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Sales Manager/Team Builder


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Led and built sales organizations exceeding company quotas under the most difficult of circumstances; Market Expansions, Business Development Issues, Start-ups, Product Launches, First-Time Markets and Acquisitions.

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Sales Manager/Team Builder

  1. 1. Troy Clayton Sale Manager “Troy has such great experience and knowledge that he obtain across the years while working with great businesses and organizations. I highly recommend him for your businesses” Kal Elsehsah Online Marketing Specialist Leadership, Team Building and Sales Development
  2. 2. Led and built sales organizations exceeding company quotas under the most difficult of circumstances; Market Expansions, Business Development Issues, Start-Ups, Product Launches, First- Time Markets and Acquisitions. CAREER OVERVIEW RELATING TO MY STRENGTHS:  Recognized for Generating Top producing B2B Sales offices with effective field and classroom Sales Training, establishment of custom sales processes unique for company‟s particular industry and individual rep. style, consistently resulting in excess of company quotas.  Reduced Employee Turnover by implementing rigorous recruiting, hiring processes and individual approach to Sales Training. Leadership that empowered and assisted in the design of reps. with their own style of sales presentation, providing for readily identifying areas in need of training: i.e., cold calling, lead generation, new business development and redirection of focus on customer satisfaction and retention.  Known for abilities to introducing significant levels of added responsibilities/accountabilities to sales force with minimal resistance by creating a team environment with improved communication between Management and Sales. i.e., Documentation of Daily Activity, Reporting procedures, Paperwork/Administrative duties and Professional Conduct.  Increased accuracy in submitted Business Planning, Forecasting, Customer retention and Budgeting by virtue of more cohesive and Stable sales force performances  Repeatedly recognized for building healthy and competitive sales environments.
  3. 3. Web.Com Houston, Texas Branch Manager 03/2013 – Present Consistently met or exceeded company quotas by an average of 43%.  Sales Team has an approximant 181% higher return represented to client by effective sales training in customer evaluation and needs analysis resulting in a 98% customer retention rate.  Implemented new prospecting techniques through Social Media and other sources that successfully identified better prospects and led to an increase of Branch sales by 82% in less than a year. 
  4. 4. Hearst Media Houston, Texas 01/2009 – 03/2013 Sales Manager  Successfully Identified and sold customer a $16 million yearly contract, the largest account sold in 12 years in Houston.  Consistently reached 100% of quarterly sales goals within 2nd quarter of each period.  Increased business sales on an average of 13% yearly in declining industry trends.  Created unique forms of Communicating directly with client base of their business progress resulting in an increase of over 23% of existing customer retention.  Generated immediate and sustained impact of heightened awareness within client‟s industry.  Substantially increased existing customers yearly Sales volume with strategic planning and identifying industry trends
  5. 5. ScreenVision MA, RI, CT and NH 06/2007 – 10/2008 District Sales Manager  Successfully created, wrote and trained the North East region (Massachusetts, N.H, Rhode Island and Connecticut) on an innovative sales presentation that effectively introduced the industry transition from Analog ads to digital advertising resulting in an increase of digital cinemas sales capacity from 57% to 98%, an increase in contractual duration by 75%, and customer retention of 93%.  Exceeded personal sales quotas while successfully managing teams through industry transition.  Led country in one-call closings. Ranked 4th in national sales force of 186.  Developed transitional strategy and sales presentation to educate and advance sales traditional Analog platform to digital Media.
