Moral Fiber


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Moral Fiber

  1. 1. Tiffany Meade<br />October 23, 2009<br />English 10<br />Moral Fiber <br />What does it mean if you have moral fiber and do you have it or not? Moral and fiber mean different things but they do end up tying together. Fiber can be like thread. Moral can be trait. If you put them together they both are traits you may be able to tell in people that you meet or already know. It is important that you read this essay because you might be cognizant of this characteristic or you can be able to see it in someone else and it may be a trait that you may see a whole lot. I believe that moral fiber is a characteristic you can acquire or you don't acquire.<br />Moral has many definitions that you can say to people if they have moral. You could have good morals or bad morals. One of the definitions knows between right and wrong. Also, having an attitude by knowing between right and wrong. You should have this characteristic about knowing between right and wrong. A second definition is saying or expressing something of the truth. Also, using moral in a book by saying everything truthfully. As in a " moral novel." People may think you should always express and say the truth no matter what the situation is. A third definition knows what to say. Plus, knowing what character you are right at that moment. Furthermore it is also “moral support." To put it differently moral is like a character or feeling that you have or you have but don't use it.<br />Fiber has oodles of different definitions. Fiber may be something in like a trait or a something in a piece of thread or like a weaving basket has fibers. It could be a strength that you may have or you don't. It also may be a quality or character trait. Fiber can also be something that stands for a filament. A filament is a very fine thread like structure it is just like a fiber because a fiber is a thread like structure. It is also a thread structure piece like asbestos. They can also resemble other stuff that resembles fibers. In essence fiber can be a threadlike structure or a character trait or something that resembles fiber. <br />If someone has moral fiber you can kind of tell what kind of person they are. Plus, how truthful they are. Moral fiber could be how strong your character traits are. Withal it could also be a " firmness of purpose." When someone has moral fiber they may have an " ethical basis." They may have what some people call " moral foundation" which is like a good honest character. If you have moral fiber you could have the right mind to do what is right. Also, to do what is always expected of you. You may even have to use it in a very hard situation. <br />Moral Fiber can be something you have in how you do stuff and say stuff and how you treat people. Moral is a trait that everyone should have. They may get moral in the future. Chiefly the people that go to court and plead not guilty to something they did commit and lie then they are not as moral as they probably should be. Fiber is something like what you use in a weaving and fibers class. It can also be sign of strength of your character. You may know you have it but it will be alright if you don't have it. To have moral fiber is like to be good human being. You could be courteous and it could also be courageous possibly. When you have moral fiber you can kind of tell or unless you’re the type of person that doesn't understand character traits well. Moral fiber is something I think you should have. Having moral fiber is being nice and stuff like that and it is something you can tell in people and it is a good thing.<br />Bibliography <br />Fiber., 2009. Web. 2009. <>.<br />Moral., 2009. Web. 2009. <>.<br />Moral fiber., 1997. Web. 2007. <>.<br />Moral fiber., 2009. Web. 2009. <>.<br />Moral fiber. Macmillan publishers limited, 2009. Web. 2009. <>.<br />