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VCH Overview


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VCH Overview

  1. 1. empoweringdispute 3.0 @virtualcourt
  2. 2. the facts• We help neutrals, lawyers and disputants save time & money by enabling them to resolve their disputes online• Neutral directory lists 300+ neutrals, who range from family mediators to construction arbitrators, and retired judges
  3. 3. empowering neutrals to …• market their services online• manage multiple cases online and offline• conduct video and telephone conferences• message disputants and upload documents… in a way that is secure and confidential
  4. 4. empowering lawyers to …• invite opposing party to mediate/arbitrate• choose from among +300 neutrals• upload video, audio & document files• schedule face-to-face meetings• present & record live testimonies• send secure and confidential messages
  5. 5. empowering disputants …• resolve disputes in a way that is less-expensive and faster than ADR offline• choose from among over +300 specialist mediators & arbitrators
  6. 6. empowering you technology + neutral experience = efficient ADRTake time out of the equationWe empower you to drive towards quick andsecure resolutions