Lines, Executive Creative Director, Carlson Marketing. Integrated | Advertising | Marketing | Design & branding | Digital © Timothy Ltd 2009
  11. 11. Some testimonials “Tim Mitchell is a good listener and a good communicator. This is what makes  him a great recruiter. He understands the business and where it’s going and has an intuitive skill in matching compatible personalities (if he ran a dating agency he’d be a rich man). I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him.” David Harris, Executive Creative Director, Wunderman “Tim has a unique combination of personal integrity, market experience, and  creative intuition, which for me meant that he shot me to the perfect company with his first dart. He aims, he shoots, he scores! Thank you Tim.” Lisa Glasgow, Creative Director, Touch DDB. Integrated | Advertising | Marketing | Design & branding | Digital © Timothy Ltd 2009
  12. 12. Some testimonials “Tim's greatest asset is his ability to listen and interpret requirements  accurately. I've been impressed with his thoroughness and the candidates he's sent us have always been strong and relevant” Stephen Firth, Managing Director, Gravity. quot;The art of recruitment is bigger than a job spec. It's about where individuals  are in their own personal careers. It's about understanding companies business plans. It's about being a catalyst to make great things happen. Tim is this artist.quot; Andrew Barnes-Jones, Creative Director, Tidalwave & The Purple Consultancy. Integrated | Advertising | Marketing | Design & branding | Digital © Timothy Ltd 2009
  13. 13. Some testimonials “Quite simply Tim Mitchell is a bright guy. This is something that manifests  itself in a number of ways. He is genuinely interested in our industry and the individuals in it. He is also knowledgeable about it. He listens. He asks pertinent questions. He gives very considered answers. He is proactive. He thinks laterally. He is passionate about what he does. He is inquisitive about what you’re doing. And he does it all engagingly, and with good humour...”. Gary Sharpen, Executive Creative Director, WDMP. “I have worked with Tim for many years now and he's always delivered me  excellent well thought through candidates. Tim placed me in my current role and found the exact thing I was looking for. From initial briefing to placement Tim will always give you the added value you require in such a challenging time. Inspirational, ambitious and excellent results. Call Tim today.” Paul Beier, Creative Director, Hurricane. Integrated | Advertising | Marketing | Design & branding | Digital © Timothy Ltd 2009
  14. 14. Some testimonials “Tim was the first recruitment person I have met that is not like an estate agent. Did the  job very well, made it enjoyable and found us absolutely the best candidate for the job. We will use Tim again.” Nick Gray, Managing Director, Live & Breathe. “Tim is a class act. He is a great judge of talent and has an uncanny ability to 'know'  which candidates will work for clients. He understands the requirements and machinations of a creative department, meaning he can relate to clients' problems easily. His opinions are always insightful and honest.” Owen Catto, Creative Director, Live & Breathe. “Tim sees the potential in people and spots how their skills can be adapted for the new  communications landscape.” Luke Ashton & Dean Pinnington, former Creative Directors at Touch DDB, now of AMV BBDO Integrated | Advertising | Marketing | Design & branding | Digital © Timothy Ltd 2009