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2012 07-19-virtual user group


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The RDA Virtual User Group is an online interactive webinar focusing on development planning for RDA Toolkit. Meetings are held 3 to 4 times each year and at different times of day in order to facilitate live participation from users around the world. These sessions are free and open to everyone. Announcements about future meetings of the Virtual User Group will be made here and on other RDA Toolkit social media outlets.

The sessions emphasize open, back-and-forth discussion between users and developers of RDA Toolkit. We believe that transparency in the development process and constructive discourse about changes to RDA Toolkit will best serve its users. In order to foster more substantive discussions in the Virtual User Group, we have introduced the Development Blog. This blog is the best resource for learning about bugs, improvements, and new functions on RDA Toolkit's "to-do" list, and it's the best way for you to weigh in on these issues. Between meetings of the Virtual User Group we encourage everyone to visit the Development Blog (or subscribe to its RSS feed) to stay informed and to share your thoughts and ideas on how to make RDA Toolkit better.

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2012 07-19-virtual user group

  1. 1. Virtual User Group Discussion Presented by Troy Linker Publisher, ALA Digital Reference American Library Association
  2. 2. Online DiscussionWelcome to our virtual user group meeting.Our goal is for this to be an interactive bidirectional discussion vs. a unidirectional presentation.Your participation is vital to achieving this goal.
  3. 3. Attendee Panel • Connect to Audio • IM a Question • Raise Your Hand
  4. 4. Audio Using Telephone• During a session, select Use Telephone in the Audio pane of your Control Panel.• Dial the conference call number provided.• Enter the access code followed by the # key.• Enter the Audio PIN followed by the # key
  5. 5. Audio Using Computer• Select "Mic & Speakers" in the Audio pane of your Control Panel.• Click Test. – Select a microphone (headsets with a mic work best) from the drop-down – Select speakers from the drop-down – Meters will light up green when working properly
  6. 6. Raise Your HandTo speak during the presentation• Click the button labeled “Raise your hand“ found at the bottom of the attendee panel to be added to the queue.• When it is your turn the moderator will turn on your audio and let you know you have the floor.
  7. 7. Session Agenda• Recent enhancements (5 minutes)• Upcoming enhancements (5 minutes)• Planned developments (35 minutes)• Open discussion (10 minutes) – Development suggestions – Comments and questions PDF of full agenda at
  8. 8. Recent Enhancements• Toggle paging on/off • Full record examples• RDA Update History • Adjustable site• Core Element & Basic timeout options Instruction filters • Logout button• Improved Workflow • Search thesaurus metadata
  9. 9. Upcoming Enhancements• Add locally shared • Update LCPS to filters to Workflow PCC-LC PS• Link icons in • Release RDA Workflow printouts reworded chapters• Add 15 day warning for subscription expiration
  10. 10. Planned Developments• RDA-94 - RDA rule number search• RDA-90 - Visual cue for instruction archive• RDA-96 - RDA display redesign• RDA-97 - Mobile application• RDA-99 - Addition of languages• RDA-98 - RDA data model
  11. 11. Comments and QuestionsWith the time we have left we will open the discussion up to your comments and questions about RDA Toolkit development
  12. 12. Thank You!We hope you have found this virtual user group meeting useful. Shortly after the meeting you will receive an email with a link to a short online survey.The survey results will be displayed online at appreciate any feedback you can give us!