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Voice of the Voiceless September 2012 news letter


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Voice of the Voiceless September 2012 news letter

  1. 1. VOICE FOR VOICELESS MONTHLY NEWSLETTER September 2012AMURU DISTRICT LOST PHC MONEY. trainees are expected to train other youth to acquire still for self-sustainable development.Amuru district local government for twoconsecutive fiscal years has hidden the Primary In an interview with Susan the hair dresser sheHealth Care fund for Private Not For Profit said they use the money they get from the clients(PNFP) health units in the district. Amurudistrict has a number of PNFP units under the to supplement the supplies from the donor. Hairdiocese of northern Uganda and Gulu dressing for oneArchdiocese under St Mary’s Hospital Lacor. person cost 9000,On a quarterly basis, PNFP unit in HC III level while that withoutgets 3,056,343 shs per quarter while HC II gets chemical from the2,037,562 shs a quarter . It has become common center labour costpractice for the Administration of Amuru district 3000. Our reportto hide government funds through PHC to thesechurch units in the district. As our reporter visits estimated that if onethe health sector accountant, he cannot explain person made 20 hairswhy the y were not remitted to this health unit. a month each may get 180,000 shillings per month.Pabo HC III- Lacor, Amuru HC III- Lacor andKeyo COU HC II have been denied access tothis month, despite the commendable servicethey are giving to the community. Several times RDC DECLARED WAR ON CIVILwe attempted to get clear information on the SERVANTSmoney but no explanation from the was givenfrom the health sector office. It is suspected that RDC Amuru district has declared war on civilthis money could be in hand of some health servants in the district. The RDC made thesector official who is not yet identified. Ourclosest source of information from the district remark over the local radio station in northernrevealed money in question was kept in an Uganda. Capt Mwesigye who has taken 4unidentified bank account. Attempt sto get clear months in the district accused the civil servantsinformation from DHO Amuru was futile as he in the district of not staying in the district andwas for meeting in Kampala, while CAO was coming late to office.not in the district in the same period of time. The question arising from the community in theATTIAK YOUTH IN SAFE HANDS TO district is: who is not doing the Work?DEVELOPMENT: Supervisors or the supervisees? The formerMany youth in Uganda are looking at Youth RDC Amuru Milton Odongo also made an orderVenture scheme money promised by president to police to impound all the district vehiclesYoweri Musevini as a way to fight going to Gulu every evening, which police didunemployment among the youth. The burden of not follow.unemployment created by long civil war in the DEO AMURU PROMISED BETTER PLE RESULTSregion is being addressed by War Child who 2012.have built the Market Resource centre in Attiak. District Education Officer Mr. Ben promisedMRC that is being run by the youth trained the stakeholders of Amuru district better PLEoffers a range of services namely, computer 2012 results. He made the remark duringtraining, Hair dressing, CJ, and BCP. The Educational sector dialogue meeting organized by Gulu District NGO Forum in Amuru districtBehold, I send an angel before you to guard you on the way and to bring you to the place that I have prepared (Ex23:20)
  2. 2. VOICE FOR VOICELESS MONTHLY NEWSLETTER September 2012multipurpose hall. Gulu district NGO Forum ordained served as Bursar in Lacor Minor Seminarysince 2004 with it members organizations and left for further study in USA. He also instituted the audit team to audit the church founded schoolstrained community on poverty resource and the parishes accounts, this drew attention of themonitoring which was called by the Ministry of parish administrator to check financial records. ForFinance and Economic Development as a way to quite some period of term the church founded schoolbuild community ownership of all the various being headed by government were paying less attention to protocol of the Catholic Church in theinterventions being put as a way to fight poverty society. During the longer war in northernUganda various projects injected by NGOs were ARCHBISHOP JB ODAMA AWARDED PEACEnamed by the very NGO, such as water point PRIZE.known as Accord. In the same meeting DEO The Archbishop of Gulu catholictold the members to play their key role and other Archdiocese Rt. Rev JB Odamastake holders in attendance were RDC Amuru, has been awarded a peace prizeVice Chairperson LCV, with his executives and by World Vision International. A communication by World Visionall the sub county chiefs in the various sub Uganda Gulu office state that therecounties. In the same meeting DEO informed the is a monetary award. Odamamembers that NGO forum shall conduct however turned the monetary award down andcomprehensive study in Amuru district which directed World Vision to channel the money to the education of the children in Uganda. The Archbishopshall help in further planning for year 2013. In is highly known with his credibility to ward children’ssimilar development LCIII Attiak called