Q comp Planning Session 3-20-12


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Q comp Planning Session 3-20-12

  1. 1. Q-Comp Planning Session MARCH 20, 2012 12-4
  2. 2. Agenda Welcome Backward Planning Divide and Conquer  Review of Building Goals  Review of Collaborative Team Goals  Review of Professional Learning Plans  Review of Observations Next Steps
  3. 3. Backward PlanningBoard Approval (May 17)Vote (May 10)Board Meeting – Information (May 3)BEA Executive Board (May 2)Presentations (April 23-27)Application Returned (April 16)Additional Meeting?Negotiated MOU (April 2-13)Focus Group – BEA Executive Board (April 11)Focus Group – Cluster StaffWebcast, Document Sharing, FAQ (April 9)Create Presentation (April 2-6)Additional Meeting?
  4. 4. Divide Group 1 Group 2 Building Goal Collaborative Team GoalBob LibbyBeth Chris M.Michele BradDavid JeremyDave StaceyChris L.
  5. 5. ConquerAs a group… …analyze each component (Building Goal, Collaborative Team Goal, Observations, Professional Learning Plan) for clarity and plan its implementation. …complete the Google Document sharing your analysis. …add clarity to the other group’s document
  6. 6. Consider Consider the following groups as part of your discussion:  Classroom Teacher  Singletons  TOSAs  Specialists (OT, Speech Pathologists, Media, etc.)  BEA President  Deans  Special Education/Cluster/BEST  ECFE & ABE  Other groups?
  7. 7. Networking Session Overview1. Our plan in comparison to others (Osseo, Hopkins, Edina, Brainerd)2. Q-Comp and New Teacher Evaluation Recommendation3. Some ideas for our plan 1. Observation Feedback Data 2. Google Forms
  8. 8. Next Steps What needs to be done before our next meeting?  Salary Schedule