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Film idea presentation
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Film idea presentation
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Movie Presentation Instructions

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Instructions for Movie Presentation

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Movie Presentation Instructions

  1. 1. Name: ______________________________ Presentation Date __________________________ Prof. T. Méndez 9th Grade English Special Project – Oral and Written Presentation My Favorite Movie – Oral presentation 1. Choose a movie you like very much. 2. Present the movie to your classmates and explain the events that happen in the movie. 3. Present important background information or history of the movie. 4. Also explain why you chose the movie. 5. Use visual aids. 6. **Reading in front of the class during your presentation will not be permitted.** 7. The oral presentation is worth one grade. 8. Criteria (points to be evaluated) a. Body Language – movement must be fluid and help the audience visualize (8pts.) b. Eye contact – hold attention of entire audience with the use of direct eye contact.(8pts.) c. Introduction and Closure – student should deliver open and closing remarks that capture the attention of the audience and set the mood. (12pts.) d. Pacing – student should be creative and use the appropriate time and not race through the presentation. (12pts.) e. Poise – student should be relaxed and self-confident. (8pts.) f. Voice – student should use a good tone of voice and maintain the audience interested. (12pts.) Total - 60 points My favorite movie – Written presentation 1. Present the movie in written form. 2. Include the following information: a. Cover Page – School Name, Name of the Project, Student’s Name, Group number, Teacher’s Name, Date b. Table of Contents – this page should present the parts included in the project c. Introduction – At least one paragraph d. Pictures – include pictures of the movie e. Summary - include a summary of the movie f. Conclusion – Include your personal opinion and explain why you chose the movie 3. The written presentation is worth one grade. 4. Criteria (points to be evaluated) a. Organization – student should follow instructions and present the work in an organized manner. (12pts.) b. Content knowledge – student presents more information than required. (12pts.) c. Grammar and Spelling – presentation should not have misspellings or grammatical errors. (8pts.) d. Neatness – work should be neatly done. (12pts.) Total: 44 points ***The summary of the movie cannot be photo copied from a magazine, newspaper or printed out directly from the Internet. Any student who turns in work in this way will automatically result in a failing grade.*** ***Late work will not be accepted.***
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Instructions for Movie Presentation


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