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TIGER/line Data and Open Data in the Cloud


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Published in: Technology, Education
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TIGER/line Data and Open Data in the Cloud

  1. 1. TIGER/Line Data in the Cloud Making Open Data Useful
  2. 2. 125 gigabytes of Roads, counties, school districts, census blocks, congressional districts
  3. 3. 12+ hours to download, unzip, upload into Amazon’s Cloud
  4. 4. • Boot up a mapping server in a minute • Connect the TIGER data in two minutes
  5. 5. 14,000+ Districts + TIGER/line
  6. 6. Federal Education Budget Program
  7. 7. Part of a complete open-source mapping stack Without restrictive licenses, distributing and reusing map information is a completely different experience.
  8. 8. Cloud computing means scalability, the maturity of open-source mapping software means grassroots involvement
  9. 9. qGIS, OpenLayers, Google Earth, Consumer GPS Mapnik, TileCache, MapServer, OpenGeo, PostGIS
  10. 10. Infrastructure
  11. 11.
  12. 12. OpenStreetMap is creating a worldwide road map 141,000 new miles of African roads
  13. 13. 150gb “Planet.osm”, 125gb TIGER/line Via FTP & DVDs
  14. 14. USGS digital elevation data for flooding concerns Population data, land cover data for health and famine crises
  15. 15. Mobile East, Mississippi