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Metaliteracy Poster Presentation


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This poster was developed for the State University of New York (SUNY) Fall Convening to explore New Models for Enrollment, Retention & Completion (ERC).

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Metaliteracy Poster Presentation

  1. 1. •Built system-wide collaboration •Expanded notions of information & digital literacies •Developed learning objectives, visualized badging system, created constructivist MOOC Developing a SUNY-wide Learning Collaborative (2013-2014) •Integrated badging with Canvas MOOC •Developed simultaneous Coursera MOOC •Gained insight into MOOC learning and models of delivery Designing Innovative Online Learning (2014-2015) •Developing an Open edX MOOC, Empowering Yourself in a Post-Truth World •Creating digital learning objects for easy inclusion in other learning environments Advancing Metaliteracy in a Post-truth World (2018-2019) What We Learned About Cross-Campus Collaborations • Build teams thoughtfully with willing participants • Schedule regular meetings; hold some in-person meetings to get to know each other early on • A project manager can ease burdens on team members • Recognize that each campus has its own idiosyncrasies. Utilize each campus’s services and strengths, including video production, library resources, instructional design, and online learning • Come to agreement within team about goals, deadlines, responsibilities • Develop common guidelines for projects while encouraging flexibility and creativity Learning Collaborative Poster Presenters & IITG PIs Tom Mackey Trudi Jacobson Empire State College University at Albany The Metaliteracy Learning Collaborative has included library and disciplinary faculty members, instructional designers, and administrators from several SUNY institutions. We have even had student participation. Our team has worked collaboratively on MOOC creation, content for a digital badging system, the development of learning goals and objectives, a blog, video, and animation. IITG funding provided support for the following three projects Additional Accomplishments • Open Praxis article comparing pedagogical dimensions across 3 platforms • Badging content used by over 3,000 students • Customized metaliteracy badging for teacher education programs in digital citizenship (2016- 2017 IITG--Affinito) • On-demand version of Coursera MOOC that runs continuously (over 1,900 learners) • iSucceed metaliteracy module for high school and first year college students • SUNY-wide Conversation in the Disciplines about metaliteracy • Four books: Metaliteracy, Metaliteracy in Practice, Metaliterate Learning for the Post-Truth World, Teaching with Digital Badges Spring 2019