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Edmodo chavis


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Edmodo chavis

  1. 1. Getting Started
  2. 2. Free social learning network forteachers, students, schools anddistrictsProvides an engaging platform forblended learning and safe,productive social networkingSafe and easy way to:− Connect− Exchange ideas− Share content− Access homework, grades, etcWhat is Edmodo?
  3. 3. Closed environmentNo private information requiredfrom studentsStudents join classes by theinvitation of their teacher onlyStudents cannot directly messageone anotherAll communications are archivedTeacher has full controlSecurity
  4. 4. Create Your Account...Go to http://gaston.edmodo.comt6asue*Teacher code for Chavis. DONOT write down or give tostudents.*
  5. 5. Join Subject andContentCommunitiesPostassignments,reminders,polls, ordiscussionquestionsFilter what isdisplayed onyour wall foreasynavigationStore unlimitedcontent (100MBat a time) for usein your groupsTeacher Landing Page (wall)Create ornavigate toGroups(classes)Notificationslet you knowwhat needs tobe graded, etc.
  6. 6. Join my Chavis PD groupEnter the groupcode: 68meg7
  7. 7. Student Sign-upStudent must havegroup code to registerStudents areNOT requiredto give emailaddress
  8. 8. Edmodo LibraryUnlimited Storage,accessibleanywhere!Organize library intofolders and share filesand folders with groupsUpload, store and editcontent to yourpersonal library
  9. 9. Student landing pageStudents can only sendmessages to the entiregroup or directly to theteacherStudents receive notifications fornew grades, new assignments,alerts or repliesUnlimitedstorage fordocuments,videos andotherresourcesStudents can onlyjoin groups, theycannot createthem
  10. 10. Update Your Account SettingsFrom yourhomepage, clickAccount, thenSettings
  11. 11. Update Your Account SettingsCustomizeemail or textnotificationChoose yourprivacysettingsUpload aphoto orselect anicon fromour listSelect yourSchool andconnect withyour peers
  12. 12. Create Your Profile (Vanity Step)Claim yourpersonal URLAdd anypreviousschools youhave worked atTell peopleaboutyourself
  13. 13. Create a Group1. Select Createon groups menu2. Complete groupinfo3. Distribute code togroup members
  14. 14. Manage GroupsCreate sub-groups withinyour groupsAccess Parent Codes, award badges andremove membersClick on a student to viewgrades, reset passwords and setstudents to “read only”From the home screen
  15. 15. Post a MessageEmbed videos, attach files, linksor any documents from yourEdmodo Library collectionSend a message to a group, orpost direct messages to specificstudents or teacher connectionsSelect to post a note, alert,assignment or poll
  16. 16. Create an AssignmentView andgradeassignmentsas studentsturn them inClick “LoadAssignment” toeasily pull up apreviously givenassignment
  17. 17. Grading AssignmentsComments allow you to provide feedbackon assignments and students are notifiedimmediately. Students can also commentback and a permanent record is kept forreference.Students can attachdocuments, links orembed video, avoidingpaper or use of thumbdrives
  18. 18. Create a QuizSelect to create a newquiz or load a previouslycreated oneWrite directions or amessageAllow students to seetheir resultsGive the quiz a title Set the time limit
  19. 19. Create and Add QuestionsSelect question typeWrite questionWrite answers andchoicesAdd questionsAdd answer choices
  20. 20. Grading QuizzesPost quiz andautomatically addscores to gradebookView number of correctresponses by questionSort by studentSelect individual students toview their responses, andgrade short answer questions
  21. 21. Gradebook (access from homepage)Export option allowsyou to transfer gradesto another programScores are updatedautomatically aftereach assignment isgraded and recorded
  22. 22. CalendarAdd class events,school events orview scheduledassignmentsFilter bygroup orview all
  23. 23. Content and Subject Area CommunitiesFollow subjectand contentcommunities toconnect andshare bestpractices withother teachersAccess digitalcontent tosupportclassroominstructionFrom the home screen
  24. 24. Join Weekly Edmodo Webinars: resources in the Help Center:http://help.edmodo.comAsk the Edmodo Support Community: for more ways to useEdmodo in the classroom.123Classroom Integration and Support4
  25. 25. 15 Ideas for using Edmodo to get you started