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Field assignment part 2


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Field assignment part 2

  1. 1. Field AssignmentPart 2Travis MaynardGeo-1
  2. 2. San Andreas Fault • The San Andreas Fault is nearly the length of California. • The fault is classified as a “Strike-Slip” fault which means that the plates have a side-to-side movement. • This fault has caused many infamous earthquakes.
  3. 3. Weathering ProcessesChemical Weathering: This rock has Physical Weathering(Root Weathering):undergone chemical weathering by Physical weathering is different thanbeing exposed to water and other chemical weathering in the sense thatelements and the rock has began to the chemical make up of the rock doeschemically change. not change. In this picture you can see that plants have grown through the rock causing it to break and physically change.
  4. 4. Mass Wasting Mass wasting is Dislodgement and downslope transport of loose rock and soil material under the direct influence of gravitational body stresses. In this picture which was taken in the Los Gatos Canyon many rockslides have taken place causing rocks and soil to fall into the road below.
  5. 5. ErosionThese pictures were taken near Coalinga, CA where water runs under anearby bridge. For many years I have seen that every year the watererodes more and more land which has caused the creek to widen eachyear. Many trees that were once far from water are now sitting in themiddle of the creek.
  6. 6. Sedimentary EnvironmentsMarine Marine sedimentary environments are areas that are large bodies of water such as the ocean, estuaries, and bays. The ocean contains two different types of sedimentary environments based on the depth in which is be viewed. The sediment in these areas are deposited from moving water
  7. 7. Sedimentary Environments TransitionalTransitional sedimentary environments are the areas that are transitional betweenmarine and continental sedimentary environments. These areas containbeaches, lagoons, tide pools, and marshes but are mostly shorelines. The sediment inthese areas are deposited from waves and erosion of land.
  8. 8. Sedimentary EnvironmentsContinental Continental sedimentary environments are mainly areas such as streams, creeks, and other continental water sources. The sediment in these areas is mostly caused from moving water which moves and deposits sediment in different areas. This particular picture is near Laton, CA at the Kings River.
  9. 9. Practical Uses of GeologyBridges, Canals, and oil fields are all practical uses for geology by usingrocks, minerals, and oil to help us do things more effectively.
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