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Evi Corporate Profile Abridged


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Learn about EVI\'s global experience and deep technical expertise - the only fully integrated sustainability and energy company.

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Evi Corporate Profile Abridged

  1. 1. Emergent  Ventures  Interna.onalAn  Integrated  Sustainability  and  Energy  CompanyCorporate  Profile
  2. 2. Emergent  Ventures  Interna8onal  (EVI)An  Integrated  Sustainability  and  Energy  Company A  pioneer  in  the  field  of  climate  change  mi8ga8on  with business  interests  in: Carbon  Advisory • Climate  Change  and  Sustainability Sustainability  Advisory • Clean  Technologies Clean  Energy Established  in  2004,  EVI  has  grown  from  a  carbon advisory  to  offer  comprehensive  solu8ons  that contribute  to  the  key  vision  of  the  company  “Sustainable Solu8ons  for  The  Environment”. Currently,  EVI  has  more  than  120  consultants  working  on over  300  client  engagements  in  over  15  countries  across 5  con8nents.
  3. 3. EVI  -­‐  SnapshotOnly  integrated  sustainability  and  climate  change  firm Key  highlights  about  EVI  Founded  Climate    Business  in  2004;  has  Carbon  mone8za8on  and  carbon  asset  management registered    47  CDM  projects  to  date  with  Climate  change  and  carbon  consul8ng another  177  in  the  pipeline;  fastest  8me  to registra8on;  dealt  in  a  range  of  technologies and  processes Carbon  Advisory  Energy  business  has  400  MW+  of  projects  under development  across  biomass  combus8on, gasifica8on,  waste-­‐to-­‐energy,  wind,  solar  PV and  solar  CSP  150+  employees  with  a  presence  in  United States,  India,  Sri  Lanka,  Singapore,  Thailand, Sustainability Indonesia,  Malaysia,  African  con8nent,  Europe, Clean  Energy Advisory Asset  Services  Incubated  several  firms  including  Kalpan  Hydro, DeCore  Science  and  Technologies,  WinDForce and  Helios  Sustainability  Strategy  Origina8on  and  pre-­‐  IDFC  Private  Equity  is  an  investor  in  EVI.  IDFC  PE development  of  RE  projects is  India’s  largest  private  equity  firm  focused  on  Policy  &  Research infrastructure  managing    a  corpus  of  over  $1.3B  EPC/project  management services
  4. 4. Our  Work  @  Carbon  Advisory  BusinessWe  help  organiza8ons  secure  dis8nct  business  advantage  in  Carbon  Markets. We   advise   our   clients   to   develop   carbon   offset   projects, manage   risk   &   regula8on,     and   leverage   experience   & exper8se   in   managing   carbon   assets.   Our   aim   is   to Carbon  Offset  Genera.on support   clients   to   iden8fy   opportuni8es,   simplify Carbon  Risk  Advisory complexi8es   and   derive   benefit   from   rapidly   growing global  emissions  market. Carbon  Asset  Management    &  Transac.on  Services Technical  Experience Transac.onal  Experience Risk  Management Registered  more  than  47 Strong  carbon  transac8on With  strong  technical CDM  &  20  VCM  projects  in capabili8es.  Transacted  more exper8se  and  in-­‐depth diverse  sectors  such  as than  20  million  carbon process  &  carbon  market HFC23,  N2O,  Renewable credits  with  more  than  150 understanding,  we  put energy  (wind,  biomass,  hydro million  under  management. appropriate  risk and  solar).  Carbon  standards Providing  structured  financial management  strategies  in covered:  CDM,  VCS,  VER+, solu8ons  for  carbon. place  to  manage  carbon GS,  CCBA,  CCAR assets
  5. 5. Carbon  Advisory  BusinessKey  Service  Offerings Carbon  Offset  Genera.on Carbon  Risk  Advisory  and Carbon  Asset  Management Management  Solu.ons and  Transac.on  Services• Facilita8on  of  the  registra8on  process  for • Project  assessment  and  due  diligence • Mone8za8on  of  carbon  offsets  through low  carbon  project for  investments  in  development  of mul8ple  sales  op8ons:  OTC,  spots,• Monitoring,  Verifica8on  and  Issuance  of carbon  offset  projects auc8ons,  exchange,  forward  sale credits • Carbon  Collateral  Management mechanisms Services  for  efficient  and  8mely • Structured  carbon  finance  for genera8on  of  carbon  credits development  of  CDM  projects • Carbon  transac8on  facilita8on