  6. 6. Sears Home Improvement / Kmart. Boston, MA 03/2004 – 04/2007 Regional Sales Manager (MA, RI, NH, CT)  Led New England Region to an increased national sales ranking of 29th from a previous ranking of 50th out of 50 for 6 consecutive years by building strategic partnerships w/ sales reps., defining, enforcing and holding each, accountable for both individual performances and Team expectations.  Led in the building of a multi-million dollar business expansion to standardized business model for full service home improvement center to meeting requirements set forth by Kmart‟s acquisition. Increased gross sales from $6 million to $13 million, tripling the sales staff, added 9 managers and Hired over 70 installers.  Led multi-million dollar expansion of HVAC division to standardized business model for full service home improvement center meeting requirements of the Kmart acquisition.  Developed plan to train sales representatives to communicate accurate project specifications to installers, leading to increased communication, improved production and employee morale, decreased production cost and substantial improvement between installers and the sales force. (A major contributor to customer satisfaction and minimizing excess costs per job and scheduling issues)  Led district to an increased national sales ranking of 29th from a previous ranking of 50th out of 50 by Team Building with sales representatives, increasing accountability of sales performance and Sales training to support their individual efforts and needs.
  7. 7. Mediacom – Start-Up. Houston, TX. 08/1999 – 01/2004 Houston Sales Manager/Owner  Led sales organization from negative cash flow to $5.5 million in 2 1/2 years, generated from 4 first time markets.  Provided Team Management, Businesses Strategy and financial/forecasting with start up, resulting in the successful establishment of 4 first time Markets and their Marketing.  Developed businesses planning and strategic financial forecasting plan to self sustain company‟s cash flow, reducing reliance on current Venture Capitalists after discovering accounting irregularities.  Led in team development that brought organization from negative cash flow to $5.5 million in 2 1/2 years, resulting from 4 first-time/start-up markets.  Increased sales revenue by 58% and one-call closing by 7% after deployment of innovative sales training and mentoring system.  Managed sales teams that consistently averaged in excess of 125% to quota.  Maintained 70% closing ratio over 4 years while assisting sales representatives in the field. Microsoft - MSN Start-Up TX, NY, DC, MA 06/1997 – 05/1999 Sales Representative / Member of original start-up crew for MSN Site  Led Nation in one-call closings for 3 consecutive years. Ranked 4th of a national sales force of 186.  Generated sales revenue for targeted Start-up markets for launch prior to establishment and justification of a local office.  Delivered outstanding performance in multi-market sales, earning #1 ranking in Boston, New York, and Houston, and #2 ranking in Washington, DC and Dallas.  Sold at 240 % to budget and achieved rank of 5th in the nation, up from 13th the previous year, winning me Top Producer Award for 3 consecutive years.
  8. 8.              “Google Ad words Certification”/Google “The Cambridge Who's Who Award”/ Recognition for a Career of Achievements 2010 and multiple Sales and Management Awards from ALL Past Employers “Top Sales”/Hearst / January 2010 “Leading Division”/Hearst / June 2007 ”2nd in National Ranking”/Screenvision/ February 2008 “Top Rookie”/ScreenVision/ June 2005 “Most Improvement”/Sears Home Improvement Products/ March 1998 “Presidents Club”/Microsoft March 1997 March 1998 March 1999 “Top Canvass Leader4”/Verizon / June 1991 June 1992 “Top Performer”/Verizon / June 1990
  9. 9. B.B.A. in Marketing / Economics. Sam Houston State University. Huntsville, Texas. Online Media Sales/ 1 week/ Jacksonville, FL  Rookie Management/ Hearst Media 2 weeks Houston, TX  Sales & Sales Management/Screenvision 3 Weeks Boston, MA  Sales & Management techniques/ Home Improvement 6 weeks Hartford, CT  Intro to Sales / Microsoft 4 weeks Redding, Seattle  Advanced Sales Techniques/ Microsoft 1 week Washington, DC  Sales as it relates to the Hi tech world Microsoft Houston, TX  Management Training / Southern Directory 2 weeks Houston, TX  Back to basics / Southern Directory 4 weeks Houston, TX  I.S.T. Initial Sales Training / Verizon 5 weeks Dallas, TX  R.M.T Rookie Management Training / Verizon 4 weeks Dallas, TX  A.M.T Advanced Management Training / Verizon 2 weeks Los Angeles, CA Own Initiative:  Art of Negotiation (2 weeks) Atlanta, Georgia  Technical Writing & Computer software I, II, III Houston, TX  Brian Tracey (2X) Los Angeles, CA/Tempe, AZ  Zig Ziegler Los Angeles  Omar Perdue Sales Management (1 week) Boston, MA  Omar Perdue Sales & Sales Strategies (1 week) Boston, MA  Initial Sales Training (4 weeks) Boston, MA  „84