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Writing Rubric For Mrs T MéNdez


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Rubric for written report

Published in: Education
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Writing Rubric For Mrs T MéNdez

  1. 1. Jesús T. Piñero Written Movie Presentation Name:________________________ Teacher: Mrs. T. Méndez Date Submitted: ____________ Title of Work: ___________________ Criteria Points 1 2 3 4 Student presents Reader has difficulty information in Information in Sequence of Organization following work logical sequence logical, interesting information is difficult ____ x3 because student which reader can sequence which to follow. jumps around. follow. reader can follow. Student is Student does not have uncomfortable with Student Content Student is at ease grasp of information; content and is able demonstrates full Knowledge with content, but ____ student cannot answer to demonstrate basic knowledge (more x3 fails to elaborate. questions about subject. concepts. than required). Presentation has Presentation has no Grammar and Work has four or more three misspellings Presentation has no more than two Spelling spelling errors and/or and/or grammatical misspellings or ____ misspellings and/or x2 grammatical errors. errors. grammatical errors. grammatical errors. Work has three or Work has one or Neatness four areas that are Work is neatly Work is Illegible. two areas that are ____ x3 sloppy. done. sloppy. Total----> ____ Teacher Comments: