Field Assignment Part 1


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Field Assignment Part 1

  1. 1. Field AssignmentPart 1Travis MaynardGeo-1
  2. 2. Pismo Beach, CA & Coalinga, CAPismo Beach, CA is a coastal A majority of my samples weretown located on the central coast. located around Coalinga andPismo Beach has been inhabited thirteen miles outside offor more than 9,000 years by Coalinga in the Los GatosChumash Indians and became a Canyon. Coalinga is located incity in 1840. There are many the central valley betweem Los Angeles and San Francisco.types of rocks in the Both Coalinga and Los Gatosarea, especially sedimentary were at one time below searocks because of the large level and completely covered inamount of water and erosion that water because of this there aretakes place. Some of the rocks I many rock types that are usuallycollected came from various found in coastal regions. Also itlocations in Pismo Beach. is easy to find rocks that contain coastal fossils.
  3. 3. Igneous Rocks• The word Igneous comes from the Latin which means “Fire”• Igneous rocks form from either magma within the Earth’s crust or Lava that has erupted.• Igneous rocks that form from lava are called extrusive igneous rocks.• Igneous rocks that form from magma are called intrusive igneous rocks.• Igneous rocks that form from magma deep within the Earth are called plutonic igneous rocks.• Igneous rocks are classified by the minerals that are within the rock.
  4. 4. I believe this rock to I believe that this rock isbe Diorite. Diorite is Gabbro. Gabbro is a thea plutonic igneous plutonic version ofrock which is Basalt. Gabbro is low inbetween granite silica and does notand gabbro. It contain quartz. Gabbro isconsists mostly of mostly hornblendewhite plagioclase magnetite andfeldspar and black plagioclase.hornblende.
  5. 5. Metamorphic Rocks• Metamorphic rocks are formed from changed igneous and sedimentary rocks.• Conditions underground is the cause of change of the igneous and sedimentary rocks.• There are four agents of metamorphism:• Heat• Pressure• Fluids• Strain
  6. 6. I believe this rock to be Phyllite. Idiscovered this rock in Los GatosCanyon. Phyllite is a foliatedmetamorphic rock that is made ofmostly quartz, sericite mica, andchlorite. Phyllite is made frommetamorphisized slate.
  7. 7. Sedimentary Rocks• Sedimentary rocks are rocks that are formed from many different types of sediment.• Sedimentary rocks are formed from many compacted pieces of sediment.• These rocks are formed at the Earth’s surface, usually within bodies of water.• The pieces of sediment that form sedimentary rocks are formed from erosion and weathering.
  8. 8. I believe this rock I believe this rock toto be red chert. be conglomerate.Chert is a fine- Conglomerate is agrained sedimentary rock thatsedimentary rock is composed of manycomposed of different types ofmineral sediment that arechalcedony or larger than grains ofquartz. rice.
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