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Voice of voiceless newsletter

  1. 1. VOICE OF THE VOICELESS NEWSLETTER Volume 1 August 2012EDITORIAL LAND WRANGLE EMMERGED INThe decades of war in northern Uganda has left AMURU DISTRICTthe community of Acoli in total dependency Fresh land wrangle emerged in Apaa, Pabo Subsyndrome. The communities live from hand to county Amuru district.mouth. The economic status of the communityhas gone down hence the family could not The controversial demarcation of Amuru-support their family. Adjumai Border 19 August 2012 ended in chaos as Amuru resident district Commissioner MajorMany of the NGO have pulled out of the region James Mwesige and Northern Uganda regionalsince the emergency situation in the region is police Commander Nkore Paul did not putcoming to fully stable stage. The bigger diplomacy plan of first dialoguing with thequestion left behind is having the community people of Apaa community in Labala parish. Thewelfare also stabilize after the war? The war has reason was that Land surveyors from thetaken longer and the impact of current Ministry of Land and Urban development weredevelopment they cannot be realized in only silently putting mark stone at Wiilacuk where, three years. The the community claimed, never was boundary situation is further flopped. A being traumatize by community rampant claim of land member tipped grabbing by state. Kilak countyApaa UWA Eviction Forceful acquisition ofvictims. File photo land from Acoli DPC Amuru refraining Hon Member of Olanya community. It is like a parliament Olanya Gilbert, who was invited forpatient discharge from hospital with TB meeting with RPC and RDC, together whilecondition and the family wants to engage surveyors are already on the ground doing theirhim/her in farming activities serious without work on putting mark stones. The meeting withconsidering his/her health condition. The return Olanya has stopped and they all rushed whereof community from IDP to rural homes, they the surveyors were putting the mark stoneshould be given time to settle and be consulted which was about 20 kilometer to Joka bridge ,for further development to take place. MP hurried vehicle as the hungry mobs followed him.______________________________________________________________________________ For to be free is not merely to cast off ones chains but to live in a way that respect and enhance the freedom of others.(Nelson Mandela) And shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free (Jn 8:32) Lord if you had been heremy brother would have not died…… (Jn 11:21)
  2. 2. VOICE OF THE VOICELESS NEWSLETTER Volume 1 August 2012Arriving where the mark stone was being Ministry to carry out the work and wouldplanted, the area was heavily guarded by 10 full resume anytime when resident are sensitized.vehicles with police officers who were dressedfrom teeth to toe eye witness said, Gilbert Dr. Olara Otunu PROMISE TO PROTECTOlanya ordered the surveyors to leave their ACOLI LAND.work immediately and confiscated their tools Dr. Olara Otunu the president ofand removed the map they were using. UPC speaks out on Land “Why must this people fool us claiming grabbing in Acoli. Otunu mademeeting yet here they are planting mark stone his first ever critic on Landto take away our land we shall die here today grabbing in Acoli, citing the case of land ofbecause police have become agent of land Amuru district. Speaking during pressgrabbers in Uganda,“ Olanya retorted while conference in Gulu Mr. Otunu said we havebasting police agents. informed UN and human right organization to follow up this case. The area member of parliamentadded that there is a map drawn in 1959 by the Otunu before attending the burial of the UPDFBritish where Amuru-Adjumani border is right officer at Customer corner in Gulu districtfrom the Nile and Juka stream which is over 21 believed has reached the controversial land inkilometer from where they claim is the border Lakang, Apaa in Amuru district. Dr. Otunuat Wiicuk, which is why resident protested. report was unsatisfied about the claimed to empty with human being. He further. The visitHe said that the poor community has nowhere of Otunu sparked the state agency, a Similarto go because that is their ancestral land and visit to be conducted by Dr. Kizza made the DPCwith the lesson they have learn there would be Amuru become alert under clear question. Wasnegotiation over the border again. it crime if one wants to visit his subject but not to address the rally?As the local community draws nearer to thepolice for confrontation, Northern Uganda RPC PABO SUB COUNTY CHANGEDand RD together with the DPC Amuru JacintoOvuru ordered the policemen to leave to Amuru MARKET AUCTION DAY.town council to avoid bloodshed. Pabo sub county local council has changedHowever after the incident, the senior staff market Auction day from first Monday of thesurveyor with the Ministry of land Kakooza month to first Saturday of the month. TheJasper, said that there were mandated by the council claimed that first Monday of the month______________________________________________________________________________ For to be free is not merely to cast off ones chains but to live in a way that respect and enhance the freedom of others.(Nelson Mandela) And shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free (Jn 8:32) Lord if you had been heremy brother would have not died…… (Jn 11:21)
