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Pabo Save The Orphans Assn 2009 Annual Report


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Pabo Save The Orphans Assn 2009 Annual Report

  1. 1. PABO SAVE THE ORPHANS ASSOCIATION Income Generating Activity PRM Okello Geoffrey of NGO Forum sensitizing people DOCUMENTATION ANNUAL REPORT DEC 2008
  2. 2. EXECTIVE SUMMARY. The year July 2007 to Dec 2008 has been the moment that Pastora activities were centered due to the lack of the finance to help in the facilitation of the programs activities. Despite of this constraints the association managed to carried out the activities to the best of it ability. We are very much please to share this report with many of our partners who remained in support to us during the implementation of the activities that we are going to give you the detail here below. We are also great to the community for the cooperation with us in the implementation of all the activities. The following organization we thank them very much for the financial support given to us namely Gulu district NGO Forum, Care International Gulu program. W shall not forget to thank Comboni Samaritan of Gulu for the educational support extended to our orphans and other vulnerable children. We appreciate Gulu Archdiocese communication office for the provision of the documentation equipment in the time we needed. I would like to thank the parish priest of Pabo catholic parish Rev. Fr. Charles Olweny for the parental care he rendered to us. More thank thanks to the parish chiefs in Pabo administrative area of the local government for the high cooperation they have given to our members in any way. Lastly I would not forget to thank the Bosco Uganda project for the connection of the internet that made the globalize communication is effective with different people from time to write email to them, may you please continue to give us this support especially to the catholic parish of Pabo. May the good lord bless you all for the Good work you have done. Martha said to Jesus Lord if you had been here my brother would have not died but I know if you ask some time will be done. (John 11:24) Omony John Bosco Chairman
  3. 3. Background Pabo Save the Orphans Association referred to as (PASTORA) was formed in 1999 as youth group, in accordance to 1995 Uganda constitution, article 29 – the right to form the association or movement. It is established to make an impact on the growing problem of vulnerable children, child mothers, school dropped out Youth’s and women in order to realize a sustainable development. PASTORA is dedicated to promoting and protecting the rights of children, youth and women in Pabo as articulated in UN convention on the rights of the Child and gender issues which is of paramount important. 2. VISION To improve quality life of the children, child mothers, FAC and youth and women. 3. MISSION To promote and protect human rights of the community with much focus on women and child rights basic non formal education / formal education and vocational skills training initiative for the child mothers’ school dropped out youth with a view of building a sustainable community with improved standards of living. The main task is to enhance their opportunities to realize their full potential and capability in rehabilitating the community. Legal entity Since the formation of Amuru district as require by the local government laws for the registration with the relevant sector, Pastora acquire it registration in Jan 2009.
  4. 4. 1.0 Introduction The annual report describes the activities and progress made by Pabo Save the Orphans Association, during the year 2007/08. Pabo Save the Orphans Association is a registered community based organization (CBO) that was established in July1999. 1.1 Background In 1999-2002 Pabo Save the orphans association has able to contribute welfare of the orphans and other vulnerable people in the provision of the household items with the support of Gulu Archdiocese to Pabo catholic parish. 2.0 Program Overview Pabo Save the orphans Association is the only community base organization registered that primarily focuses on communities, empowerment with the multiple and is recognized as a coordinating agency of the response to existing need. PASTORA Program focuses on strengthening and empowering community to effectively respond to development at the local level. Current activities include: Community mobilization and sensitization on the development and health related issues including HIV/AIDS initiatives, Promotion of the Human Rights, documentation and dissemination information to the community. 2.1 Management Structure. 2.1.1 Annual General Assembly The Annual General Assembly is an annual event that brings together all members and with a view to strengthen the members and determine a way forward for PASTORA implementation in of the activities. However, the 2006 Pastora Annual General Assembly didn’t take place due to the political transition in the area as most of members of the 2.1.2 Executive Committees (EC) The Pastora Executive Committees is the policy organ of the Pabo Save the orphans Association that is constituted of nine elected members. The PASTORA Executive Committees ensures effective leadership for continued mobilization, and policy guidance to Pastora program implementation. The PASTORA Executive committees is elected at a constituted annual General Assembly and serves in office for a period of five years and can serve for more terms as members find one is capable to handle the association.