upon issues.his colleagues to also set their own target for2013, but he did not give figures for his sub Retired Bishop Gideon Allancounty. Oboma Laid to rest. The Bishop passed in from Lacor Hospital on Thursday 6th September 2012 at around 10:30pm.He was laid toUganda: Apostolic nuncio to Uganda rest 14/09/12. Allan Archbishop Paul Tschang In-Nam Oboma served as the has been transfer from Uganda to fifth Bishop of the to serve in the same capacity in Diocese of Northern Thailand and Cambodia. Uganda from 1979 up to 1998. Gideon In the period before the Photo courtesy of Oboma was born on appointment of the next Apostolic Diocese of northern 22nd October 1932 atNuncio, the Secretary to the Apostolic Nuncio in Uganda file Atiak in Amuru DistrictUganda, Msgr. Edward Karaan will be the in-charge formerly Gulu District.of diplomatic matters, sources with the churchrevealed. He was baptized on the 15th April 1934 in infancy and later confirmed. He wasGulu: Archbishop of Gulu Archdiocese JB Odama educated at Atiak Church of Uganda,has embarked to restructure the various offices in the Lira Palwo ,and Buwalasi PrimaryArchdiocese of Gulu. He has appointed Rev Fr. Marin Teacher’s College. In 1964-1965 AllanAgwee as the chancellor; Fr. Agwee handed over his trained at St. Andrews communityoffice as Parish priest of Anaka Parish to take over centre , Mbale as Tent Maker responsibility. Archbishop also appointed Rev.Fr. Lawrence Komakech as the parish priest of St He was made Deacon on 25th AprilJoseph Cathedral, Fr. Lawrence since he was 1967 at Christ Church Gulu and______________________________________________________________________________Behold, I send an angel before you to guard you on the way and to bring you to the place that I have prepared (Ex23:20)
  3. 3. VOICE FOR VOICELESS MONTHLY NEWSLETTER September 2012ordained a priest at St. Philips Pro Erica Sabiti, Janani Luwum, SilvanusCathedral Gulu, in 1969. He went to Wani, Yona Okoth, LivingstoneBishop Tucker Theological College from Mpalanyi-Nkoyoyo and Henry Luke1972-1975, where he graduated with a Orombi. Henry Luke Orombi, StanleyDiploma in Theology from MakerereUniversity, Kampala. In 1976 he was Ntagali and Mpalanyi Nkoyoyo after theappointed Dean of St. Philips Pro elections. The communications directorCathedral Church, Gulu and Chaplain for the Church of Uganda, the Rev. Can.Gulu High School. He was appointed an Dr. Alison Barfoot, said outgoingAssistant Bishop of Northern Uganda on Archbishop Orombi will begin a farewell14th January 1979. Allan was made an tour to all the 34 dioceses in the Churchacting Diocesan Bishop when the of Uganda. She said the new archbishopDiocesan Bishop was in exile. He wentto Trinity College Bristol in England from will also serve as the Diocesan Bishop of1981-1983 and graduated with a Kampala diocese as well as archbishopDiploma in Higher Education. From of the entire Church of Uganda. The new1983-1985 he was at Oak Hill archbishop will be consecrated onTheological College, London England December 16 at St. Paul’s Cathedral inand graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Namirembe. Other contenders to the(BA) degree in Theology and Pastoral position were Steven Kazimba MugaluStudies. Bishop Allan Oboma retired inMay 1998. He and his wife Blandina Mbowa (Mukono diocese), StanleyOboma (RIP) are blessed with four Ntagali (Masindi-Kitala diocese), Joelchildren. Obetia (Madi and West Nile diocese) and Nathan Kyamanywa. Early this year, Orombi announced he would step downARCHBISHOP DR. LUKE ORMOBI IS as Church of Uganda Archbishop andREADY TO HAND OVER THE OFFICE; called for the election of his successor Rev. Stanley Ntagali.Archbishop Dr. Luke Orombi is ready to hand over hisoffice to his Successor The Rt. Rev. He was born in Kigezi, 57 years ago, butStanley Ntagali is the new archbishop of his family laterthe Church of Uganda. He takes over migrated tofrom outgoing Archbishop Henry Luke Bunyoro. He has Orombi in December. been working as The House of Bishops, a teacher, youth comprising leaders of worker and the 34 dioceses in the missionary. Photo courtesy of Kintu country, has elected Ntagali has held the new Archbishop. various positions in the Church of Ntagali becomes the Uganda since he was ordained in 1981.eighth person to assume the seat in the He served as vicar, diocesan secretaryhistory of the Church of Uganda. and archdeacon. When he wasPrevious archbishops of the Church of archdeacon of Masindi, he spearheadedUganda are Leslie Brown, who was the the creation of Masindi-Kitara Diocese.first archbishop of Uganda, Rwanda, When Ntagali was provincial secretary,Burundi and Boga-Zaire. Others wereBehold, I send an angel before you to guard you on the way and to bring you to the place that I have prepared (Ex23:20)