  3. 3. VOICE OF THE VOICELESS NEWSLETTER Volume 1 August 2012the Auction day the parents takes their children demarcation of district boundary using markaway from school to occupies the market. The stone which has never happened in Uganda.change has been effected for first in firstSaturday 4th August 2012. The change however GREATER NORTH PEACE CAMP.did not make the business community from Peace Corps American volunteer’s organizationGulu town happy. Despite of short notice given with it partners organized greater north youthover radio the leaders insisted that the change peace camp at ocer Jesuit College in Unyamahas to be effected. Gulu district. The camp that attracted many youth from Lango, Teso, Alur and Acoli subWILL SURGAR CAN PLANTAION regions. Pabo save the orphans Association hadPROJECT IN AMURU GO AHEAD? privilege to present the paper to the youth on positiveAcoli community as facing force demand of land communication. Mr.by government under the intention of bringing Omony John Boscothe development to the region. The methods while presenting the being applied to acquire Omony during plenary paper on positive does not involve communication community. The former urged the youth to ensure the focus on RDC Amuru Milton forgiveness, render the service with heart of Odongo further said the generosity. He further calls upon the youth to sugar project is also change their attitude from negative aspect ofdemanded in Rwanda but much as they are life to positive aspect of life. After the plenaryfacing resistant from the community in Amuru the participants were much appreciative to thedistrict there has never been initiative to divert Omony, many were heardthis project to Rwanda as being alleged. Some saying you should haveof Amuru leaders are alleged to have received been with us while othermoney more than 131,000,000 million under whispering to each other it isunclear circumstance and has not acknowledge a very good presentations.the receipt of money, according to the meeting The organizer has awarded the presenters withheld in Kampala 13/07/2012, they further certificate of excellence presentationagreed that the survey of the controversial landto be survey within one month from the date of Participants at peace campthe meeting, these would also figure out the A LOT OF MONEY IN CIRCULATION IN OVER SUGAR PROJECT IN AMURU DISTRICT.______________________________________________________________________________ For to be free is not merely to cast off ones chains but to live in a way that respect and enhance the freedom of others.(Nelson Mandela) And shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free (Jn 8:32) Lord if you had been heremy brother would have not died…… (Jn 11:21)
  4. 4. VOICE OF THE VOICELESS NEWSLETTER Volume 1 August 2012Amuru district leaders has one hundred and Resolution The RDC should direct the posting ofthirty one million one hundred and twenty more policemen at Lakang to effectivelythousand shilling (131,120,000) in circulation in manage law and orderhand of some few leaders in the district. Themoney believed has been given by Madhvani it (e) Security arrangement for the workers topurpose has not been clear, according to start at the project site, Resolution: RDC tomeeting with Amuru district official at should work with the relevant organs to ensureMadhvani office in Kampala 13/07/2012 they maximum security is provided within onedemanded that acknowledge receipt be given monthunder agenda 5 (i) of minutes seen by voice of AOBthe voiceless. Below are is extraction from the Amuru district given 131,120,000 million whichminute of the meeting seen by voice for acknowledgement was not receipt by the timevoiceless. of the meeting which ended at 14:40hours. 1. (b) Survey, demarcation, and processing The question that one would ask for what land tittle. purpose was the money given??? The members noted that there was delay in survey, CATHOLIC CHURCH NEWS: Resolutions: ARCHBISHOP ODAMA RESHUFFLE PRIESTS (i) Instruction to survey the land be directed by the CAO Gulu Archdiocese has (ii) Madhvani should work with reshuffle the vice Rector of Land ministry and office of Sacred Heart Minor Seminary. president to facilitate the survey and ensure completion Vice Rector Rev Fr. Eric Uma within one month. File photo has been appointed the Parish priest of Holy Rosary Parish in center of(c) Seed nursery for sugar cane should be Gulu town. While Rev. Fr. Ronald Regan Okelloestablished after the survey who has been the curate of Immaculate heart of Mary Pabo Parish is to replace Eric as Vice (d) Police post at Lakang members were Rector of the Seminary.informed that the post with some fewpolicemen had already been established at In an interview with Fr. Ronald he welcomed hisLakang appointment and said his last slot of properties from Pabo is on the way to new place of______________________________________________________________________________ For to be free is not merely to cast off ones chains but to live in a way that respect and enhance the freedom of others.(Nelson Mandela) And shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free (Jn 8:32) Lord if you had been heremy brother would have not died…… (Jn 11:21)
