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Sandy multimedia

  1. 1. The Storm: Living in the Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy Slideshow By: Jeremy Mahr
  2. 2. Clean-up from the debris left by Hurricane Sandy.
  3. 3. A toppled tree upon the house of an unsuspecting resident.
  4. 4. “The power went off in the middle of the storm and our generator didnt go off, so my dad decided to go check on it….meanwhile transformerswere going all around my neighborhood so there were green flashes, and we kept yelling at him to come back inside. Once he realized he couldntfix it tonight we all went to sleep in the basement and my sister and I sangsongs about water and flooding. The next morning as I woke up at around10 the generator just went on. Turns out that he had called the generator people, figured out what was wrong with the generator and gone out to get a big enough battery. The only battery that would work was a car one…. and [he] hooked up the car battery so it would work.” -Kayla Pierle, senior
  5. 5. "I did go outside during the storm, just to see what it was like. The wind went uncontrollably insane, the rain even worse. The ground itself creaked. It was like being in the middle of a movie.” -Alex Eng, freshman
  6. 6. A Whitehouse Station resident’s car trapped underneath apile of toppled trees.
  7. 7. " My family was without power since the storm hit, untilNovember the 9th. We have a generator so the power wasmore annoying than anything. What was really devastating,though, was the cabin fever that the power outage caused.“ -Justin Bean, sophomore
  8. 8. "Being without power is frustrating, but I kind of like it so I dont have to rely too much on the internet. I do want running hot water though.“ -Jenn Payenski, senior
  9. 9. “I lost power Monday night when the storm hit and I didnt get it back until yesterday. The workers of JCP&L were moving slower than a snail in a tub of super glue!” -Stephen Nicol, senior
  10. 10. As the storm continued to gather strength, personal property-including this trampoline- were left to the mercy of the high winds
  11. 11. The force of the storm was able to uproot this tree, along with thousands of others on the eastern seaboard.
  12. 12. At its peak, Hurricane Sandy left millions of Americans without power, with thestates of New Jersey and New York bearing most of the brunt.
  13. 13. “We were without power for about ten days, when my neighbordecided to take matters into his own hands. Frustrated by the lackof information and/or action by JCP&L, he decided to create a signto attract attention. He drove to the front of our street and drilled it into the telephone pole. It read, "Free Warm Beer to the 1stCompany to Restore Power!”. Eight hours later, our power was back on. Im not sure if the workers ever got their beer.” -James Vorwick, sophomore
  14. 14. “Even though I wasnt affected by it physically (I still had power...go ahead you guys can hate me for it), I have to say, and I think I said this before,that we are the lucky ones…. I have seen pictures on the news of so muchrubble, so much destruction, so many houses reduced to nothing. I try tothink to myself that this didnt really happen in New Jersey or the tri-state.but it did, and its just unbelievable that something like this could happen to a state like New Jersey. When people say it was the worst storm we experienced, I think they really mean it.” -Anna Tsatsos, sophomore
  15. 15. A local resident surveys the damage left behind by the storm near Sergeatsville
  16. 16. Many homes- such as this one in Flemington- suffered severe damage from the debris left by the storm.
  17. 17. "Hurricane Sandy..... is that s*** I dont like.” -Nicholas Pellitta, sophomore
  18. 18. Photo Credits• Adam Zeloof• Anthony Amato• Brenna Gostylo• James Vorwick• Kaitlin Paciullo• Lauren Nazzaro