  4. 4. VOICE FOR VOICELESS MONTHLY NEWSLETTER September 2012he organized the enthronement of BAD ROAD WORRY BORDERArchbishop Henry Luke Orombi. He is BUSINESSknown to be outspoken on public issues. Delay in awarding construction moneyFor instance, his views on the Anti-Gay to tarmac Attiak to Nimule road isBill are well known. Ntagali holds a worrying the community of Attiak Submaster’s degree in theology and County. Attiak to Nimule road todevelopment from the Oxford Centre for constructed with finances from JapaneseMission, UK. He studied at Bishop Government through JICA. Due to heavy rain and downed power lines there wereTucker Theological College and St. frequent cases of vehicles falling downPaul’s United Theological College in and they are destroying the good of theLimiru, Kenya. He is married to Beatrice business people heading to Ugandawith whom he has five children. The Rt. border market orRev. Stanley Ntagali, Rombi who is Sudan. Thecurrently beating his farewell to his flock community iscountry wide has given challenges to however requesting for ex-speedpolitical leaders in the country to ensure process to tarmacthey leave office to other before they the road to ensure aare too old. smoother Product after fall down transportNAADS FUND UN-ACOUNTED IN Attiak- Nimule road 2km from Attiak center network.ATTIAK SUB COUNTY ATTIAKAttiak sub county NAADS coordinator BLESSED WITHwith sub county chief is in greatpressure over NAADS fund that were A BETTER HCIInot accounted in FY 2011-2012. RDC The stress the communities of AttiakAmuru Capt Mysige order police inAttiak to investigate the circumstance were undergoing due to in adequatewhere the money was not accountedand seek further evidence for whatpurposed the money was used. Inclosest information from DistrictPreliminary report of CID Attiak to CAOconfirmed about 2.500000, where notaccounted and there were not financial View ofsupporting documents. While contact Maternity wings with 7 rooms inside for delivery only.District NAADS coordinator declined to health service has been rescued.comment about citing order is fromabove and the above should state. It Catholic Church sister congregationnot easy to identified who is that above operating St Monica in Gulu district hasfrom the district of Amuru. constructed a better healthAmuru district has many cases offinancial lost miss appropriation whichare not yet cleared out pendinginvestigations from various offices forState house, IGG etc.______________________________________________________________________________Behold, I send an angel before you to guard you on the way and to bring you to the place that I have prepared (Ex23:20)
  5. 5. VOICE FOR VOICELESS MONTHLY NEWSLETTER September 2012HC II with a maternity wing that is Before we ask for someone contribution wedelivering on average 3 babies per day. must get what can brings the money which nowThe unit is more established than any we have i.e wood bead making, paper beads HC II in making and soon we shall have carpentry as our Amuru training and IGA. district. ABOUT ARCHBISHOP JOHN BAPTIST ODAMA. Archbishop John Baptist Odama is the metropolitan Archbishop of Gulu Archdiocese in northern Uganda, a region which is emerging from over two decades of conflict waged between the Government of Uganda and the rebels of the Lords Resistance Army (LRA). The civil war has had disastrous impacts upon the population. Among other impacts of the conflict, thousands of children were abducted by the Lords Resistance Army (LRA) to serve as child soldiers, sex slaves and porters, and over 1.8 million people were displaced and forced to live in squalid conditions of the IDP camps bishop revealed this during his submission to UN Security Council.A mother who delivered from the unit taking bed restwith her newly born baby. (Photo by Voice for He attended manyvoiceless). forums on conflict inPASTORA SUPPORT ONE YOUTH 2012 northern Uganda. His presentation to UN Security Council drewPabo Save the Orphans Association is attention of international community to wake upsupporting only one youth in secondary school recognized the suffering of the people inVOV has learnt. When contacted to give more northern Ugandainformation about support in education sector,coordinator of the Association confirmed thatAssociation in 2012 is supporting only oneyouth due to lack of finances. In 2004-2008 theComboni have supported the youth. It is verydifficult to give this support since many youthhope for our intervention in their secondaryeducation. We are working around the clock toensure that in 2013 we support many more of theyouth in secondary education compared to thisyear. This shall only be achieved if people ofgood will extend their helping hand to us. Weare also working hard to raise funds locally fromUganda. There is syndrome of dependency ofdonor support while forgetting local donationcan do more work, Omony has said. I am verysure this dream shall be realized if allstakeholders in the country join hand together.Behold, I send an angel before you to guard you on the way and to bring you to the place that I have prepared (Ex23:20)
  6. 6. VOICE FOR VOICELESS MONTHLY NEWSLETTER September 2012Below photo showing Archbishop in difference Below he kneel seeking forgiveness he hasevent. wrong any one.Garamba forest seeking peace Rt JB Odama andBishop, Ochola, Fr. Julius orach with LRAfighters.In church Archbishop ever preach on Peace &forgiveness, he asked why do you kill your brother? Friend and peace lover children (ngini-ngini) listening to Archbishop in church. Contact Email:voice4voicepeople@gmail.comBelow holding his trophy after receiving______________________________________________________________________________Behold, I send an angel before you to guard you on the way and to bring you to the place that I have prepared (Ex23:20)