  5. 5. 3.0 POVERTY RESOURCE MONITORING. In the year 2004 Gulu district NGO forum selected the capable community based organization to implement the poverty resource monitoring project that was funded by the Royal Netherlands embassy. The pilot of the project in the first year took place in eight sub counties including Pabo under the implementation of Pabo Save the Orphans Association. Under this project Pastora is to train the community at the parish level so that they are empowered to be able to follow up the resources used in the fight against poverty in the community. After the training the community were to make the monitoring of the schools, health facilities etc. the data of the monitoring report for all the sub counties of Gulu and Amuru district were collected in the central point in Gulu district Ngo forum for the dissemination to the district local leader and the administrative officers. In March 2008 Pastora was able to organize the stakeholders meeting that brought in all the head of the primary schools in Pabo and the local leader and the monitoring team. The one day meeting was to review the alarm issues got from the monitoring report that was affecting the education of the children in Pabo and Amuru district at large. Poverty resource monitoring Community sensitization The Above photo show the community in the PRM training at Labala Parish. 4.0 INCOME GENERATING ACTIVITIES. Much as the existing problem in the community is poverty that is rampant, PASTORA through the year 2007 and 2008 managed to engage the child mother to the income generating activity of beads making as to enhance that house hold income. The problem that the child mother and the women are facing is so great that begging shall not be the solution but the engagement of these women to income generating activities shall be the only way to reduced or solved it at all. It is great achievement that one could not believed that event with the money some activities can be open and success could be realized. In the beginning of this activity the association mobilized the paper that are recommended for the beads from the students that are able to get those paper and used it members that is having the knowledge and was trained from other place to train these women. For the start of the activity many people could not believe that success could be realized.
  6. 6. Today each of these women one can get over 70.000 shilling which the rest of the women are unable to get. Beads making proved to be the clear source of the income generating activity for our child mother whose dream of get money are big question. The photo below show the child mother gathered for the beads making in Pabo. A young girls observing. All in plate are bead made. Exposing the products. Much as the struggle to address the level of the economic among the community of the first kind proved the success there are still high demand of the women to realized their potential rights for their development of their skills.
  7. 7. 5.0 PASTORA Program Objectives and Activities During the year 2007, pastora successfully implemented a number of activities in line with its mandate under the following objectives: • Enhance advocacy, sustainable and commitment for HIV/AIDS Response at community • Strengthen the Community Interventions for Orphans and Other Vulnerable Children. • Enhance HIV/AIDS Response in the community. 5.1 Enhance Advocacy, Sustainable Commitment for HIV/AIDS Response at Various Levels of Local level in Pabo. In order to ensure enhanced advocacy, sustainable commitment in rural area, a number of activities were implemented. 5.1.2 Community Mobilization and Sensitization. At the local level, Pastora members as community based organization have continued to mobilize and sensitize the communities on HIV/AIDS through Drama, traditional dances. Poverty Resource monitoring (PRM) organized at the village level. With the support of Gulu district Ngo forum have been inspired to become more actively involved in community mobilization for the participation in lower local government planning process for the year 2008. 5.2.1PATORA three Year Strategic Plan of Action (2008 – 2010). As a strategy to improve planning for activities pastora has developed a three -year Strategic Plan of Action (2008-2010). The plan will be used as a guide for programming and planning activities for PASTORA . The strategic plan was developed through a consultative process with all key stakeholders members of the association and the technical people in the area. Pastora is very grateful to all those who participated in developing the strategic plan. Copies of the strategic plan can be obtained from PASTORA Office. 6.0 PEACE RECOVERY AND DEVELOPMET PROGRAM FOR NORTHER UGANDA -PRDP In order to streamline community sensitization on Peace Recovery and Development program for northern Uganda, a one-day training of members was held in December 2008. The workshop was attended by Representative from Gulu district Ngo forum and pastora members. The main objective of the workshop was to empower pastora members with appropriate information on PRDP. In order to make the community aware on the Government plan under PRDP there is two way of the information dissemination to the community namely 1. Community focusing group meeting 2. Drama sensitization Association at the drama sensitization at Bira camp Parubanga parish November 2008.