  5. 5. VOICE OF THE VOICELESS NEWSLETTER Volume 1 August 2012appointment. Fr. Ronald by the time of this what they perceive as mistreatment under hispublication Christians of Pabo has not yet given leadership.him farewell. Valentino Matua, a priest whom the bishop recently suspended pending verification of hisARUA DIOCESE LOST DONORS MONEY: documents of priestly formation on August 8, 2012 served Odoki with intention to sue andArua catholic diocese has lost donors money through Alaka and co. advocates demanded a given to diocese by the compensation of sh120m for damages. donors. Given the situation of donors fund remaining New vision reported that unaccounted for would affect the development Bishop Sabino Ocan in the catholic. The clergy should ensure they Odoki said “there are remain financial accountable to donors and theSpeaking on some corruption casesdevelopment of his community they serves. which we have found anddiocese they have blocked ourways of getting funding. Like with Caritas, there ADVOCACY AND NETWORKINGhas been fraud and now we are paying very In 2010 Pabo Save the Orphans Associationheavily for this fraud,” widely circulates to Acholi Google networkOdoki in an exclusive interview with the New the challenges being face on the returnVision at his office said donors had demanded process fromthat the diocese returns all the stolen money. the camp to the rural “They have found sh85m stolen and again theywant more investigations be done on another home. Theseparate sh110m which the investigating communicatiauditor says could have been lost,” on focus on Atiaba local bridge before JICA intervention 2011-2012 the AtiabaThe bishop also spoke about the various that connectadministrative changes he is making and the Pabo and Patiko from the east.furious reactions from some affected clergysaying that they were normal processes of This advocacy and networking drew thechange. attention of the partners in the region. The bishop said he was not worried about thethreats by some priests to sue the diocese for______________________________________________________________________________ For to be free is not merely to cast off ones chains but to live in a way that respect and enhance the freedom of others.(Nelson Mandela) And shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free (Jn 8:32) Lord if you had been heremy brother would have not died…… (Jn 11:21)
  6. 6. VOICE OF THE VOICELESS NEWSLETTER Volume 1 August 2012JICA a Japanese government funded Picture: Juka Bridge on River Juka –program took up task to access the case. In allegedly, the river is said to be the historicalApril 2011 under JICA CAROWAA office and natural boundary separating Adjumaninewsletter publicized plan to construct from Amuru (Photo by ACCS)Atiaba bridge that became good news forthe people of Pabo and Patiko. Pabo Save the Orphans Association (PASTORA):Early this month the construction of Atiababridge has been fully completed with Its local community base organization formed infinancial support from JICA. Base on the 1999. The Association focuses on children,community monitoring mechanism under youth, women and the entire community.poverty resource monitoring there is value VISIONfor the money under this project. The To improve quality of life of children,community of Pabo can now use this road youth, women and the community.to Gulu town. The transportation of good MISSION To promote human values throughfrom the villages around to market is now advocacy, community outreach program,not problem due to good road network Girl child education program (GCEP) basicsupported by JICA. The war forth by JICA non formal education / formalthe value for money should be example to Education and vocational skills trainingother partners delivering services to the initiative for child mothers, school droppedregion. out youth with a view of building a sustainable community with improvedPARTNERS VERIFICATION REPORT: Standards of living. The main task is to enhance their opportunities to realize theirMuch there are a lot of controversial full potential and capability in rehabilitatingstatements on the land in Apaa and the the community.boundary with the Adjumani and Amurudistrict, The Advisory Consortium on Conflict Comments & SuggestionsSensitivity (ACCS) send team to verify the Please write to your address to Voice forsituation in Apaa. Voiceless newsletter All view expressed in this newsletter is purely for true information on ground sharing.______________________________________________________________________________ For to be free is not merely to cast off ones chains but to live in a way that respect and enhance the freedom of others.(Nelson Mandela) And shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free (Jn 8:32) Lord if you had been heremy brother would have not died…… (Jn 11:21)