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5 Easy Steps to Stay Safe (and Private!) on Facebook - NYTimes.com.pdf

  1. 1. 5 Easy Steps to Stay Safe (and Private!) on Facebook - NYTimes.com anjanette JAN 1 anjanette commented on: By George Recommend 1 Follower HOME PAGE TODAYS PAPER VIDEO MOST POPULAR TIMES TOPICS Get Home Delivery My Account Welcome, anjadel Log Out Help Search All NYTimes.com Technology WORLD U.S. N.Y. / REGION BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY SCIENCE HEALTH SPORTS OPINION ARTS STYLE TRAVEL JOBS REAL ESTATE AUTOS Search Technology Inside Technology Bits Personal Tech » Internet Start-Ups Business Computing Companies Blog » Cellphones, Cameras, Computers and more   5 Easy Steps to Stay Safe (and Private!) on Facebook More Articles in Technology » By SARAH PEREZ of ReadWriteWeb Published: September 16, 2009 E-MAIL When the President of the United States warns schoolchildren to SEND TO PHONE watch what they say and do on Facebook, you know that weve got a PRINT problem...and its not one limited to the U.S.s borders, either. SINGLE PAGE People everywhere are mindlessly over-sharing on the worlds largest social network, without a second thought as to whos reading their posts or what effect it could have on them further down the road. For example, did you know that 30% of todays employers are using Facebook to vet potential employees prior to hiring? In todays tough economy, the question of whether to post those embarrassing party pics could now cost you a paycheck in addition to a reputation. (Keep that in mind when tagging your friends photos, too, wont you?) More News From ReadWriteWeb But what can be done? Its not like you can just quit Announcing the ReadWrite Facebook, right? No - and you dont have to either. You Real-Time Web Summit, Research Report and Month of just need to take a few precautions. Special Coverage ReadWriteWebs Top 5 Web Unbeknownst to most mainstream Facebook users, the Trends of 2009 social network actually offers a slew of privacy controls Researchers Discover Botnet and security features which can help you batten down the Commanded by Google Groups Subscribe to Technology RSS Feeds hatches, so to speak. If used properly, youll never have to Top 5 Web Trends of 2009: Technology News Bits Blog Internet of Things worry about whether you should friend the boss and your Internet Start-Ups Personal Tech Forget the iTunes LP, Apps Are mom. You can friend anyone you want while comfortable Business Companies Pogue’s Posts the New Album Computing in the knowledge that not everyone gets to see everything you post. MOST POPULAR - TECHNOLOGY The problem in implementing these privacy options is that theyre just too confusing for E-MAILED BLOGGED most non-tech savvy people to handle. And often, folks dont want to bother to take the 1. State of the Art: The Pogie Awards for the Year’s Best Tech Ideas time to learn. To simplify the process, were offering five easy steps you can take today to 2. Bills to Curb Distracted Driving Gain Momentum help make your Facebook experience safer, more secure, and more private. 3. Internet Radio Stations Are the New Wave 4. 5 Easy Steps to Stay Safe (and Private!) on Facebook Step 1: Make Friend Lists 5. Phone Smart: A Weight-Loss Resolution That’s Light on the Wallet Yes, it will take some time, especially if youre connected to a couple hundred friends 6. Cable Freedom Is a Click Away already. But this step, while not the quickest, is fairly simple. And it will be one of thehttp://www.nytimes.com/external/readwriteweb/2009/09/16/16readwriteweb-5-easy-steps-to-stay-safe-and-private-on-fac-6393.html?emc=eta1[1/2/2010 2:06:02 PM]
  2. 2. 5 Easy Steps to Stay Safe (and Private!) on Facebook - NYTimes.com 7. Gadgetwise: With Prime Lenses, Faster Is Always most useful things you can do on Facebook. Better 8. Bits: Five 2010 Predictions About Tech Companies Friend lists, like they sound, are lists for categorizing your friends into various groups. 