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A general overview to Location3 Media and our suite of service offerings and capabilities.

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L3 M Capabilities

  2. 2. A DIGITAL MARKETING PARTNERBUILT TO INCREASE YOUR BRAND’SFINDABILITY AND PERFORMANCE.Through strategic design, search marketingexpertise, social media optimization and theapplication of analytics, we increase your brand’sfindability to raise awareness and generateresponse across all digital platforms.Whether your goals include lead generation,engagement or commerce, our team of analysts,strategists and creative technologists will design acustomized campaign to optimize your brand’sfindability and maximize your return.
  3. 3. AGENCY HISTORYFounded in 1999 and located in the heart of Denver, Location3 has astaff of over 70 full-time employees who service global, national andlocal brands. More than half of our client base has worked with us forat least three years, as we improve the findability and performance ofevery client with whom we partner.Industry RecognitionInc. 5000 Top Company (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011)DMA International ECHO Award Winner (2007, 2008, 2010)Business Marketing Association Gold Key Award Winner (2007, 2011)Search Engine Strategies Award Winner (2008)OMMA Online Creativity Award Winner (2009)American Marketing Association Peak Award Winner (2007, 2008,2009, 2010)Telly Award Winner (2011)Top 50 Colorado Companies To Watch (2010)Denver Business Journal Best Places To Work (2007, 2009)
  4. 4. FINDABILITY EXPERTSOne of only 13 agencies* in the U.S. awarded both Google Analytics and WebOptimizer certifications1 of only 9 agencies in the U.S. awarded Microsoft AdExcellence “PreferredAgency” statusOfficial Member of the Yahoo! Web Analytics Consultant Network *Certifications as of September, 2011
  5. 5. FINDABILITY EXPERTSOne of only 14 agencies* in the world awarded the Google Premier SMBPartner certification under Local Search Traffic, a division of Location3 Media.As a part of this exclusive program LST is focused on franchises and multi-unitbusiness systems which sets us apart from many of the other partners. *Certification as of December, 2011
  6. 6. SPECIALIZING IN LOCAL DIGITAL MARKETINGSOLUTIONSLocation3 provides local store digital marketing(LSDM) to over 100,000 multi-unit retail andfranchise locations nationwide, ensuring the seamless and efficient integration of corporate andstore level digital marketing strategies.LSDM Solutions• Local Map Listings• Franchisee PPC Management• CMS for Local Store Websites and Landing Pages• Local SEO• Location-Based Check In Services• Online Review Management• Mobile Marketing• Social Media• Local Call-Tracking and Analytics Platform• On-Demand Reporting Dashboard
  8. 8. FINDABILITY SOLUTIONS Analytics PPC Display Local Mobile SEO Social Content Design
  10. 10. ANALYTICSTHE FOUNDATION OFEVERY PROGRAMThe measurement, collection, analysis and reportingof site data for purposes of understanding andoptimizing performance is the single most essentialaction we can take to maximize your ROI.The practice of analytics involves coding,mathematics and statistics, and above all, criticalthinking. Successful web analytics take complexdata and turn it into actionable insights that answertough questions and improve performance.
  11. 11. PEOPLE +PLATFORMMedia Agent™ is a proprietary datamanagement platform built byLocation3 that serves as thecentralized home for all clientcampaigns.Media Agent™ allows our campaignmanagers to efficiently build andlaunch campaigns, analyze data andoptimize campaigns in one interfacewith the goal of exceeding thecampaign’s Key PerformanceIndicators.Optimization formulas are constantlyupdated by in-house statisticians inconjunction with PhD experts instatistics.
