Reimagining NOAH's Homepage: UXPA 2013 Student Design Jam


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Reimagining NOAH's Homepage: UXPA 2013 Student Design Jam

  1. 1. + REIMAGINING NOAH’s HOMEPAGE UXPA 2013 Student Design Jam Tonya McCarley
  2. 2. + AGENDA n Brief Introductions n Introduce NOAH n Share the needs of the community n Discuss the challenges of the community n Brainstorm, Sketch, & Share
  3. 3. + NOAH: The National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentation n  Non-profit organization with a mission to provide accurate information and resources to individuals and families with Albinism and Hypopigmentation (A&H) n  Primary audiences: n  New parents n  Individuals with albinism and hypopigmentation n  Educate “First Responders” n  Doctors n  Nurses n  Social Workers n  Therapists
  4. 4. + The NEEDs for the NOAH website n  The primary goal of the NOAH website is to provide FAST and ACCURATE information n  About A & H n  (Old-fashioned) Networking n  Individual to Individuals n  Families n  Social Networking n  Facebook n  YouTube Channel n  National and Local Events n  NOAH Camp n  Bowl-a-thon Fundraiser
  5. 5. + The CHALLENGE: ACCESSIBILITY is a MUST n  Individuals with A&H can have really poor vision n  Reliance on text to voice technology n  Use of really large font n  48 pt can be a preferred reading font n  High-contrast settings n  White text on black background, or YELLOW on a black background n  Mobile n  Mobile is used to take a picture and use the mobile device to make the image LARGER
  6. 6. + Design Methodology n Design using Design Studio by Will Evans* n Methodology: n  The “8 up” format n  Peer Critique n  Revisions n  Best of 2 n  (stealing is approved) n  Group Collaboration *
  7. 7. + Sketching for Quantity not Quality
  8. 8. + Rules of the Game n There are NO bad ideas n Don’t focus on FEASIBILITY n  If you can imagine it, we can figure out how to make it later n Be respectful n  Don’t interrupt while someone is presenting
  9. 9. + NOAH today
  10. 10. + Little People of America
  11. 11. +
  12. 12. +
  13. 13. + Let’s Sketch…
  14. 14. + The End n What did we learn?
  15. 15. + Additional Resources -Collected by Bruce Sklar n  10 Keys to Effective Non-Profit Organization Websites n  Tips for Designing (or Redesigning) a Nonprofit Web Site n  Five "Don'ts" of Nonprofit Website Design n  11 Website Design Best Practices for Nonprofits n  5 Tips for Visually Enticing Nonprofit Websites n  11 Nonprofit Websites Designed for the Social Web n  Ideas that work: Effective nonprofit web design n  Nonprofit Website Design 2012 – Top Ten Tips and Examples n  25 Great Non Profit Websites and Tips ForYour Inspiration
  16. 16. + Thank you n  Tonya McCarley n  Best friend of a mom with three little boys with Albinism n  User Experience Strategist n  Failed User n  #StudentDesignJam n  #UXPA2013