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Cum sa scrii o prezentare de caz


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Cum sa scrii o prezentare de caz

  1. 1. Cum sa scrii o prezentare de caz Adaptat dupa: Medical-Case-Study-Report
  2. 2. • A medical case study report is an article that describes a particular patient's diagnosis and treatment plan. • Most of the cases chosen for medical case studies are of unusual diagnoses or include complications in treatment. • A case study report is written in a specific format and can be submitted to peer-reviewed journals.
  3. 3. • To write a medical case study report you will need: – to partner with a supervising physician and colleagues, – collect information about the patient, and – obtain the proper consent to write and publish the report.
  4. 4. Step 1: Select a case. – Speak with senior physicians about patients whose illnesses would make an interesting case study report. – Senior physicians can be a valuable source of information. They may have notes for a report for which they need assistance writing. You may also want to choose additional colleagues to contribute to the report.
  5. 5. Step 1: Select a case. – Keep an eye open for patients who have rare or unusual illnesses. These are the types of cases that are often selected for publication. – Also, pay attention to treatment plans that have an unexpected positive or negative outcome.
  6. 6. Step 2: Research the case. • Review the current literature on the diagnosis or treatment that will be the focus of your case study report. • Librarians can help you find journal articles or books that provide the most current information on your topic of interest. This information will be a significant part of your paper once you begin writing.
  7. 7. Step 3: Collect patient information and consent. – Medical ethics requires that the patient who is the focus of your medical case study report provide written consent. Many journals have their own consent forms that must be completed and signed by the patient before you submit your report.
  8. 8. Step 3: Collect patient information and consent. – Gather the patient's demographic information (age, medical history, medication use, current and past diagnoses, etc.). Provide detailed information about the patient so your audience will be well informed about the case. – Collect copies of the patient's labs, x-rays or any clinical photographs.
  9. 9. Step 4: Write the medical case study report. – Follow the standard format for the report: abstract, introduction, case presentation, discussion, conclusion and references. Include additional information as outlined in the writer's guidelines for the publication to which you are submitting. – The abstract can be written after you have completed the report, since it is a short summary of the entire paper.
  10. 10. Step 5: Submit your medical case study report to a professional journal. • Instructions for authors! • •
  11. 11. Tips • Tables and figures should be included on separate pages and properly titled. • Site citations based on the journal's preferred style guide. • Your title should be descriptive and grab your audience's attention. • The average medical case study report is, on average, 2,500 words with 20 or more references. • Many journals require that your abstract summarize the case study within a limited word count. Read the submission guidelines closely.
  12. 12. • Be sure to omit any information in the case study report that may identify your patient.
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  14. 14. Things You'll Need • Patient consent • Current literature on subject • Documentation on patient • Patient labs and x-rays • Contributing colleagues • Computer • Style guide • Journal submission guidelines
  15. 15. Sources and Citations • Cohen.pdf • -to-write-a-case-report •
  16. 16. BK7256/
  17. 17. • Instant Grammar Correct All Grammar Errors And Enhance Your Writing! • Read more: How to Format and Write a Clinical Medical Case Study | clinical-medical-case-study.html#ixzz1kkivS5UL
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