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Parts of a cell

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Parts of the cells  By: Jahkevia Davis Monday October 22, 2012 For The Learning House  Sister Khadijah
  2. 2. Ribosomes break down proteins into mRNA.
  3. 3. Cell WallA cell wall is tough, flexible, fairlyrigid layer that surrounds cells. Itis located outside the cellmembrane.
  4. 4. CytoplasmCytoplasm is what all the rest of the stuff inside the cell floats in.
  5. 5. Cell Membrane The plasma membrane is another name for the cell membrane. It encloses theorganelles & the intracellular fluid & keeps them separate from the extracellular environment,
  6. 6. ChloroplastThe chloroplast is responsible for photosynthesis in plants..
  7. 7. Vacuole in a cell isolate materials thatmight be harmful, contains waste productsand contains small molecules. Vacuole
  8. 8. Mitochondria .Mitochondria Its main function is toproduce ATP, the energy currency of thecell.The mitochondria take fuel and tacks sugarand burns it.