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  • Source: Kaiser Family Foundation. Generation M2: Media in the Lives of 8- to 18-Year-Olds, 2009.
  • Ways to reach 21st learner with des

    1. 1. Engage. Transform. Achieve.
    2. 2. Diagnostic Assessment How do you useDiscovery Education STREAMING to reach the 21st century learner?
    3. 3. Source:Kaiser Family Foundation. Generation M2: Media in the Lives of 8- to 18-Year-Olds, 2009.
    4. 4. http://edorigami.wikispaces.com/Bloom%27s+Digital+Taxonomy
    5. 5. http://wordle.net http://edorigami.wikispaces.com/Bloom%27s+Digital+Taxonomy
    6. 6. Leverage Media Assets from Discovery Education STREAMING to help speak their language Audio (speeches, Videos Images interviews, sound effects, songs) Encyclopedia Builder ToolsTheme Pages Articles and (Writing Prompts, and Lesson Reading Quizzes, Plans Passages Assignments) ...and much, much more!
    7. 7. My DE – your landing page
    8. 8. Hook your students with Video Segments!
    9. 9. Discovery Education. (1998). Citations The Ultimate Guide: Sharks [Full Video].made easy Available from http://www.discoveryeducation.com/
    10. 10. Use Closed Captioning to Reach ALL Learners
    11. 11.  To help students who are hearingClosed Captioning impaired  To help ELL students  To reach multiple modalities  To help struggling readers  To emphasize a grammar or vocabulary lesson  To use in combination with a writing exercise  To reinforce a concept
    12. 12. Filter for Closed Captioned Titles
    13. 13. How to Download Media Assets with Closed Captioning1. Create a folder on your desktop.2. Right-click on the blue download icon and select “Save Link As.” 1. Save the video in the folder you just created.3. Right-click on the “CC” icon and repeat the same process.4. Adjust the CC settings within your Windows Media Player. 1. Click here for step by step instructions. 2. Click here to read more about Closed Captioning on Mac computers.
    14. 14. Listen Up
    15. 15. Three Sources for MP3 AssetsAudio  Historicreadings,speeches, Sound music Effects Rain, door shutting, animal noises Songs  Thematic educational songs
    16. 16. DE STREAMING Library of Songs• DE Streaming has close to 466 elementary school songs on the site.• To find them, click inside the Search box, select “songs” within the Media box, and click “search.”• Download and save the song on your computer, and insert it into PowerPoint.• Top it off with DE streaming images OR create your own! Example!
    17. 17. Build Literacy and Analysis Skills with Wordle.net
    18. 18. WordSift.comAnother tool for visualizing text
    19. 19. Great WhiteShark Opens MouthOne of 21,000 Images
    20. 20. If sharks could talk…
    21. 21. DE STREAMING images come alive with Blabberize.com + Other educational uses?
    22. 22. Assess Student Learning with DE Builder Tools
    23. 23. Writing Prompt Builder
    24. 24. Quiz Builder
    25. 25. Assignment Builder
    26. 26. Your students can become DE STREAMING groupies, too!Students can search for DE media assets (for theproducts your school subscribes to), and they cansave their assets in “My Content.” You can assign writing prompts, quizzes, and assignments to your students and designate specific media assets for them to interact with. You can also differentiate for individual students.
    27. 27. Exploring the Teacher Center
    28. 28. ReadyZone: Continuity of Learning
    29. 29. STEM Connect
    30. 30. On This Day…Use the calendar to help students connect the past and present with videos tied to historical events.
    31. 31. Discovery AtlasA Virtual Field Trip Around the World
    32. 32. Notable web 2.0 platforms for to engage them in the process • An engaging alternative to PowerPoint.VoiceThread • Students, parents, and education partners can view the VoiceThreads and leave comments. • Create image and video mash-ups in seconds. Animoto • Teachers can apply for Animoto for Educators. • Web-based platform for developing interactive, Prezi non-linguistic and non-linear presentations. Photo • Web-based digital storytelling platform very Peach similar to PhotoStory3 for Windows. Discovery Education STREAMING images, video segments, and audio can be added to any of these platforms.
    33. 33. Question? Modified by Teresa Henley from the presentation byCynthia_M_Brown@discovery.com