  12. 12. ATTRIBUTIONBEYOND THE LAST CLICKAttribution analysis (or multi-channel analysis) is the process ofevaluating all of the media channels that lead a website visitor toconvert. The goal of attribution is to give a more accurate picture of howall of the different media channels (PPC, SEO, Social Media, etc.)impact a single conversion.Many analytics practices give too much credit to the last click madebefore a conversion. However, more often than not visitors use differentchannels in different stages of the conversion funnel. Attributionanalysis is necessary in order to have an accurate, big-pictureunderstanding of how visitors come to your site and convert.At Location3 Media, our attribution services include a customized trafficcollection process and deep analysis of the multi-channel conversionpaths developed by Ph.D. statisticians. As a result, our clients canbetter understand customers’ media consumption, attribute to differentchannels more accurately and achieve better multi-channel marketingreturn on investment.
  13. 13. PAID SEARCH
  14. 14. PAID SEARCH ADSDRIVE 89% INCREMENTAL TRAFFIC VS. ORGANICALONEToday, Paid Search has evolved beyond the lines of Google and Bing and isnow expanding to become part of the social media and mobile marketingexplosion. YouTube is now the second largest searched site behind Google,and 23 million people are projected to search brands on Facebook in 2011.Advertisers often wonder whether search ads cannibalize their organic traffic.In other words, if search ads were paused, would clicks on organic resultsincrease, and make up for the loss in paid traffic?Google statisticians recently ran over 400 studies and determined that onaverage, the incremental ad clicks percentage across verticals is 89%. Thismeans that a full 89% of the traffic generated by search ads is not replaced byorganic clicks when ads are paused.Recognized throughout the industry as a pioneer in Paid Search, Location3currently runs PPC campaigns on nearly every continent around the globe.
  16. 16. Targeting: Geo-CUSTOM CAMPAIGNS targeting to local buyers within an approved market Keywords: Budget Assessment: Keywords can be Impacts visibility customized to which is why we individual locations Program Implementation careful determine to focus on specific these up front products and services Optimization: Ad Copy: Pre-qualifies Continuous evaluation traffic to the landing and optimization by page experienced professionals to maximize ad spend Not only do we work to ensure Placeholder brand compliance across franchisees, but also customizeWe take an individually-tailored reporting interfaces to yourapproach on a store by storelevel, while still ensuring best brand.practices are met. Reporting: On-demand reporting Landing Page: To enhance every step of the conversion portal available with full path, you must consider the layout and design of the transparency into KPI’s and ROI landing page. We can eliminate the guesswork
  17. 17. MARKETING TERRITORY NCOMPLIANCE W EL3M location-targets your franchisees’ ads according toyour marketing territory requirements.Using IP addresses, search engines can determine Swhere searchers are located and map this to ourspecifications.The result is that your franchisees comply with marketingregulations and spend money on the searchers thatmatter.
  18. 18. REAL TIME REPORTING SUITEOur proprietary reporting suite takescampaign data and turns it into easily-readable intelligence so franchisees cansee how their campaigns are progressing.An award-winning interface cleanlyfeatures important campaign metrics.Franchisees are supported with helpfulvideo-FAQs to better understandreporting.
  19. 19. BEST IN CLASSSERVICE, SUPPORT ANDEDUCATIONIn an age when almost anything can be automated, we’resticking with real, live people who have a direct line and pickup when you call.Taking the automation out of this process means that you getthe best results for your business.We also attend national conventions and other system wideevents for 1:1 training with your team. While we do use many smart software tools to manage your campaigns, we don’t fully trust robots enough to utilize them as account managers.
  21. 21. MORE ACCURATE LISTINGSWe work continuously to ensure your locations showup-to-date, accurate information.Before our service, we find many business listingspopulated with inaccurate profile information.This is usually because most untouched listings began .as a product of offshore data entry.On average, our clients come to us with a 75%accuracy score, and within 90 days we improve theirscore to 95% accuracy.
  22. 22. ENHANCED LISTING CONTENTEnhanced content makes your listings more attractive tosearchers.This content includes: Images Coupons Videos Social sites Listing verification
  23. 23. PROPRIETARY REPORTING SUITELocation3’s proprietary reporting suite provides the tools necessary to catalog, analyze and measureincoming local traffic. AccuracyAgent –By comparing verified client PositionAgent–This report provides a detailed data against current search results we can look into location-specific performance, showing proactively identify and adjust any inaccuracies position trends for your keywords. across the local search landscape. Analytics Report –Provides ROI Executive Summary –We provide specific to map listing efforts a high-level look at overall through custom segmentation and performance to ensure that even by tracking traffic sources, the busiest of clients remain up to keyword performance and date on map listing performance. conversions.