9. Gadgetwise: Eye-Fi Pro SD Card Adds Speed and The nice thing about this feature is that once you set these lists up, you wont have to do More it again. We suggest that you put your work colleagues and professional acquaintances 10. YouTube’s Quest to Suggest More into a friend list designated "work," personal friends youre not very close with into a list Go to Complete List » called "Acquaintances," and people youre related to into a list called "Family." Those three main categories will separate out the groups of "friends" who you may want to hide some information from. To create a friend list, click on "Friends" at the top of the Facebook homepage. In the left-hand column, click "Friends" again under the "Lists" section. Now youll see a button at the top that says "Create New List". Click it. In the pop-up that appears, you can name your list and pick members. If youve ever shared an application with your friends, the process of doing this will be very familiar. When youve finished making lists, youll be able to use them when selecting who can see what (or who cant!) when configuring the security settings described below. Audiences laughed to forget troubles Step 2: Who Can See What on Your Profile ALSO IN MOVIES » A.O. Scotts top movies of 2009 At the top right of Facebook, theres a menu that many people probably ignore: Manohla Dargiss top movies of 2009 "Settings." But this menu is now going to become your best friend. To get started, hover you mouse over the Settings menu and click "Privacy Settings" from the list that appears. On the next page, click "Profile." This takes you to a page where you can configure who gets to see certain information on your profile. ADVERTISEMENTS Before making changes, think carefully about the sorts of things you want public and the things you want private. Should "everyone" get to see photos youre tagged in? Or would you like to limit this only to those youve specifically chosen as Facebook friends? Underneath each section on this page (basic info, personal info, status, etc.), you can designate who gets to see that particular bit of information. For anyone not using custom lists (see step 1), the best thing to enter here is "Only Friends." Anything else opens up your profile information to people you may or may not know. For example, choosing "Everyone" makes that info public, "Friends of Friends" lets your friends friends see it, "My Networks and Friends" opens up your info to anyone in your networks - that means anyone in your city, your high school, your college, a professional organization you listed, etc. You can also block certain groups from seeing these sections, too. On any item that offers an "Edit Custom Settings" option, you can click that link to display a pop-up box where you can choose people or lists to block (see where it says "Except these people"). If you havent made custom lists as explained in step 1 above, you can enter individual names here instead. (Sorry, mom, dad, boss - this is where you get blocked.) Step 3: Who Can See Your Address and Phone Number Did you list your address and phone number on Facebook? While thats a handy feature, you may not want everyone you friended to have this information. To access this configuration page, you follow the same steps as above in step 2 to display the Profile Advertise on NYTimes.com Privacy page. Youll notice that the page has two tabs at the top - click on the one that reads "Contact information." As previously described above, you can again use the drop-down lists provided to designate who gets to see what and/or block certain people or lists from viewing this information. The sections on this page include "IM Screen Name," "Mobile Phone,"http://www.nytimes.com/external/readwriteweb/2009/09/16/16readwriteweb-5-easy-steps-to-stay-safe-and-private-on-fac-6393.html?emc=eta1[1/2/2010 2:06:02 PM]
  3. 3. 5 Easy Steps to Stay Safe (and Private!) on Facebook - NYTimes.com "Other Phone," "Current Address," "Website," and your email. Step 4: Change Who Can Find You on Facebook via Search 1 2 NEXT PAGE » More Articles in Technology » E-MAIL PRINT SINGLE PAGE Click here to enjoy the convenience of home delivery of The Times for 50% off. INSIDE NYTIMES.COM   WORLD » OPINION » U.S. » ARTS » OPINION » BUSINESS » Schotts Competition: Vocabularyear Co-vocabularists are invited to suggest the words which encapsulate 2009. Serving a Father by Op-Ed: The Art of the Deal 8 Deaths in a Small Town, Small Museum Captures a Better Vision for the World, Bringing Koreans Home and Much Unease Rare Chagall on a Budget Home World U.S. N.Y. / Region Business Technology Science Health Sports Opinion Arts Style Travel Jobs Real Estate Automobiles Back to Top Copyright 2009 Privacy Policy Terms of Service Search Corrections RSS First Look Help Contact Us Work for Us Site Maphttp://www.nytimes.com/external/readwriteweb/2009/09/16/16readwriteweb-5-easy-steps-to-stay-safe-and-private-on-fac-6393.html?emc=eta1[1/2/2010 2:06:02 PM]