  6. 6. Our  Work  @  Sustainability  Advisory  Integrated  advisory  services  for  sustainability  related  issues  to  public  and  private  sectors EVI  collaborates  with  clients  to  develop  a  clear  vision  and  well-­‐ structured   sustainability   &   climate   change   ac8ons.   We   help Strategic  &  Risk  Management  Advisory clients  an8cipate  changes  in  market  preferences,  turn  risk  into Measurement  & opportunity,   drive   innova8on,   reduce   costs,   increase   market Policy  &  Research access,  engage  in    radical    transparency  ….and  flourish! Other  Environmental  Solu.ons* Our  Competencies End  to  End  solu.ons Our  Experience Our  global  experience  and We  help  our  clients  assess Diverse  range  of  projects technical  exper8se  in  market sustainability  &  climate which  include  green    power and  policy  strategy,  clean change  issues  to  reap procurement,  sustainability technology,  environmental benefits  by  implementa8on strategy,  carbon  footprint  & markets,  and  project  finance of  various  ini8a8ves.  We life  cycle  assessment,  policy makes  us  the  preferred provide  end-­‐to-­‐end  services forecas8ng  &  assessment, partner  for  organiza8ons fro  conceptualisa8on  8ll sustainability  repor8ng  & looking  sustainability implementa8on. assurance,  low  carbon solu8ons growth  roadmap  etc *  ODS  advisory,  Energy  Efficiency,  Renewable  energy  advisory  and,  Avia.on  sector  EU-­‐ETS  advisory,    Transporta.on
  7. 7. Sustainability  AdvisoryKey  Service  Offerings Strategic  Advisory Measurements  and Policy  and  Research Other  Environmental  Services Solu.ons• Sustainability  and  Climate • Energy  and  carbon  footprint • Policy  Assessment  Advisory • Energy  Efficiency  Advisory Change  Strategy assessment,  assurance  and • Research  support  for  wide • Ozone  Deple8ng  Substances• Sustainability  Risk management range  of  sustainability  and (ODS)  Services Management • Water  footprint  assessment climate  change  issues • Renewable  Energy  Advisory and  management • Transporta8on  and • Life  Cycle  Assessment  (LCA) Infrastructure  Development • Sustainability  repor8ng  and Advisory assurance
  8. 8. Our  Work  @  Clean  Energy  BusinessWe  help  organiza8ons  develop  clean  energy  solu8ons We   partner   with   Clients   to   provide   end-­‐to-­‐end   services for  the  development  of  renewable  energy  projects  across a   variety   of   technologies   (Wind,   Solar,   Biomass,   Waste). Renewable  Energy  Project  Development We   believe   in   maximizing   the   Client’s   returns   and   work Engineering  Services  –  Renewable  Energy towards  this  goal.  Our  aim  is  to  provide  a  one-­‐stop  shop for   Clients   wan8ng   to   enter   /   expand   in   the   Renewable Clean  Energy  Genera.on Energy  Domain. Technical  Experience Partnership  with  Clients Projects EVI  has  performed  Wind EVI  partners  with  the  Clients • Biomass:  102  MW  in Resource  Assessments to  provide  end-­‐to-­‐end Bihar;  50  MW+  in  Sri (WRAs)  for  1800  MW+, services.  Some  of  the Lanka worked  as  Owner’s  Engineer services  include  project • Waste-­‐to-­‐Energy:  5.6  MW for  150  MW+,  technical  due feasibility  analysis,  policy in  Haryana diligence  300MW+  and  is support,  site  selec8on, • Wind:  200  MW+  projects engaged  in  developing  ~  150 resource  assessment,  basic in  Tamil  Nadu MW  of  bio-­‐mass  based engineering  design,  project • Solar:  80+  MW    in  Gujarat power  plants,  200  MW+  wind management,  etc. and  Rajasthan energy  plants,  80  MW+  solar power  plants.