  8. 8. The aim at driving the community to know information on PRDP as the frame work for the recovery of Northern Uganda. The program in the initial phase supported by Care international Gulu program and Gulu district NGO Forum. 7.0 HEALTH PROMOTION ACTIVITY In December 2007 Pastora has been able to mobilize the local group in Pabo to give the information on HIV/ AIDS to the people. A one day training supported by the Friend from United Kingdom. The training really helped the day to mobilize the community and turned up for the commemoration day. During the day the support of the testing kit from Gulu University Teaching hospital Project was received, number of many people turn up for the testing were the results was given few hour after the testing. 8.0 Information Documentation and Dissemination. As a strategy to improve information generation, documentation and sharing, during the year (2000 to date) Pastora generated and shared various information in form of reports, Participations of the documentary programs and audio-visual materials. PASTORA also contributed to the video recording shared with communication department of Gulu archdiocese. Because of this activity many of the Association members have been known for their marvelous contribution for bringing the information out. Below photo demonstrate the PASTORA documentation process. 1. A Pastora taking the 2.LCIII at raped case by a solider. 3. Exposing lack of class rooms in schools Video at a drama Show. 9.0 Strengthen Community Interventions for Orphans and Other Vulnerable Children. The increased number of Orphans and other Vulnerable Children (OVC) poses a very big challenge to the local Response. The Community Needs Assessment conducted in Pabo by PASTORA, identified the increased number of Orphans and Vulnerable children including children headed families as the biggest challenge to in the area of Pabo. In response, PASTORA identified OVC as a priority area of intervention. In an effort to strengthen Community interventions for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC), PASTORA has to request for the assistant to meet the educational needs of these children. The table below shows the data of the students supported in educational needs from 2004 to 2008.
  9. 9. Category Number Supported by Type of support Secondary education 16 Comboni Samaritan of Gulu School fees Primary Education 30 Busch Herbert Germany Friend Extra charge Total 46 A number of school dropped out were also given hope to join the education. The youth that had dropped out of school are reported to have resumed schooling as result of this intervention. 10.0 PROMOTION OF THE CULTURAL DANCES The formation of the internal displaced person camp in Acholi sub region is one of the factor that contributed to the rampant dropped off the positive cultural practice in Acholi. Association in respond to this problem engaged in the promotion of the cultural dances such as bwola, Okocho as way to bring the youths and the children as the Acholi previous engaged their young one. This activity is the ongoing with the relative peace coming I n the region we are very hopeful that we shall engage this at the various village levels. Bwola children practice Okocho show at local function
  10. 10. LOWER LOCAL GOVERNMENT PLANNING MEETING. The community in need identification at the lower local government planning meeting 2008. Table No.1 Summary of Activities Implemented In Community sensitization Activities Implemented Progress made Remarks Mobilization of community and Community responded to the lower Resource mapping done with the other key stakeholders participation local government planning project support of pastora member in lower local government planning at village level. process Sensitize the community on PRDP About 1100 members turned up in Drama was supported by Care Gulu various drama shows. PROMOTION OF HUMAN RIGHTS. Much as the focus of the association is to promote the human rights awareness among the community, 2008 human rights week for Pabo pastora has been engaged in mobilization of the community and the group’s competition with message about human rights. The competition that was support by Gulu district Ngo forum brought in high number of the communities who received the information under theme Accountability for violence against women.
  11. 11. Below the photo show the activity conducted two days to the human rights day 2008 at Pabo Sub County. The theme accountability for Violence against women was the message given to the population that gathered during the function.
  12. 12. CHALLENGES. During the implementation of the program the association faced some challenges as here. 1. Lack of funds to facilitate the necessary programs. 2. Inadequate stationeries needed for the daily running of the office. 3. High rate of human violation among the community 4. Lack of documentation equipments which some time makes some important information taking places in the community remained undocumented with the supporting evident. RECCOMMENDATION. 1. The NGO and well wishers should help the association with funds to implement it program activity. 2. Request the community leaders to continue giving local support to PASTORA programs within the community. 3. The community leaders and the communities trained should continue with monitoring of the resource being used in the fight against poverty in their community.
  13. 13. The financial summary for the period Jul 2007- Dec 2008. The table below shows the financial summary income vases expenditure for the period July 2007-Dec 2008 Source of income INCOME ACTIVITIES EXPENSES EXPENDITURE Gulu District Ngo Forum PRM 280,000.00 Stakeholders 280,000.00 Good governance 75,000.00 LLG planning 75,000.00 In kind 370,000.00 Consumable 370000 Total 725,000.00 Total 725,000.00 Care International 651,800.00 PRDP sensitization 651,800.00 Total 651,800.00 Total 651,800.00 Health promotion HIV/ Uk Friend 750,000.00 AIDS 750,000.00 Total income 750,000.00 Total 750,000.00 Member contribution 250,000.00 Members Training 200,000.00 Total 250,000.00 Total 200,000.00 Gulu NGO Forum Human Rights Week 80,000.00 Human rights promotion 80,000.00 Total 80,000.00 Grant total income 2,456,800.00 Total Expenditure 2,406,800.00