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Origins of social science


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Origins of social science

  1. 1. Foundations of SocialScience HSP 3ME Mrs. Bradford
  2. 2. Review:• Most of what we hear or believe about human behaviour is not true• We need to explore the ideas we accept as truth to gain accurate perspectives of the world around us
  3. 3. Origins of Social Science• People have always wondered why we behave the way we do, but the reasons behind this behaviour has changed• Pre-1700 Europe was experiencing the “Dark Ages” - believed to be a time of backwardness and ignorance - Explanations used to be a matter of faith, NOT fact…
  4. 4. Faith NOT fact = FalseA balance of elements in the body
  5. 5. Faith NOT fact = FalseThe alignment of the planets, sun, moon andother heavenly bodies
  6. 6. Faith NOT fact = FalseReligion
  7. 7. The 1700’s are known asthe Age of Enlightenment – leaders looked back to the ‘darkness’ of past (period of the unknown) and wanted to shed light (knowledge) on Know then thyself, society, thus giving rise to presume not God to scanchange and allow progress The proper study of Mankind is for the future Man. Alexander Pope (1688-1744), An Essay on Man.
  8. 8. The Origins of Social Science Knowledge = Rational Thought Two Branches of Development of Knowledge Physical Science Pre-Social Science- i.e. Isaac Newton discovers - Philosophers concentrated Law of Gravity, using on criticizing ignorance, reasonand experiment intolerance, superstition INSTEAD they asked questions about human behaviour
  9. 9. Origins of Social Science
  10. 10. Origins of Social Science• … therefore, asking questions about human behaviour and studying humans using reason and scientific method, forms the basis for the scientific study of social behaviour and gives us, the origins of social science! Physical Science + Philosophy (Pre-Social Science) = Social Science
  11. 11. What is Social Science anyway?• ch?v=DSIdaTSG2Gg