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Supply list


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Supply list

  1. 1. Ms. Legg’s Supply List Science 7 • 2 – 4x6 index cards • 1 – ream white copy paper • 1 box ziplock bags • 1 package large construction paper • 2 rolls paper towels • 2 Boxes Kleenex • 2 Spiral notebooks • Notebook and paper • Several pencils – no pen used in science • Personal pencil sharpener with lid • Colored pencils & markers (twistable are best) • Metric ruler • 1 zipper bag to hold this stuff • 1 large antibacterial • hand sanitizer Each 6 weeks students will sign up for some ODD things needed for labs sometimes. Sometimes it will be food items so they really will need it.
  2. 2. We also need human support! *Each class period desperately needs 2 room mothers to kind of sponsor the class for cool labs! *Each class period need 2 volunteers for field trips!