  24. 24. DISPLAY
  25. 25. 50% OF INTERNET USERS PERFORM ASEARCHIN RESPONSE TO A DISPLAY ADAdvertisers tend to separate their digital advertising - they think of searchadvertising for performance marketing and turn to display for branding. But thereality is that search advertising coupled with display advertising yields betterresults than when used independently.Display Media SolutionsAudience Targeting/Re-TargetingNetwork Display AdvertisingFacebook Display AdvertisingMobile Display AdvertisingAd Serving and TraffickingAd Unit and Landing Page Design and ProductionRich Media and In-stream Video Source: Yahoo!, 2011
  27. 27. 9 OUT OF 10 SMARTPHONESEARCHESRESULT IN AN ACTION79% use smart phones for shopping related activities74% of users have made a purchase as a result of using a smartphone95% of mobile users search for local information88% of mobile searchers take action within the same dayMobile SolutionsMobile Search CampaignsMobile Display CampaignsMobile Website DevelopmentLocation-Based Check-In ServicesQR Codes/Digimarc™ CodesSMS Campaigns Source: Google/Ipsos 2011 Study; The Mobile Movement: Understanding Smartphone Users
  28. 28. 89% OF CONSUMERS USE A SMARTPHONEEVERYDAYYET 79% OF BRANDS DO NOT HAVE A MOBILEWEBSITEHow does the mobile search mindset differ from that of a desktop search mindset?• Less information, less time• Searching for very specific information (e.g. location, price, coupon)• Desire tailored, local content• With the growth of Voice Search technology, not all mobile users are searching with keywordsThe results of Location3 mobile websites for our clients:• 100% increase in time spent on our clients’ sites• 50% reduction in bounce rate• 100% increase in conversions from search campaigns Source: Google/Ipsos 2011 Study; The Mobile Movement: Understanding Smartphone Users
  29. 29. LOCATION-BASED SERVICES USER BASE WILL GROWTO MORE THAN 526 MILLION GLOBALLY IN 2012.Users can connect with friends, leave tips for othersand get reviews.Business can engage with customers, increasecustomer loyalty and generate new business.Location3 has a direct relationship with Foursquare toassist our clients in data distribution, developingcomprehensive promotional LBS campaigns and mostimportantly, reporting and data analysis. Source: Gartner, 2011
  30. 30. THE WORLD OF SEO
  31. 31. CREATIVE TECHNOLOGISTSSearch engine’s algorithms continually evolve to expand the signals they consider - as well as the verticals andmedia types they include - as they prioritize rankings to deliver the most relevant organic results. SEO todaycalls for much more of a talented generalist than a pointed specialist, requiring your SEO partner to be bothsavvy and proficient at all facets of technical SEO implementation, as well as content development anddistribution.SEO SolutionsLink-buildingSite EnhancementsContent Development & DistributionLocal SEO PagesSocial Media IntegrationReporting/Analytics
  32. 32. THE WORLD OF SEO Improve Traffic Metrics Browse Rate, Time On Site, Etc. Compete In Vertical Results Grow Brand Awareness Local/Maps, Video, Blogs, News, Images Press, Source Diversity, Social MentionsDiversify Link/Traffic Resources Optimize Social SignalsNatural Links, Strong Anchor Text, Link Location SEO Increase Followers/Friends, Tweets/Shares/+1’s/Votes, Engagement on Social Platforms Target The Right Keywords High Volume, Low Competition, Strong ROI Improve Accessibility Incent User-Generated Content No Errors, Good Redirects, Load Speed Contributes to SEO/Social Signals and Long Tail Add + Improve Content Virality, Sharing, Topic Relevance, Keyword Targeting
