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Bloom Case Study


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How to make a really big short film.

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Bloom Case Study

  1. 1. A short film with a long tail
  2. 2. It started with a movie.
  3. 3. The Trailer
  4. 4. The Film
  5. 5. But then became something bigger.
  6. 6. The Movie • Funded for $10k on Kickstarter • Written and directed by Ted McCagg • The story: On the eve of the high school graduation, two girls make a pact to lose their virginity before the night is through. • Shot in one day in Los Angeles, CA
  7. 7. Extending the Story • While shot and edited to feel like a full-length feature, the film itself is only 7 minutes long. • To give the sense that the film was a full-length release, deep online profiles were created for each character, including many who would eventually only appear in the film for a few seconds. • On the film’s official Facebook page, followers were presented a possible suitor to our main girls each day, including their Facebook pages, and a unique presence on an online platform that best suited their personality type.
  8. 8. The Girls Haley Franklin Nicole Tennyson
  9. 9. Haley Franklin
  10. 10. Haley Franklin: Dreamer & Romantic Even though her trip East to go to college will only be the 2nd time she’s ever left Washington State (she went to Space Camp when she was 10), Haley has always dreamed of travelling, especially to England, the home of Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters. She’s been collecting spots she hopes to visit on a Google Maps page called, “Oh The Places I’ll Go…” ( )
  11. 11. Nicole Tennyson
  12. 12. Nicole Tennyson: Science Nerd and NDT Lover Starting with her trip to Space Camp with her friend Haley when they were 10, Nicole has been obsessed with space. Starting with seeing him interviewed on PBS when she was 16, Nicole has been obsessed with renowned astrophysicist, Dr. Neil Degrasse Tyson. She professes her love for him on her Tumblr blog I Will Be Mrs. Neil Degrasse Tyson.
  13. 13. The Guys Dez Dimmer The Burnout Mitchell Leonard The Gamer David Davis The Jock Ferret Fernandez The Goth Christian Nazareth The Born-Again Toby Owen The Nerd X.Braylon Foster III The Prep Brad Howard The Nice Guy
  14. 14. The Burnout: Dez Dimmer
  15. 15. Dez Dimmer: Lead singer of “Auto Erotic Wedgie” • 8 song demo of original songs on SoundCloud, including “Bongs Busted (and So Is My Heart) and a cover of Billy Squier’s “The Stroke.” • Fan page on Facebook, where fans can order their own Auto Erotic Wedgie t-shirts
  16. 16. The Gamer: Mitchell Leonard
  17. 17. Creator of Tumblr site Avatars I’d Bone ( where he posts images of avatars, Manga, and other fictional characters he finds attractive. Active member of the gamer site PWNED, under the handle “mrliaratsoni,” a nod to his favorite female alien, Dr. LiaraTsoni, from his favorite game, Mass Effect. Mitchell Leonard: Gamer Extraordinaire
  18. 18. The Born-Again: Christian Nazareth
  19. 19. Christian Nazareth: Christian Artist Creator of the Etsy Shop “The Lord is Everywhere,” ( dIsEverywhere) where he sells crucifixes he has fashioned out of garbage he finds on the street. Proceeds go to groups helping protect the rights of the unborn.
  20. 20. The Nerd: Toby Owen
  21. 21. The Nerd: Game of Thrones fanatic On his Tumblr site, Me & D (, Toby curates drawings that he does of fantasy dates he’d have with Game of Thrones beauty DaenerysTargaryen.
  22. 22. The Jock: David Davis
  23. 23. The Jock: A Lover of The Titties Runs the Twitter feed, “Titties Everywhere,” ( ) where he posts pictures of things that remind him of breasts.
  24. 24. The Goth: Ferret Fernandez
  25. 25. The Goth: Depressed Poet one fish, two fish no fish i'm allergic to fish -ff allergic to nuts allergic to wheat allergic to feelings of sincerity and love hug and Jif sandwich kills me dead -ff A poet of depressing prose, Ferret posts his poems on Facebook as well as webcam readings of some of his favorite compositions on YouTube at: r/poetryforthelost
  26. 26. The Preppy: X. Braylon Foster III
  27. 27. The Preppy: A Modern Man of Letters Inspired by the lessons taught to him by his father and grandfather, Braylon wrote the book “Man Up: How To Be A Modern Man in Modern Times,” available as an e-book on Amazon at, N0NO.
  28. 28. The Good Guy: Brad Howard
  29. 29. The Good Guy: Valedictorian and Friend to All Voted Nicest, Cutest, and Most Likely To Succeed, Brad was the natural choice to not only host the graduation night party, but also to give the graduation speech the next day, which he posted on Google Docs at 0BwFBK1CYFJu0bjBWdWc3SVVp U1k/edit.
  30. 30. Additional Touch Points
  31. 31. The home of the trailer and film, The Bloom Is Off. ( allows people an alternative access to character profiles and their unique online sites from a hub other than Facebook. Official Movie Site
  32. 32. There, they could see a profile of each character, with links to their Facebook profiles, their online sites, and a full Proust questionnaire. Official Movie Site (cont.)
  33. 33. V Worthy The film also spawned an online game, V-Worthy ( where people could choose between two competitors who they would rather lose their virginity to.
  34. 34. Bloom: Songs From and Inspired By The Film The release of the film also included a full 10-song soundtrack, with 4 original songs recorded just for the film. It is available to download for free on Soundcloud at .
  35. 35. So instead of one 7 minute film, Bloom became… •12 Facebook Pages •614 Facebook posts •1 Movie Site •10 Proust Questionnaires •1 online game •1 soundtrack •12 original songs •3 Tumblr Pages •121 Tumblr Posts •8 YouTube videos •1 graduation speech •1 published book •9 crosses made from garbage •40 tweets about everyday objects that look like breasts
  36. 36. …and it still lives and grows the more people interact with it.
  37. 37. fin