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memcached Binary Protocol in a Nutshell


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Presentation on the upcoming Binary Protocol in memcached 1.3

This presentation covers how we can benefit from the binary protocol and how it actually works.

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memcached Binary Protocol in a Nutshell

  1. 1. memcached Binary Protocol in a Nutshell memcached Night #1 in Tokyo September 17th, 2008 Toru Maesaka
  2. 2. Binary Protocol
  3. 3. A new protocol that will be introduced from version 1.3
  4. 4. For those that aren’t familiar…
  5. 5. The original memcached protocol is a very simple and small, yet an effective text based protocol. bradfitz++
  6. 6. Then why a new protocol?
  7. 7. • Performance • Extensibility
  8. 8. • Performance Protocol parsing can be performed millions of times in a given instance’s lifetime.