  33. 33. IT IS NO LONGER POSSIBLE TO IGNORE THEGROWTH OF YOUR SOCIAL CONNECTIONS ASA PART OF YOUR SEO STRATEGYSocial activity on Facebook, Twitterand Google+ is factored into organicsearch engine results on Google andBing.Marketers utilizing social media reportan average 27% conversion rate fororganic search traffic, while those notusing social media reported a 17%rate. Source: Marketing Sherpa, 2010
  35. 35. IN 2011, 23 MILLION PEOPLEWILL USE SOCIAL MEDIA TO RESEARCHBRANDS*.And social networkers are 67% percent more likely to make apurchase than general searchers.Social Media SolutionsConversation Discovery and Social Asset AuditContent Strategy, Development and DistributionBrand Reputation ManagementTraining and Guideline Development for Local Market ComplianceFranchise Social Media Management PlatformSocial Asset DevelopmentCustom Facebook Pages and Twitter ProfilesFacebook Parent-Child Page IntegrationOnline Review ManagementSocial Display AdvertisingLocation-Based Check In Services *+20% from 2010. Source: Comscore; “The Faces of Social Media”, Knowledge Networks, 2011
  37. 37. CONTENTSOLUTIONSBlogsNewslettersWhitepapersPress ReleasesPhotographyImagesWebinarsPromotionsSocial Media ApplicationsMobile and Tablet ApplicationsQR CodesInfographicsVideo
  38. 38. VIDEOS ARE 53TIMES MORELIKELY THANTEXT PAGESTO APPEAR ONTHE FIRST PAGEOF SEARCHRESULTS.In fact YouTube is now the second most searchedsite behind Google.In partnership with London-based wireWAX,Location3’s proprietary video-tagging technologyoffers our clients the ability to create performance-based, transactional videos that are fully shoppableand optimized for social media engagement.Location3 manages all aspects of video concepting,writing and production. Source: Forrester, 2011
  40. 40. EMOTION DRIVES ACTIONAnd emotion comes from the soul. We believe that the soul of your brand – the very thing thatdrives your company, product design, customer service and overall value - is the single greatestdifferentiator that your brand must call upon to increase your findability, to drive brand performance,and ultimately, to win the hearts and minds of your customers.
  41. 41. DESIGN PHILOSOPHYWe believe that data dictates design.We believe that creativity, usability and technologycan and must work in harmony.We believe that our clients need website managementtools (CMS) that are scalable and user friendly.We believe that every website should be optimized forsearch using SEO best practices and industry-leadingexperience.We believe that every website should be optimized formaximum social media engagement.We believe that websites should be built with webstandard code, ensuring web content is accessible totablet and smartphone users by default.
  42. 42. AS THE WORLDSOF DESIGN,CONTENT ANDSEO COLLIDE,FINDABILITYREQUIRES ACHOREOGRAPHED EFFORT.And enhanced performance requires design to notonly be user-centric, but to be optimized for multi-channel engagement.Design SolutionsWebsite DesignMobile WebsitesLanding PagesAd UnitsRich MediaCopywriting
  43. 43. REPLACINGCREATIVESUBJECTIVITYWITH ANALYTICSLocation3 uses a variety of landingpage optimization technologies,including heat mapping and GoogleWebsite Optimizer (among others).All of the technology employed helpseliminate guesswork by revealingactual performance data on two ormore versions of landing pagedesigns. From here, we recreate andretest landing pages to ensure themost efficient and productive pagedesigns are being deployed.
  45. 45. WHY LOCATION3Findability + Performance = Quantifiable Results“Best In Class” Industry Certifications and TechnologyPeople, not just a PlatformCreative TechnologistsCross-channel CapabilitiesVertical ExperienceAverage 4:1 ROI for every client we partner with
  46. 46. FIND USTim MillerDirector of Salestmiller@location3.com720.763.3150Location3.com@Location3facebook.com/Location3Media