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David Rogers' Big Bugs will be invading Woodlawn at Glenwood Gardens during the summer of 2011. The Hamilton County Park District is managing the exhibit with all proceeds benefiting the Hamilton County Parks Foundation. Check out the presentation to learn more!

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Big Bugs Partnership

  1. 1. David Rogers’ Big Bugs April 30 - August 21, 2011 Glenwood Gardens, Woodlawn, OH About the Exhibit Partnership Opportunities Hamilton County Park District & Planned Special Events Hamilton County Parks Foundation Why Bring Big Bugs to Hamilton County? Glenwood Gardens List of Bugs & Benefits for Your Brand Next Steps Educational Elements
  2. 2. About The Exhibit & Artist Big Bugs, sculpted by David Rogers, is an exhibit of larger-than-life bugs made from natural materials. Since 1994, these giant sculptures have dazzled spectators from across the country. The bugs present an opportunity to encourage environmental responsibility, while allowing a sponsor to promote brand awareness and community involvement on a large scale. The Hamilton County Park District will be hosting 13 of the Big Bugs from April through August, 2011, at Glenwood Gardens in beautiful Woodlawn, OH. Proceeds from the event will benefit the Hamilton County Parks Foundation. As a teenager in Long Island, NY, David Rogers explored sculptured art through the mediums of salvaged car parts and dried branches and rope. As an adult, he built sailboats, restored homes and worked as a cabinetmaker. David utilized his combined talents when his focus switched to rustic design in 1985. His products were furniture and garden structures. In 1990, after five years of transforming sapling and branches into chairs, benches and gazebos, he “saw” a dinosaur in a maple sapling bent from a past winter storm. With the addition of dried branches and different varieties of tree saplings, the creature fully emerged in 12 inspired days. That creature transformed David’s perception of what could be created with all-natural materials. The first dinosaur led to others and, in 1991, the early design of Big Bugs. Most recently, the Big Bugs appeared in San Antonio, TX and Lisle, IL and are currently on display near Kansas City, MO.
  3. 3. Hamilton County Park District & Parks Foundation For 80 years, the Hamilton County Park District (HCPD) has provided outdoor recreation and education and preserved natural resources for the citizens of Hamilton County ( HCPD is the largest greenspace preservation organization in the Cincinnati region, protecting over 16,000 acres. HCPD has 8 million visitors each year at 21 parks, and the website recorded 1.6 million unique visits in 2009. HCPD produces 40% of their $34 million budget from revenue generating activities, and the Park District has no long-term debt. University of Cincinnati’s Center for Policy Research 2008 survey indicated 89% of public are satisfied with operation of the Park District. The Hamilton County Parks Foundation was created as a 501c3 in 2007 to support the Hamilton County Park District in furthering its mission by establishing additional strong funding sources. The Big Bugs exhibit will be promoted in all of the HCPD parks during the months leading up to the display - giving partners visibility far beyond just those attending the Big Bugs exhibit at Glenwood Gardens.
  4. 4. Glenwood Gardens Glenwood Gardens encompasses 335 acres in the community of Woodlawn and features a 30-acre prairie, a 30-acre meadow, and a wetlands complex. There are also 2.6 miles of walking trails - skates, scooters and bikes are not permitted. The Cotswold Visitor Centre includes a Nature’s Niche gift shop and the Highfield Discovery Garden is designed for children of all ages. The Highfield Discovery Garden includes 7 unique garden areas designed to encourage educational play, a 25-foot Discovery Tree, a Trolley Garden with working trains, and a Garden Workship with daily educational programming. During the 4-month run of Big Bugs, additional educational elements will be added focusing on the bugs and taking advantage of the Glenwood Gardens environment. Glenwood Gardens is located 16 miles north of downtown Cincinnati and 40 miles south of downtown Dayton. The recent exhibit in San Antonio drew 67% of its visitors from outside the greater San Antonio area. The Cincinnati-area is well situated to take advantage of the Big Bugs draw as 20 major Metro markets are within 400 miles of Cincinnati and approximately 43% of the population of the United States is within 600 miles of Cincinnati. Glenwood Gardens 10397 Springfield Pike Cincinnati, OH 45215
  5. 5. Benefits for Your Brand Hamilton County Park District is widely recognized for its excellent parks and educational services. The University of Cincinnati conducted a survey in the Spring of 2008 which yielded the following results: - 76% of Households say one or more members of their household have utilized HCPD parks in the past year. This is the highest number in the 20 years of the study. Over 25% visit a park “once a week” or “almost every week.” - 87.5% were in the “top two boxes” of a 7-scale satisfaction question. This high level of satisfaction represents a 14 point increase over the past 20 years. - Specific high satisfaction marks were noted around cleanliness of the parks, safety of the parks and level of maintenance. - Nearly 2/3rds of residents say that HCPD parks make our area a better place to live. - Park visitors are also web savvy, with nearly 40% of park visitors using the web to find out information about HCPD parks and programming. - Partnering with HCPD presents an opportunity to link up with a well- respected and well-recognized brand - and provides an opportunity to generate goodwill for your organization by virtue of this connection.
