Peyer Labs Cloning a Fluorescent Gene Brochure


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Peyer Labs Cloning a Fluorescent Gene Brochure

  1. 1. What is Cloning? Cloning is the process of efficiently Sign up today! Peyer Laboratory Systems presents replicating the DNA of a gene inside a bacteria. Research scientists use cloning to begin Phone: (574) 850-7855 Cloning A Fax: (574) 277-7826 many of the most innovative experiments of our time, from Fluorescent genetically engineering mice to producing human insulin to treat Gene diabetics. A New Breed of Laboratory Kit What’s special about CAFG? Peyer Laboratory Systems, LLC Cloning is not a simple, 1 step Peyer Labs was founded for students process, it requires precision who want to fulfill their potential. In instruments, perishable reagents, a world full of rapidly expanding and focus and concentration from technology, medical miracles on the the experimenter to complete brink of discovery, and volatile successfully. Other kits can’t offer political issues involving the ethics of students these tools. science, students need the knowledge and tools to understand biology more Peyer Labs’ Cloning A Fluorescent than ever. Modern biology students Gene kit addresses these issues by Phone: 574.850.7855 need to truly master the experimental Fax: 574.277.7826 giving students the tools they need science underlying these issues to to engage experimental science on take the wisest path forwards in what the highest level. Peyer Laboratory Systems, LLC promises to be a complex, scientific era.
  2. 2. Get Your Students Excited Precision Instruments "This lab got me interested in biotechnology What does it cost? We distribute the cost of and recombinant DNA" – Jeffrey Martin expensive equipment among many schools by leasing Consumables….$199.99 “This lab allowed for me…to explore biology at a different level. The tools that were used instrument sets for the Equipment*…...$499.99** were more complex than the ones normally duration of the lab kit. incorporated in the biology class; and the For more information, call us or send lab provided a good introduction to college Perfect Reagents an email to level biology.” – Galina Protasenko We pour the agar plates, -Up to 24 Students per kit package reagents and -12 Student kits also available bacteria, and send everything *Normal cost to buy the equipment necessary for the lab can be over $7,000! to you on ice so that our kits **All equipment is leased for the duration of work right, every time. the lab and can be used for multiple classes Focus and Concentration It’s 4 Labs in 1! Students work better in the lab The kit and lab manual walk students when they know why they are through six 50 minute lab periods of doing a step in an experiment. a single, continuous experiment in which they: The full color lab manual that goes along with the CAFG 1. Learn to use air displacement pipettes module gets students to 2. Amplify the Green Fluorescent Protein gene using Polymerase Chain Reaction understand why they are 3. Ligate their PCR product into a plasmid performing each step before vector setting foot in the lab, 4. Transform the vector into E. coli illustrating each point with clear bacteria figures and encouraging critical 5. Select colonies resistant to antibiotics thinking with pre-lab questions. 6. Paint their own glowing picture using bacteria! Students work on painting a picture with fluorescent bacteria