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E procurement guidelines 5 23-2012


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E procurement guidelines 5 23-2012

  1. 1. Welcome to the eCAPS Procurement System!All purchasing (Procurement) will now be done throughthe eCAPS Procurement System. S & S, for instance!The Online DSR system has been 1
  2. 2. This looks familiar, doesn’t it? It’s the LA County Internet Portal.Click on the blue link, log in, and under My Applications, you will be able to access eHR and ESS (Timekeeping) or eCAPS - Procurement. Use the same log in and password for both. Very convenient! Let’s go! 2
  3. 3. Click the link for the Internet Portal1. Log in at the left side of the screen2. User ID = e + employee #3. Password = (the same password you use when accessing timesheets)4. Press Enter or click Login button 3
  4. 4. 5. Under My Applications6. Select eCAPS – Procurement7. From the Left Navigational Panel 4
  5. 5. 8. Click on Search to show all available Search selections9. Select Document Catalog, and10. Near the top of the window which opens, click Create 5
  6. 6. 11. In the Code field input RQN (Requisition) 12. In the Doc Dept field input PL (Public Library) 13. In the Doc Unit field input your library Unit Code (e.g. 41252 = 108) 14. ID = the last two digits of the Fiscal Year 15. Click to Check the Auto Numbering box 16. Click Create near the bottom left of the screen17. A blank RQN opens in the General Information tab of the Header window.18. The RQN number, or Document ID, appears in the orange line at the top of the window. Write down the Document ID #. 6
  7. 7. eProcurement RQN ChecklistComplete the following: I. HEADER (3 tabs to complete; 4 tabs if RUSH ORDER) 1. General Information Tab a. Document Name - Input Library Item Group name. Find Library Item Group name on Library Commodity Report: Staff Intranet > Fiscal Services b. NOTE: If RUSH ORDER, note it here under Document Name, and in c. Document Description field. Example: RUSH – Office Supplies. See also Step 4. Extended Description tab. c. Document Description (Again, if rush, input RUSH ORDER before the Library Item Group name.) d. Fiscal Year (input the last two digits, if not for the current FY) e. SAVE 2. Contact Tab a. Issuer ID (your employee# + e should auto fill from your log in) b. Requestor ID Insert your eID or another requestor’s c. SAVE (remaining fields will auto fill) 3. Default Shipping/Billing Tab a. Shipping Location: always PL0001 b. Billing Location: always PL0003 c. SAVE (remaining fields will autofill) 4. Extended Description Tab a. If you are submitting a RUSH ORDER, you must include justification for the RUSH on the Extended Description tab. b. SAVE 7
  8. 8. II. Vendor (1 tab to complete) 1. Vendor Tab a. Click Insert New Line b. In the Vendor Customer field, enter the vendor code or open a search with drop down arrow c. To search, input vendor name* in the Legal Name field d. Click Browse  Select  Save e. Fields will auto fill f. Make certain that the Vendor Contact Name and Vendor Contact Phone fields have data. Input 0 if no other information appears. g. One Vendor per RQN. Vendor information is entered once.III. Commodity (2 tabs to complete) 1. General Information Tab a. Click Insert New Line b. In the Commodity field, enter the Commodity Code from the Library Commodity Report. Find Commodity Code: Staff Intranet > Fiscal Services > Fiscal Codes. If not on list, contact Procurement. c. Edit the auto-filled fields to provide more detailed information: c1. CL Description c2. Extended Description d. Input Quantity e. Input UOM (Unit of Measure) f. Input Unit Price g. SAVE Single commodity RQN? Skip to IV. Accounting, on page 4 below 8
  9. 9. Ordering more than one commodity? Info for Multiple Commodities RQN: • All commodities on one RQN:  must belong to the same Item Group • If entering more than one commodity, repeat steps 1.a. through 1.g. above under III. Commodity, until each commodity has been input and saved. • Check the top of your screen. All commodity lines should be displayed. • Open the Header window from the left navigational panel. • Click on the Ship/Bill To Lines button at bottom right of screen, to populate all commodity lines with the Shipping and Billing information entered in the Header. • Return to the Commodity window and resume with Step 2 below: 2. Shipping/Billing Tab a. In the Additional Information field (in the first column under Shipping Location), input your Cost Code and Requestor Name. Example: 108 – Tricia Weber If Freight Charges apply, return to the General Information Tab a. Click Insert New Line b. Input the Freight Commodity Code (96286) in the Commodity field c. Continue with steps 1.c. through 1.g. under the General Information Tab, p. 2 above, entering description, quantity, UOM and price for the Freight charge. d. SAVEIV. Accounting (2 tabs to complete) 9
  10. 10. 1. Fund Accounting Tab a. Insert New Line b. Input FUND  B06 c. Input DEPT  PL d. Input UNIT  (your library’s Unit Code) e. Input OBJECT  (from Commodity Codes List) f. SAVE 2. Detail Accounting Tab a. ACTIVITY - Input Activity Code (= Fund Source of former DSR system). Find Activity Code: Staff Intranet > Fiscal Services b. TASK - Input Task Code (= Budget Line of DSR system). Find Task Code: Staff Intranet > Fiscal Services c. SAVEV. ADD ATTACHMENTS 1. Header Tab 1. Click FILE (on the right bottom toolbar) 2. Click ATTACHMENTS 3. Click UPLOAD 4. Click BROWSE 5. Navigate to the file you want to attach 6. Double click the file name 7. Enter a brief description of the attached document 8. Click UPLOAD 10. Click RETURN TO DOCUMENT link at lower left of the screen to see confirmation of the attachment VALIDATE SUBMIT 10
  11. 11. Staff Intranet > Library Departments > Fiscal for links to:eProcurement Tutorial: How to Create a Single Commodity RequisitionFiscal CodesContact InformationFor questions about Commodity or Object Codes, you may emailcatalog pages of items you hope to purchase to:Michael Truong at, or Elsa Munoz 11