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MMS Case Study, Sept 2009


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MMS Case Study, Sept 2009

  1. 1. Case Study, September 2009 the digital marketing “tipping point” for Small buSineSSeS There is sometimes a fine distinction between having a “digital presence” and leverag- ing your online strategies to ring up sales. We recently helped a San Francisco Bay Area home improvement contractor make the transition with stellar results. the Situation The client was the clear Bay Area market leader in their category of home improvement. The owner invested approximately 20% of gross sales in magazine advertising to brand the business and produce call-in leads. For the past 4 years, this marketing approach filled the owner’s calendar with an average of 12 consultations a week. The owner also invested in a website which acted as his online brochure with information about his busi- ness and images of completed projects. the problem In late 2008 and early 2009, the magazine leads reduced significantly. The owner con- tinued to invest in advertising but by May 2009, he was forced to reduce his spending in order to maintain payroll, given the lack of business. This reduction in spending reduced the size and frequency of his ads and their positioning in the magazines, which resulted in an even further reduction in leads as less readers were exposed to his message. The owner turned to Meriam Media for advice. the analYSiS Meriam Media started with a holistic review of the client’s marketing and sales strate- gies and discussed goals and achievement benchmarks for the client. The primary goal was to generate quality leads. This goal needed to be accomplished with a minimal investment outlay that could be easily scaled based on results. The seconday goal was to position the client to remain the market leader in the longer term and to pick up market share from any competitor fall-out. the Solution Meriam Media identified the digital space as the optimal medium for the client to gener- ate leads through a scalable marketing strategy which would also enhance their position as a category leader. The first step was to optimize the client’s “brochure” website into a 24/7/365 lead capture tool. The second step was to create scalable online advertising campaigns to drive traffic to his website and capture qualified leads. The third step was to create a PR campaign to consistently produce content which is relevant to the client’s prospective clients and positions the client as an industry expert.
  2. 2. Case Study September, 2009 the reSult Meriam Media optimized the client’s digital marketing by: • Creating lead capture on his site for interested consumers to easily set up appoint- ments • Incorporating tracking mechanisms to evaluate the performance of the client’s digital marketing efforts • Optimizing the website for search • Building out and managing social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to com- municate more effectively with customer and prospects • Launching targeted, scalable cost-per-click advertising campaigns on major media networks • Creating a publishing calendar and developing content to educate his market • Building out article links and blog sites to distribute the custom published content • Manage his digital marketing strategies on an ongoing basis The entire digital marketing campaign investment outlay is only a fraction of his previous advertising budget. After launching the program on July 1, the client has significantly in- creased the amount of visits to his website, received on average of 7 leads per week and has achieved an after-margin return on investment of more than 250%. Monthly Website Visitors 2845 3000 2449 2500 2068 June, 2009 2000 July, 2009 1500 August, 2009 September, 2009 1000 500 233 0