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NASA Inspire


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NASA Inspire

  1. 1. NASA  Ignite!     Professional  Development           Please  join  us  for  a  NASA  educator  workshop  introducing   Summer  of  Innovation’s  Mission  to  Planet  Earth  Camp!     Many   people   assume   that   NASA’s   programs   focus   solely   on   studying   the   solar   system   and   beyond.   However,   much   of   what   we  know  about  our  home  planet  comes  from  NASA  research!  This   workshop   will   focus   on   activities   that   model   NASA’s   studies   of   our  own  planet,  including:     • Earth  at  Night   • Where  Does  Life  Live?   • Clouds  in  a  Bottle   • And  much  more!     All  educators  in  the  Northern  region  are  welcome  to  attend  this   workshop!  Activities  are  geared  towards  grades  4  through  9.     When:  Saturday,  20  October,  9am  to  4pm.  Lunch  provided.     Where:  Mullen  Elementary  School   100  Manny  Court   Michigan  City,  IN  46360   Parking  on  Site     Cost:  $10  per  attendee     Registration:     Please  reserve  your  spot  by  visiting     Payment  may  be  made  online  via  PayPal  at  the  above  link!