  6. 6. Educational Elements Multiple programs have been designed specifically for the Big Bugs exhibit. On a rotating basis, the following programs will be presented during all four months of the exhibit. Bug Olympics - Champions of the Insect World Are you faster than a flea? Are you stronger than an ant? Join the HCPD’s team of educators and volunteers to discover record holding bug Olympians and test your skills against theirs. Measure your skills against creepy- crawlies from far and near to find out if you have the buggy skills required to bring home the gold. The Music of Bugs - their songs and ours! Learning about bug melodies and harmonies might make you clap and sing. The HCPD’s Educational staff and volunteers will be discovering the talented critters among us. Do you sing sweetly like a cricket or piercing like a cicada? ANTICKS! Bugs in Art, Literature and our Culture This program will explore how insects have influenced our literature from humor to love stories, mysteries and more. We’ll look at how art has borrowed ideas from bugs, from the bold and beautiful to the subtle patterns and we’ll investigate the effects of bugs on our culture. Bugs with an Anttitude! Survivor Tactics and Adaptations A bug’s most important job is to stay alive, but this is not as easy as it sounds! Gather with the HCPD’s team of educators and volunteers to learn about survival as a bug. We will explore methods bugs use to defend and camouflage themselves. Create-a-Bug - Life Cycles and Bug Parts How many legs is enough? Six seems perfect, unless of course you have eight. Visitors will learn the differences between insects, spiders and their kin. Bugs as Pets - Useful Bugs, Bug Helpers and Bug Habitats What good are bugs? Investigate the reasons people raise insects. Is a firefly in a jar or a honey bee on a farm a pet?
  7. 7. Partnership Opportunities It is expected that funding for the event will come from a combination of traditional sponsorships, individual benefactors and other non-profit foundations that support education, the arts, or enjoyment of the outdoors and our community. Several sponsorship options are available for the 4-month Big Bugs exhibit. Title Sponsor - $100,000 - only one will be sold Presenting Sponsor - $50,000 - only one will be sold Program Sponsors - $25,000 to $10,000 - for a variety of special events to be held during the exhibit Outreach Sponsors - $10,000 - to assist in allowing for children of all economic backgrounds to experience the exhibit Friends of the Parks - $5,000 - to sponsor individual bug sculptures Partnership inventory will be crafted to the specific needs of our partner. Component pieces include: traditional media (over $100,000 planned), on-site presence, presence on both HCPD GreatParks website and special micro-site being built specifically for exhibit, hosting of private corporate events “among the bugs,” experiential opportunities from among the wide variety of options offered by HCPD in all park facilities, advertising in a variety of HCPD publications,VIP parking passes and many others.
  8. 8. Planned Special Events The following items are planned during the 4-month run of the Big Bugs exhibit and are all available for sponsorship. - Preview nights and Grand Opening of Exhibit (with the artist, David Rogers) - Saturday Family Programs with bug-themed education and entertainment - “Under the Tent” Thursdays - each Thursday during the exhibit - Storytelling with Brian ‘Fox’ Ellis - focusing on the Bug theme - Sunday evening concert series - 4 during the exhibit - Movies with the Bugs - and including several interactive exhibits for children - 5K Bug Run with Little Bug Kids’ Fun Run - Dog Days of August - special event for dogs and their owners to check out the Bugs - VW Bug “Cruisin’ in the Garden” - local Cruise-In featuring VW bug owners among the Big Bugs - Extermination Party - at the end of the exhibit
  9. 9. Why Bring Big Bugs to Hamilton County? - The event is family-friendly and appeals to all ages. - The event has appeal for a broad range of interests, including nature, art, education and entertainment. - The event will provide educational programming to over 25,000 children. - The event will draw an estimated 40,000 visitors from outside Hamilton County to Glenwood Gardens. - The event will improve visitation to Glenwood Gardens by at least 50% by bringing 225,000 people to the location. - The event provides an exciting setting for presenting current environmental education topics. - The event will help advance the efforts of the Hamilton County Parks Foundation to support the Hamilton County Park District. - The event will promote an understanding of the value of insects to our environment and the role we all play in protecting their habitats.
  10. 10. List of Bugs & Next Steps The following bugs, images of which are throughout this presentation, are scheduled to be on exhibit at Glenwood Gardens. Ants (3) Praying Mantis (cover image) Dragon Fly (page 2) Spider & Web (page 7) Grasshopper XL Ladybugs (page 5) Assassin Bug Damsel Fly Bee Flower Daddy Long Legs (page 10) Thank you for your time and attention. We will follow up with you in approximately 7 days to see if you have any specific questions or ideas that you would like to discuss. Please feel free to contact us at any time. or view the following 2 minute video for more information