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รีวิว Acer c7 chromebook


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Published in: Technology
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รีวิว Acer c7 chromebook

  1. 1. Acer C7 Chromebook2555) Chromebook( Chrome OSSamsung Chromebook Exynos 5ARM Acer C7 ChromebookIntel Celeron x86 (Acer C710 Chromebook249 Samsung Chromebook (Amazon) 199 Acer C7Chromebook1Acer ChromeRJ-45, VGA, HDMI USB 2.0)
  2. 2. , USB 2.0 2 , ,KensingtonLock)SD Card
  3. 3. (C7 ChromebookAcer AspireV5-171
  4. 4. C7 Chromebook Aspire V5-171Google Chrome OS( Ubuntu LinuxC7)mkChrome OS CR-48Chrome
  5. 5. “ ”Windows LinuxChrome OSChromebook“Downloads”Google Docs
  6. 6. C710-12Macbook AirWindows 8Macbook Air SurfacePlaybookMacbook Air C7C7SurfaceC73V5-1714
  7. 7. Google Chromebook/Chrome OSFirefox OSC7 ChromebookC7Chrome OSChrome OS (Chromebook/Chrome OSChromebook/Chrome OS
  8. 8. mk CR-48Chrome OSAndroid:: b a e b b e b ae b b e b a -acer-c -chromebook/