Pastora project progress report


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Pastora project progress report

  1. 1. PABO SAVE THE ORPHANS ASSSOCIATION PASTORA) Gulu District NGO Forum- Micro Stability Fund. FIRST PROGRESS REPORT PERIOD MARCH TO MAY 2010 Agreement signed : 05/03/2010 Implementation period: March 2010 to July 2010 Project : Location Pabo Sub County Project code : 05 Project purpose : To improve economic security and livelihood, and promoting peace Reconciliation Implementation: As the strategies to meet the project objectives Association have under taken the following activities as entail here below. 1. Economic security and Livelihood. In this component of the project the Association by this reporting period have received four oxen and 2 ox-ploughs and chain , Nerica Seed 100kg, Farm implement such as hoes, axes, Pangas, Spray pump machine from GDNF. The Association managed to plough four acres of First plough has been effected. During this period of the activities implementation of the projects success has been recorded as below. Component Activities Activities done Achievement Economic security 1. Procure 4 Oxen and 1. 4 acres ploughed 1. 4 oxen in hand and livelihood 2 Ox-plough 2. 4 oxen and 2 ox- 2. 2 ox-plough 2. Nerica Rice seeds plough procure and procured are in used 3.Plough 4 acres for rice received 3. 4 acres first ploughed. production 3. 4 acres of land plough 4. Farm implements for rice production given to members in 4. Nerica rice seeds used. procured 5. Nerica rice seeds in 5. Farm implements place ready to be received. planted The above table indicates the activities under taken
  2. 2. 2. Promoting Peace and Reconciliation. Under this component of the project the association has carried out community sensitization on peace and reconciliation in one Parish. Drama show that starts with entertainment dances to gathered people were used. During the sensitization the guest speakers’ addresses to the crowd gave the positive impact that causes the community demanding the drama to be frequent as it is educative. The table below showing the activities performance Component Activities Activities done Achievement Promoting Peace 1. Procure T-shirts 1. 40 T-shirts procured 1. Above 200 people and 2. Procure banner 2. Banner procured. attended drama reconciliation 3. community 3. 1 drama sensitization sensitization in Bira sensitization conducted in Bira, through drama Parubanga Parish
  3. 3. ANNEX 1 In annex it show the documentary during the community sensitization PHOTO DOCUMENTARY ON COMMUNITY SENSITIZATION ON PEACE AND RECONCILIATION Photographs showing the activities transpired during the community sensitization through Drama. The Families head meeting for reconciliation The dance used for gathering community Omuya dance used to gather people Drama in white long sleep handling microphone is . Addressing crowd on peace and reconciliation.
  4. 4. The Crowd gathered for community sensitization The families On peace and reconciliation Standing rwot keri addressing their area members to Addressing community about reconciliation which promoted Peace and reconciliation led the families reconciled after they fought .