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Rasheeda final

  1. 1. By: Tyrese Lyons “RASHEEDA” A Disenfranchised Artist on the Rise
  2. 2.  The story about talented disenfranchised hip/hop artists is a common one – particularly among African-American Female artists  Rasheeda is an example of one who has struggled to meet the challenges of a primarily male dominated industry  She has used music to elevate her career as a hip/hop artist, as a reality TV star and to empower others to be fearless in speaking their mind and following their own dreams BACKGROUND
  3. 3.  Born Rasheeda Buckner on May 25, 1982 in Decatur, Illinois  Currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia  Stage Name: Rasheeda  Known as the “Boss Chick,” “Georgia Peach,” & “Queen of Crunk” Biography Info
  4. 4.  Member of the teenage hip-hop trio Da Kaperz  Went solo in 2000 and released her first solo album, Dirty South, in 2001  She has 5 albums to her credit and has appeared on tracks with Petey Pablo, Nelly, Nivea, Cherish, and Ciara's "Goodies" video  Joined the cast of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, which premiered on VH1 in June 2012 Biography Info (Cont.)
  5. 5.  Rasheeda is an Independent/Underground Artist, Reality TV Star, Hip Hop Artist, Mother, Songwriter, Boss Chick, CEO and Role Model. Biography Info (Cont.)
  6. 6.  In the early 90’s, when hip/hop music was gaining popularity, Rasheeda was one of few female artists to attempt to break into the industry  Like many, she saw music as a avenue to fame and fortune  But more than that, she relished the challenge of playing in a “man’s game” and making a bold statement in support of women. Introduction to the Music Industry
  7. 7. DA KAPEREZ  In 1998 Rasheeda, shown on the left, and two of her friends formed this Hip Hop group  They signed with D-Lo Entertainment
  8. 8. Peach Candy  Another music group that Rasheeda formed with her close friend Kandi Burruss  They had several singles including “Bam”, “Rain at Home” featuring Lil Scrappy  The group never released a full-length album
  9. 9. Deciding To Do Her Own Thing  The year after she joined the group Da Kaperez she decided to go solo  She wanted to give the world a view of the Hip Hop industry from a woman’s perspective  Her persona in music was being unafraid to cut to the chase; to say what every woman wants to say and every man wants to hear
  10. 10.  Her music quickly caught the attention of Motown Records, for whom she released Dirty South in 2001.  An attention-grabber that featured the dirty south anthem “Do It (Do Da Damn Thang)” with Pastor Troy.  Her follow-up was 2002’s A Ghetto Dream, released on Kirk Frost’s Atlanta based D-Lo Entertainment.  Her next album, Georgia Peach, had the critically acclaimed singles “Vibrate” featuring Petey Pablo and “Rocked Away” with Lil Scrappy. On Her Own
  11. 11.  Through her Boss Chick Music Mixtape Series, Volumes 1-4, Rasheeda has amassed a large following throughout the southeast region and worldwide via her Internet fan base How She Gained Her Fans
  12. 12.  The driving force behind much of her music is the desire to empower women to “keep it real” -- to not be afraid to tell it like it is; because that’s what men do and no one complains  Aside from her desire to make it big, she sees herself as a role model and pace setter  She tries to instill confidence and inspire women to be the best they can be. Rapping with a Cause
  13. 13.  Rasheeda says being frank in her music comes naturally for her. “I’m a woman in a male- dominated industry. I have to bring it and bring it real.”  One thing Rasheeda has always done throughout her colorful career is stay true to herself and her identity as an artist.  “The subject matter on my albums are basically my experiences. It’s about things I have seen and things I have wanted to address.” Rasheeda, On Her Music
  14. 14.  She was placed firmly in the hip hop genre, she further refined her sound with faster rhythms and bolder beats Her Genre of Music
  15. 15.  She is signed to her husbands label and management company D-Lo Entertainment, which she is also co-owner  This partnership has proved to be quite challenging when trying to juggle business and family  Strained marital relations emerged as a result of infidelity claims against her husband – a topic that was played out in dubious fashion on the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Reality TV Show. Trouble In Paradise
  16. 16.  Rasheeda is a well known underground artist but hasn’t seemed to take full advantage of her association with the more recent hit reality TV show  After 13 years she remains as an independent artist with no major label backing her  Her music has been at the bottom of the charts and no one really listens anymore  She is content with the success she has gained in the music industry and for having inspired many others to try Challenges For Disenfranchised Artist
  17. 17.  Named “Queen of Crunk Music” and became known as one of the sexiest women in hip hop  In 2010, Rasheeda won Mixtape Artist of the year at the Southern Entertainement Awards  Also in 2010, she was also the first independent artist nominated for BET’s “Female Hip Hop Of The Year” Accomplishments
  18. 18.  She didn’t have many hit singles, but the ones she had made it to the top of the Hip Hop charts. They include:  My Bubble Gum  Do it  Georgia Peach  Got that Good  Boss Chick  Marry me Known Hit Singles
  19. 19.  The title of her biggest hit record known to date  It was known as the female anthem of the south "My Bubble Gum" My Bubble Gum
  20. 20.  There are relationship songs, bangers, true life lessons wrapped up in fictional stories ; all laced with the crunk beats, banging bass and expressive rhymes.  “My Bubble Gum” is a female anthem that instills confidence in women. It talks about being a special kind of woman….that has the confidence to tell her man exactly what she wants and exactly how to do it.  The kind of woman that makes her own money and is just as comfortable at a family reunion or cook out as she is hanging out at a club. The Message In Her Music & It’s Impact On Women
  21. 21.  Through music, Rasheeda has inspired women to take a strong stand against men who are “no good”  The song titled “Pack Ya Bags” is a straight-up kick-your-man-to-the-curb anthem. It is relationship record that says “Your man’s no good, you’ve been putting up with his lies and cheating for so long and now you can’t take it. It’s time for him to pack his bags and go.” “Pack Ya Bags” The Message In Her Music & It’s Impact On Women (Cont.)
  22. 22.  “No Trust (Don’t Try)” is aimed at inspiring women to not be afraid of getting in the Hip/Hop music industry.  But it cautions them to not trust men or women who are only trying to get rich off of them.  The following lyrical excerpt depicts a woman in the game and doing very well. “Who put Atlanta on the map and now we're platinum and gold? Now who contendin' with these heavyweights (flow for flow)? Who got yo nigga actin' single at my sold out show?” “No Trust (Don’t Try)” The Message In Her Music & It’s Impact On Women (Cont.)
  23. 23.  Despite the fact that many view women in the Hip/Hop industry from a more negative image that positive one, Rasheeda is still credited with giving hope to a growing population of impoverished and disenfranchised young females who are see the hip hop music industry just as she did – an avenue to fame and fortune.  And though Rasheeda has not reached the pinnacle of the Hip/Hop industry, she is every bit of a success story and a definite role model for those who walk her path. The Message In Her Music & It’s Impact On Women (Cont.)
  24. 24.  She is still doing her thing in the music industry and is still known as the “Queen of Crunk,”  Her music is not doing so well because of new sounds from newer artists.  She has no plans to stray from her course, still recording for D-Lo which now has a joint venture with York Records.  Rasheeda believes that now is her time to rule the hip hop kingdom, but plans to do it her way –- by keeping it real. Where Rasheeda Stands Now
  25. 25.  http://www.thebosschick.com/#!bio/c1o2i  http://www.getnetworth.com/rasheeda-net- worth/  http://www.sing365.com/music/lyric.nsf/Rasheeda -Biography/1A0FC05FA68369BB482578250016BA1F Works Cited