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Tuli hotels reputation management policy


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Tuli Hotels consultancy about the reputation management policy.

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Tuli hotels reputation management policy

  1. 1. REPUTATION MANAGEMENTPOLICY– An Overview of RM First of all, what is Reputation management, and why is it of importance to your business? Protecting a brand image is the most important thing a company can do. This is because today, 9/10 customers searches your company before doing business with you.
  2. 2. How can your Reputation bedamaged? Your business website can suffer because due to anumber of reasons: It might be either because of counterfeit websites produced from your business competitors, Or due to people defaming your products or services or company, Or possibly because of content pilfering out of your site.
  3. 3. SOSTAC What is SOSTAC? A very popular classic marketing planning framework for creating marketing plans.
  4. 4. 3Ms - the three key resources, Men,Money and Minutes. Men meaning men and women, expertise and abilities to do different jobs. Money means budgets - have we the money? Minutes mean time - what are the time scales, schedules or deadlines? Is there enough time?
  5. 5. SOSTAC MODELSituation analysis, asks what the current state ofthe business is.Objectives, helps list an overview of goals for thebusiness.Strategy helps provide a big picture´ plan toachieve the goalsTactics breaks down the big picture´ strategy intosmaller detailsAction helps assign responsibility and deadlinesfor certain tasksControl offers an easy way to track the progress ofthe plan
  6. 6. TULI HOTELS & RESORTSSITUATION The central India’s finest chain of hotels and resorts completes 15 years of its reliable services to customers. Ethnically designed in keeping with the native culture and Indian tradition The testimonial section is empty and this can an alarm to potential client to think twice before going to Tuli Social media is not fully exploited as expected.
  7. 7. Comments from Trip Advisor “Sliding from No 1 to no 12” Reviewed June 10, 20123People found this review helpful I recently stayed at Tuli after 7 years and saw that it had slipped from No 1 to no 12. The service has fallen to dismal levels and the food is just average. The rooms have deteriorated. Only advantage is its central location
  8. 8. Comments for Tuli Hotels &Resorts–Trip Advisor “Only if you find nothing else....”Reviewed May 12, 20121person found this review helpfulThe rooms are reasonable for a short stay, but ratherbasic. The food at the multi-cuisine restaurant is justabout acceptable, and the service can do withserious improvement.
  9. 9. OBJECTIVES Maintenance To keep Tuli hotels good image superior in the public eye. Already established a good reputation in Indian market To never let negative mentions or reviews about their company as it can hurt their business bottom line.
  10. 10. Objectives continued… To never let negative mentions or reviews about Tuli hotels as it can hurt their business bottom line. To ensure that potential customers searching for Tuli hotels wont see any negative comment and this can lead to choose/ to prefer products or services from competitors.
  11. 11. STRATEGY Tuli hotels priority would be to enhance the ranking of their website in a variety of Internet search SEO–"search engine optimization” Their successful use of the SEO, will create the better page ratings of company website. Mixing reputation tools will allow Tuli hotels to maintain its image
  12. 12. Tactics Tuli hotels can also react to negative comments and feedback published in your website, and and remove them in the site by the use of SEO. Tuli hotels should engage more in social media site such as: tweeter, Facebook, Use LinkedIn in advertising of these job vacancies this will promote the Tuli Chain as a Reputable Employer
  13. 13. Tactics for Tuli Hotels… Internally, Tuli hotels can gain reputation through various ways: Better remuneration for staff than the competitors in the area Participation in the Community projects/CSR Initiatives e.g. Eco-tourism practices than their competitors are doing. Training programs for the staff e.g. culinary trainings that can benefit the community this boosts the image by WoM by the internal customers ,
  14. 14. Tactics for Tuli Hotels–RMP For Tuli Hotels to gain good reputation, they should: Build post–sale relationship with their clients, and by this route, they can track which client wasn’t happy for the services and why?Since dissatisfied clients can damage your reputation they should be handled by any means .e. g. social mediaTrip advisor,... They can also develop refund polices to compensate to the dissatisfied clients.
  15. 15. Control There are 7 Tools to manage reputation of your business
  16. 16. Reputation Management tools1. BrandEye–Setting your account to receive notifications via email, RSS, or SMS for any mentions your brand/business. BrandEye can be used to monitor what your competitors are doing online.
  17. 17. 2.Trackur tool Trackur monitors just about anything people may find you for in Google or the other major search engines. This includes social media blogs, social networks, Twitter, Facebook, forums, images and video. An important function is Trackur shows you how influential the people talking about you are.
  18. 18. 3. Tweet Beep This tool only covers Twitter but will allow you to monitor mentions of you, your products/services, and anything, via hourly updates. This is a great tool for those that just want to monitor Twitter and do so cost effectively.
  19. 19. 4. Google Alerts Google Alerts let’s you monitor the latest results from the web and news about any keywords you want. You can receive updates via email as they occur. Google Alerts is also a great way for keeping up on what the competition is doing.
  20. 20. 5. Rankur Rankur provides social media monitoring and demographic analysis. Tools to help you monitor your competitors and monitor your own online reviews. Set up alerts to let you know when a negative mention of your brand occurs. Can be set up and used in several languages to monitor your online reputation.
  21. 21. Summary of the tools to use in RM All these tools have a range of usefulness and monitoring they will preform. For a starter level that provides most of the bells and whistles you need we like Trackur. User-friendly Trackur covers all the essentials including news, blogs, Google+, Twitter, Facebook and forums.