Tiffany Meade <br />January 13, 2010<br />English 10<br />Country and culture essay<br />Would you go to a place where Ado...
Austria Essay
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Austria Essay


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Austria Essay

  1. 1. Tiffany Meade <br />January 13, 2010<br />English 10<br />Country and culture essay<br />Would you go to a place where Adolf Hitler was so you could learn a little bit more on him or just on the country to see if he used Austria in the holocaust? The country is Austria and it is interesting. They mostly speak German, but they also speak Turkish, Serbian, and Croation. They have lots of ethnic groups there are Austrians, former Yugoslavs, Turks, and Germans. They have a type of government called a federal republic. A federal Republic is a form of government made up of a federal state with a constitution and self-governing subunits. Austria is interesting and you will learn more about it and you may learn about stuff you don't even knew they had or what they do over there. I believe that Austria is a place you would like to visit because of all the things they have. <br />The history of Austria is very interesting. At first they were called Austria-Hungary until their defeat in World War 1. Austria-Hungary was an empire and center of power. They were involved in World War 1. After they were defeated in the war they became a small republic. In the 1930's Austria had lots of strains. Some of those strains were the depression, the unemployment, inflation, and getting used to the needs of a very large government structure to a small new republic that was made after the war. They had two dynasties they lived through even though it was probably really tough. The dynasties were Babenberg and the Habsburg Royalty. Austria-Hungary started somewhere abut 80,000 years ago. They fought in lots of wars and they did not always use swords, but sometimes they would use instruments of diplomacy. To put it differently this little country is interesting because all it has been through.<br />Austrians are very athletic and have lots of sports to do. Most of the winter sports they do are skiing and snowboarding. Austria has places you can do these sports. One place is the Austrian alps. They have in Innsbruck, a center for all of these sports people can do because they are in the alps, dogsled races, bobsleds, and ice blocking. They also have snow blading and mono skiing. One of the most popular activities in Austria's alps is hiking. If you do go hiking there you have to find an experienced guide and stay to the strict safety rules and regulations that they have. They also have cycling. Which they do on the " Mur cycling route from the Lungau to bad Radkersburg." The best seasons for cycling there are between April and October. One club they have is called the hashing club. Hashing is a way to get away from everything. They run, and do lots of partying. It is a way for the people who are in this club to get exercise, and get away from things that are making them stressed, and to have good times with friends and new people they may meet in this club. They meet weekly. They also have girl scouts and cub scouts. They also have paintball teams as well. Some other sports they have is Soccer, field hockey, ice hockey, handball, and cricket. Also, they have Judo schools. Judo is " Japanese martial arts and a combat sport." Therefore, Austria has lots of clubs and recreational activities and sports you can do to get away from things and exercise.<br />Austria has a very nice culture. What they call them is Austrians. The alternative names for them are " Republic of Austria," and " Republik Osterreich." Austria has traditions for months of January all the way to December. In January to start off the new year they have a new year salute. The people involved in this dress in traditional clothes and then they line up and shoot with 17th century guns. On the fifth of January they have people who dress up in white and they are suppose to be Pagans and they wear hats that are lit up from the inside. Then they perform dances at peoples doors. Around the sixth of January, four kids and one adult will come to peoples doors and say how happy they are that Jesus was born and bless the house and people and sing songs for them, and they collect a little bit of money for charity after they are done. In February they have balls and the first one is for the president and those kind of people to waltz around and show everyone their wife or husband. The second ball is called the " Life Ball" which is for people who have AIDS and HIV and it is for charity. Some other things they do in February is a carnival a week before the Easter Lent. The most famous events are on the days of " the Saturday before Ash Wednesday, and Mardi Gras." On palm Sunday people bring a bouquet of several different weeds, and everyone of them means something different. The church bells are not used from Green Thursday until Easter night. " The twenty-third of April is St.Georges day, the patron of the horses." These are only some of the events they do. Women wear a " dirndl" which is a body hugging piece of clothing that you pair up with a different colored apron. It may also be worn with a lacy blouse or a cotton type blouse. Men wear " lederhosen" which is like a pair of shorts to other places and is worn with wool socks.<br />I believe that Austria should be a place you visit for your next vacation because they have so many things to do, see, eat, and drink. Austria is different compared to some other countries. Austria has gone through quite a lot of changes. They will probably continue to go through changes and may have another name change or they may get into more wars and have to become another country within one that is close to Austria. Sports and recreations and clubs in Austria sound interesting. They may have even more sports or clubs you can join. They probably teach different martial arts in other places in Austria. Traditions and customs and their culture sounds like a lot of fun and it might be but there is probably a lot of alcohol involved since that is what they drink a lot of over there, but that isn't all they drink. Austria should be a place you want to visit because there are lots of things going on over there all times of the year and it would be lots of fun to actually see some of the festivals they have.<br />