  9. 9. Clean  Energy  BusinessKey  Service  Offerings Renewable  Energy Engineering  Services  – Clean  Genera.on Project  Development Renewable  Energy• Prefeasibility  analysis  &  survey; • Engineering,  procurement    & • Has  iden8fied  aqrac8ve  genera8on• Techno-­‐economic  viability  study construc8on  services  (EPC) projects  under  development;  includes• Policy  Support • Overall  management  of  projects biomass,  waste  to  energy  and  wind• Site  analysis  /  selec8on (Owners’  engineer) farms• Power  Sale  /  PPA • O  &  M  of  project  (Management  lease) • Technologies  include:  Biomass,  Waste-­‐• Vendor  rela8ons  /  development • Wind  Resource  Assessment to-­‐energy,  Gasifica8on,  Solar  PV,  CSP• Financial  structuring,  closure  /  Syndica8on • Solar  Resource  Assessment and  Wind• Carbon  asset  management  for  in-­‐house • Developing  profitable  models  for  serng projects up  of  roosop-­‐based  solar  PV  plants  in India
  10. 10. Our  Global  Presence Global  Presence • India Singapore Team:  150  +  People   • • USA • Malaysia • Thailand • Indonesia • UK • Spain • Australia Countries  having  Strategic Partners • Philippines • France • Egypt • South  Africa • Pakistan • Vietnam • Bangladesh • Bhutan • Nepal Presence  across  India • Gurgaon • Mumbai • Pune • Hyderabad • Bangalore • Ahmadabad • Kolkata
  11. 11. Emergent  Ventures  Interna8onal US  Team Ashutosh  Pandey  –  CEO  of  EVI’s  Advisory  Business.  With  his  associa8on,  EVI  has  engaged  with  more  than  200  clients  across the   world   to   provide   climate   change   mi8ga8on   solu8ons   and   build   the   company’s   consul8ng   business.   Ashutosh   is   also   the driving  force  behind  the  company’s  new  venture  into  strategy  consul8ng,  advising  large  companies  on  climate  change  related risks  &  opportuni8es.  He  has  a  Masters  in  Management  from  the  Indian  Ins8tute  of  Management,  Calcuqa Mahua  Acharya  -­‐  Chief  Strategy  Officer.  With  more  than  10  years  in  climate  change  and  the  carbon  markets,  Mahua  leads strategic  ventures  at  EVI.    Her  role  includes  managing  fund  raising  for  EVI,  structuring  transac8ons  and  projects,  liaising  with investors  and  financial  ins8tu8ons,  and  leading  strategic  sales  for  the  company.    Mahua  holds  a  masters  degree  from  Yale University. Deepak  Verma  -­‐  Chief  Opera.ons  Officer  and  Head,  Carbon  Finance  and  Technology  Solu.ons  (CFTS). Deepak  has  over  22  years  of  industry  experience  in  the  United  States  and  in  India,  ranging  from  sosware  to  management consul8ng  to  health  systems  to  infrastructure.  He  holds  a  B.Tech  in  mechanical  engineering  from  the  Indian  Ins8tute  of Technology,  Delhi,  an  MS  each  from  the  University  of  Notre  Dame  and  the  University  of  Minnesota,  and  an  MBA  from  the  MIT Sloan  School  of  Management. Thomas  Rosenberg  –  Vice  President  –  Advisory  Services.  Tom  is  an  accomplished  technical  and  strategy  specialist  with  more than  12  years’  experience  crea8ng  innova8ve  sustainability  solu8ons  and  new  possibili8es  in  the  U.S.,  Europe  and  La8n America.  Building  on  his  strategy  and  technical  exper8se,  Tom  is  currently  responsible  for  Sustainability  and  Risk  Management advisory.      Tom  holds  an  MBA  from  Thunderbird,  the  School  of  Global  Management,  an  MSc  in  Environmental  Sciences  &  Policy from  Johns  Hopkins  University,  and  a  BA  in  Interna8onal  Affairs  and  Asian  Studies  from  the  University  of  Colorado,  Boulder. Aaryn  Herridge  –   Vice  President  –   Business  Development.  Aaryn  is  an  accomplished  Business  Development  expert  with  more  than 12  years  experience  in  consul8ng.  Ms.  Herridge  has  worked  in  clean  tech,  the  green  built  environment,  marke8ng  services,  training and   tradeshows/conferences/events,   and   sustainable   commodi8es.   Building   on   her   strategy   and   sales   prowess,   Ms.   Herridge   is currently  responsible  for  building  EVI’s  advisory  services  business  in  the  U.S.  Intent  on  being  part  of  the  solu8on,  she  incorporates sustainable  prac8ces  both  as  a  lifestyle  and  as  a  career.  In  addi8on  to  working  with  socially  responsible  companies,  she  has  earned a  Sustainability  Leadership  Cer8ficate  from  Acterras  ‘Be  the  Change’  program.
  12. 12. Thanks Emergent  Ventures  Interna.onal 71  Stevenson  St.,  Ste  422 San  Francisco,  CA  94105 T:  415  655  6617 usa@emergent-­‐ www.emergent-­‐ @EVItweets12