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Pinterest Presentation


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Pinterest Presentation

  1. 1. The newest form of Social Bookmarking Tara Mueller
  2. 2. What isPinterest?•Social BookmarkingSite•Allows users to pinpictures to their pinboard more commonlyknown as the users wall•Link to sites whereconsumers can buyproducts or learn tomake them•Many of the sitespictures link to are blogswhere people talk aboutcrafts or food
  3. 3. What is theHomepage?•All of the pictures yourfriends pin to theirboards•Listed in chronologicalorder•After logging in on thehomepage you will seeyour friends most recentpins•Allows you to see whatyour friends like in onepage rather than goingfrom profile to profile The Pinterest hompage
  4. 4. Pinterest Profile•An example of theprofile set up by anyuser•As many pin boardscan be added orremoved at any time•You become friendswith someone byfollowing their pinboards Pinterest profile page
  5. 5. Pinning Pictures•When you see a picture youwant to add to your profilescroll over the picture and clickRepin•You will then see the secondscreen where you can choosewhich board to pin it on andadd a new caption if youchoose•Simply click Pin It and yourdone•Similar to Twitter you are ableto mention people whenputting a caption under apicture
  6. 6. New Pins•You can add new pins orpictures from any website•On your Pinterest site simplyclick the Add button in theupper right corner•You are then able to Add a Pin,Upload a Pin from yourcomputer or Create a newBoard•When adding a pin drop theURL in the bar and it will pull allof the pictures from the site.Choose the picture and boardand add a comment.•Simply click pin it and you aredone
  7. 7. Searching•There are many topicsto search on Pinterest•You can search forthings according toyour personal interest•Scroll over everythingand the drop downmenu will appear•You can searchspecific topics in thesearch bar at the top ofthe page The interest categories
  8. 8. There are many other social bookmarking sites. A few are explained in the next few slides.•Stumble Upon •Generates random sites according to your interest •With Stumble Upon simply click Stumble Your Interest •Stumble Upon has a tool bar that is on the top of each webpage •You can like or dislike a page and click stumble when you are done with a page and you will be taken to a new page
  9. 9. •Delicious •Create stacks filled with information on a particular topic •Can create as many stacks as needed •How To Create Stacks•Newsvine •Generates news stories•Digg •Create groupings of topics •RSS Feed of top news or topics
  10. 10. •Trip Advisor •Advice about traveling•Angie’s List •Advice about businesses specifically doctors and service businesses•Urban Spoon •Generates random restaurants to eat at according to location, amount of money and type of food you choose.•Igoogle or Google Reader•MyYahoo!
  11. 11. Oh, How Pinteresting!•Pinterest has a blog that discusses anything that has to do with Pinterest.They use this to communicate with users.•Topic Categories include: •Pinterviews •Site Features & Tips •Pinteresting Trends •Guest Post •Events•They talk about how you can use Pinterest and how other people use it.•If you are new to Pinterest this can be a great resource.
  12. 12. The Blog Stylist•This blog post discusseshow bloggers need to beadding the Pinterest pin itbutton to their blog•This can be beneficial tobloggers because morepeople will visit their blogdue to liking pictures fromtheir blog•She discusses not onlyhow to add the button toyour blog but how to use itand how to use Pinterest asa whole.•The Backlight blog alsodoes the same thing ontheir blog.
  13. 13. •Click the links to see tutorials of Pinterest•Pinterest Tutorial•Blogging Bookshelf
  14. 14. •Pinterest is a great way to share things you love with your friends•You can link to sites that you find interesting•You can learn how to make things that you find pictures of includingcrafts, food and more•Takes Facebook sharing to the next level•Have fun Pinning!