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English Essay 2


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Published in: Travel
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English Essay 2

  1. 1. Tiffany Meade<br />September 25, 2009<br />English 10<br />Why are the Galápagos Islands a place to see before you die?<br />What would you pick if you were going to the Galápagos Islands either to see stuff or learn about the history? The Galápagos Islands are a really nice place that you would probably like to see. They are located in the Pacific Ocean there is about 7 islands and 6 smaller ones and about 18,000 people that live down there. You could learn stuff that you didn't know before about the Galápagos Islands that you would know now. I believe that the Galápagos Islands are a place you should sojourn to before you die. <br />The Galápagos Islands have a semi-pleasing history. The Galápagos Islands are on top of volcanoes. Among the first to arrive at the Galápagos Islands were marine animals and some of the animals that are there are penguins, giant tortoises. The islands also have sea birds and other types of birds. The islands are off the coast of Ecuador.<br />These are some the activities that you could do while you visit the Galápagos Islands. You could go snorkeling. If you do you could see some of the fish and turtles that are under the ocean and if any other kinds of animals are under there. You could also go surfing. If you like the water and surfing you could go while you’re down there as long as it’s not stormy. If you don't want to go just surfing there is kayaking. To put it differently these are the things you might like to do if you’re visiting down in the Galápagos.<br />The Galápagos Islands have quite a few tourist attractions. You could go see Wolf Island, another island in the Galápagos Islands. You could go underwater diving and surfing. You can see sea lions sometimes. People said that you can see them in unthinkable places. While you’re down there you could see Leon Dormido that means " sleeping lion." The Leon Dormido is a rock formation.<br />These are some things that might make you think you want to go down to the islands sometime in your life. The islands are off of Ecuador. They got put on the map sometime in the 1500s. I think they have a kind of nice history except for being on volcanoes. Some of the activities in the Galápagos Islands are interesting. You could do a bunch of different things and they might be lots of fun. I think some of them would be fun to do. The tourist attractions are compelling. If you go down there is quite a few attractions you could see. Bird and whale watching sound kind of boring if you just go there and sit for a long time and do nothing but just look. These are some of the reasons why the Galápagos islands is a place you will think is very appealing along with the pretty blue water you would love to see and there is things you would like to do that are interesting.<br />BIBLIOGRAPHY<br />Galapagos islands sea kayaking. 1999. 1999 <>.<br />Galapagos islands surfing. 1999. 1999 <>.<br />Galapagos islands tourist attractions. 2000. 2000 <>.<br />The galapagos islands. United states of America: Dodd, mead & company, 1972.<br />Galapagos snorkeling. 1999. 1999 <>.<br />Tourist attractions in galapagos islands. World islands. <>.<br />Tours in the galapagos islands. 1999. 1999 <>.<br />