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  1. 1. By Taylor Mayberry
  2. 2. When first getting here..If you happen to have a car, or will soon be driving, you can get your own parkingspace!
  3. 3. When you walk into school..The first bell wrings at 7:50, so take some time to talk to friends!
  4. 4. During the day..Having a problem with your classes?Head over to your deans office, the door is always open.
  5. 5. A class you can take..What would be more exciting then cutting open a cat?
  6. 6. Another class you can take..Art lover? Get in to art class!
  7. 7. During lunch..During the day you can’t use your phone, but at lunch YOU CAN!
  8. 8. Another option during lunch..School is the most important priority, our library can be a place to focus andget some studying done.
  9. 9. Most classes are fun and exciting. Yet your work is always important.Form a study group, it helps.
  10. 10. College is the main goal here. Our college center will help you get there.Stop by before of after school!
  11. 11. Leave your print at Westside. Today’s future is tomorrow’s legacy!