Holocaust WebQuest                                   http://www.ushmm.orgGo to the above website and click on “Introductio...
Holocaust WebQuestClick on the “What is Genocide?” Related Article --- Define Genocide: Genocide is basicallythe act of ha...
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Holocaust webquest


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Holocaust webquest

  1. 1. Holocaust WebQuest http://www.ushmm.orgGo to the above website and click on “Introduction to the Holocaust.”Begin reading the Introduction and answer the following questions.What groups of people were targeted and persecuted during the Holocaust?The groups that were persecuted against were Jews, Gypsies, disabled people, Slavic people,Communists, Socialists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and homosexuals.What was the European Jewish population prior to World War II?Before World War II, the Jewish population of Europe was over 9 million.Differentiate among Concentration Camps, ghettos, Einsatzgruppen, and extermination camps.Concentration camps were made simply to hold those who either opposed the Nazi state, or werethought to be in opposition of the Nazi state. Ghettos were small enclosed districts that wereoften used to hold specifically Jews. Einsatzgruppen was an actual killing force that was meantto move beyond German borders to kill the Nazi opponents. Finally, extermination camps werefor Jews who were destined to die, while concentration camps were actually for forced labor.What was the purpose of death marches?These marches were used to move prisoners from one camp to another, so that Allied forceswould not be suspicious of the Nazis holding a large quantity of people, primarily Jews.Click on the “Final Solution” Related Article--In a paragraph, describe Adolf Hitler’s FinalSolution plan. http://www.ushmm.org/outreach/en/article.php?ModuleId=10007704 The purpose of the Final Solution Plan was to eradicate all Jews from German society.This plan was put into place shortly after the Nazi’s rise to power, as Jews became the center ofracial discrimination. It was soon decided that Jews would no longer be tolerated in society, sofacilities like concentration camps and ghettos were created in order to hold the Jews, andseparate them from society. These places were used for forced labor, but if a Jew did not performwell enough, or could not work, he/she was immediately sent to an extermination camp to bekilled.
  2. 2. Holocaust WebQuestClick on the “What is Genocide?” Related Article --- Define Genocide: Genocide is basicallythe act of harming a certain group with the intent of destroying that group. This could be on thegrounds of ethnical, racial, or religious difference.http://www.ushmm.org/genocide/take_action/genocideScroll up to the top of the page and search “Antisemitism.” Click “Antisemitism.”http://www.ushmm.org/wlc/en/article.php?ModuleId=10005175When was the term originated and what does it mean?The term antisemitism was founded by a German journalist named Wilhelm Marr in 1879, and itmeans racial prejudice or hatred against Jews.When was the Nazi party founded? How did they gain popularity?The Nazi party was founded in 1919, and it gained popularity by promising to pull Germany outof the economic depression it was in, and that they would exact revenge on the Jews, since Jewsat this time were financially successful.Return to the “Introduction to the Holocaust” page. Scroll down to the bottom. Click on“An Overview of the Holocaust: Topics to Teach.” Click on “Early Stages of Persecution.”When were the Nuremberg laws implemented? In a paragraph, describe the Nuremberg lawsand the effects.The Nuremberg Laws were established in 1935. These laws were not the first to limit the rights of Jewish people in Germany, but itcertainly had quite the impact on their rights. Jewish patients were no longer able to beadministered to hospitals, the German courts would not use testimonies from Jewish people,Jewish officers were expelled from the army, and Jewish university students could not takedoctoral exams.