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Recruiting the i three corps 10 29


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Information about the nomination and application for eXtension's i-Three

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Recruiting the i three corps 10 29

  1. 1. Nominating for eXtension’s i-Three-Corps October 29, 2015
  2. 2. What is i-ThreeWhat is i-Three • eXtension’s new strategy focused on: – Issues – Innovation – Impact • Focus on Extension professionals as catalysts for putting research-based knowledge into action • We can increase Extension professionals’ ability to deliver a visible and measureable impact, locally and system wide
  3. 3. We will:We will: • Increase CES professionals’ effectiveness in addressing issues of importance • Foster innovation in developing solutions and methods of work • Advance the measurable impact of their work for the public good
  4. 4. How we will startHow we will start • i-Three Issue Corps – Creating new methods for addressing critical issues • i-Three Innovation Lab – Exploring innovations for application in Extension • i-Three Rapid Solutions • Prototyping and professional development to deliver fast, effective impact
  5. 5. Pilot StrategyPilot Strategy • Engage all Extension professionals (educators, agents, faculty, specialists) • Strengthen their effectiveness, modeling use of new resources, tools and methods to reinvent the future • Focus on issues, in partnership with existing Extension efforts, to facilitate new ways of problem solving • 200 in 2016; 2,000 in 2017
  6. 6. The First 200The First 200 • i-Three Issue Corps selected from member institutions • Can be individuals or team members • Issue focus on Climate & Food Systems in 2016 • Individuals and teams making a visible and measurable impact • We will super-power their ongoing work with expertise, tools, and other resources
  7. 7. Who are we looking for?Who are we looking for? • Takes initiative • Is perceived as influential • Curious • Good storyteller and communicator • Intellectual curiosity • Creative • Flexible and adaptive to change • Ability to think outside of the traditional Extension box • Enjoys collaborating • Uses the latest information and communication technologies such as a smartphone for their work
  8. 8. How will it work?How will it work? • Work “in the flow” • Need 12-24 hours between January & March 2016 • Must attend eXtension i-Three Event, March 22-25, 2016 in San Antonio • Must have Climate or Food Systems in plan of work for 2016 • Strategy/plan will dictate time commitment
  9. 9. What’s in it for YOU?What’s in it for YOU? • Recognition as one of the top people in Cooperative Extension working in the areas of climate or food systems. • Opportunity to develop a project with measurable impact focused on YOUR needs • Exclusive access to learning events • Access to expertise and resources to help you do your work
  10. 10. What’s in it for YOU?What’s in it for YOU? • Help assessing the impact of your work and program success. • Implementation of a pilot tool or process with the potential to increase your impact • Attendance at the March Extension i-Three Event, a “bootcamp/design-a-thon” experience designed exclusively for Corps members focused on innovation, problem solving, ideation, and networking. Travel paid.
  11. 11. Who can be nominated?Who can be nominated? • Individual or team from eXtension Foundation member organization • Individual or team with climate or food systems in their individual plans of work with measurable impacts defined • Individual or team with climate or food systems in their individual plans for a specific intervention to get measurable impact • Individual or team committed to attend Extension i-Three Event (March 22-25, 2016)
  12. 12. Who can be nominated?Who can be nominated? • Agents, educators, faculty, staff • Persons without Extension appointments can be part of a team* • Persons outside of CES, i.e. NIFA/USDA can be part of a team* • Members of the public can be a part of a team* *Only Extension professionals can lead a team
  13. 13. Nomination Deadline 11/6Nomination Deadline 11/6 • • Sign up for an account (not your eXtension ID) • Answer simple questions and one short essay
  14. 14. Join the Corps!Join the Corps! • Nominate now through November 6 • Notifications November 13 • Full applications due December 1 • Corps members announced December 18 • Rapid Solution pilots & Innovation Lab work developed January-March, 2016
  15. 15. Application Phase Begins 12/1Application Phase Begins 12/1 • Three measureable outcomes planning to achieve in 2016 • How will you measure your impact (data collected, process you’ll use) • Three things you hope to gain by participating in the Corps that will help you succeed to meet outcomes
  16. 16. Application Phase Begins 12/1Application Phase Begins 12/1 • YouTube video (linked from your own channel) outlining strategies and interventions you (or team) have underway and plan to try in 2016 What have you been doing? How do you know you are successful? What data are you collecting? • One or more links to something that shares the results of what you’ve done between 2014 and today (website, interview, blog posting, presentation, video, webinar, paper, etc.)
  17. 17. Application Phase Begins 12/1Application Phase Begins 12/1 • 1-page maximum letter from direct supervisor • 1-page maximum letter from client/cooperator • 1-page maximum letter from Director/Administrator. • YES/NO I will attend the March 22-25, 2016 i-Three Event in San Antonio, TX.
  18. 18. REMINDER:REMINDER: Nomination Deadline November 6
  19. 19. Questions?Questions?
  20. 20. More information:More information: • Terry Meisenbach • • 760-641-9354