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Smart Brands in the Connected Age


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Guest lecture at FH Nuertingen, May 20, 20

Published in: Business, Technology
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Smart Brands in the Connected Age

  1. 1. Smart Brands in the Age of Hyper-ConnectivityTIM LEBERECHT
  2. 2. Smart brands
  3. 3. “Hyper-connectivity is the single mostimportant trend in the world today.“Thomas Friedman
  4. 4. Sensing Real-time feedback Constant adaptation Self-organizationSmart systems
  5. 5. Hyper-connectivity creates hyper-disruptionas industry boundaries blur, partners becomecompetitors and vice versa, and ecosystemsemerge as the critical advantage. Logo mashups by Mario Amaya
  6. 6. -> search “brand” on Google -> -> ->brand app -> SMART BRAND
  7. 7. Debunking 5 marketing myths
  8. 8. Myth#1: Strategy
  9. 9. “Plan well. Have a strategy. And then themoment you hit the ground, forget about it.”
  10. 10. Speed
  11. 11. Black Swans
  12. 12. Smart marketers have absolutelyno plan.
  13. 13. Super-flexibility
  14. 14. Adaptation
  15. 15. Jugaad Photo: Sanjeev Shankar
  16. 16. Anonymous
  17. 17. Microsoft KINECT Ready to be hacked
  18. 18. Microsoft KINECT Ready to be hacked
  19. 19. Marketing Hardware Marketing SoftwareBrand architecture Live brandsMessages ConversationsSales brochures EndorsementsFeature lists ExpertiseDestination sites Distributed/social webTradeshows Community gatheringsTrademarks GoodwillPush PullPackaging RevelationsOut-of-the-box InsightsStatus ExperiencePoint-of-sale Point-of-viewsClosed Open-sourceLook and feel InteractionDirect mailing ConnectionsBillboards/ads Customer servicePrint collateral Apps………. ……….
  20. 20. Myth#2: Control
  21. 21. The loss thereof…
  22. 22.
  23. 23. “In the old days, brands wanted everybody to pay attention to them. Now brands need to payattention to everybody else.” - Umair Haque
  24. 24. Everyone can see everythingWhat you do affects everyoneEveryone can share with anyone what you doand how you do it
  25. 25. Emergence or the permanent crisis
  26. 26. “There is a crack, a crack in everything.Thats how the light gets in.”Leonard Cohen
  27. 27. The more control you give up,the more influence you gain.
  28. 28. Microsoft KINECT Ready to be hacked
  29. 29. Activating valuable connectionsWhat are the dormant or active What are the programs andnetworks that matter? And tools you use to activatewhich are strong/weak ties? connections and unlock- Customer network their value? Connections- Influencer or decision-maker networks Activating - Account marketing - VIP customers- Conference networks - Strategic partnerships- School (alumni) networks Thought leadership- Media community - Publishing- Analyst community - High-touch events- Investor community - Social media- Alumni network - PR- Employee networks - Revenue contribution Valuable - Customer database - Direct/indirect lead funnel - Access to knowledge and experts contribution - Growth of VIP customer network - Extension/diversification - Customer satisfaction of portfolio How do you - Marketing value-add for customers - Brand recognition, loyalty, qualify and - Employee satisfaction and engagement and goodwill quantify the value you create?
  30. 30. ComplexityCo-create
  31. 31. Complexity
  32. 32. Complexity
  33. 33. Create the story
  34. 34. “Create more value than you capture.”Tim O’Reilly
  35. 35. The more control you give up,the more influence you gain.
  36. 36. ComplexityDemocratic exclusivity
  37. 37. A daptive T ransparent O pen M icro Conversations Everything is visible Easy to join Contentinstead of messages to everyone The more youFeedback = creation Easy to co- share, the more you Distribution create/hack will receive Permanent beta Authenticity Easy to share Timing Only 48 seats
  38. 38. Myth #3: Consistency
  39. 39. Myth #3: ConsistencyChange the message, constantly
  40. 40. Unpredictability is the new consistency
  41. 41. Random actsof kindness
  42. 42. Serendipity
  43. 43. Anticipation
  44. 44. Photo: Natsumi HayashiDisruption
  45. 45. Myth #4: Data
  46. 46. Big Data Data is exploding, growing in exponential proportions.
  47. 47. Data deluge
  48. 48. People are living,breathing, feeling,adaptable beings.Is your brand?
  49. 49. Socialintelligence Social intelligence
  50. 50. Distributed presence
  51. 51. Myth #5: Excellence
  52. 52. From excellence to significance.
  53. 53. The desire to connect
  54. 54. PURPOSE [Transcendence] MARKETING = THE MEANING OFFICE Internal PRODUCT/SERVICE Externalbrandholders [Scarcity] brandholders Real-time conversations Micro-content Open collaboration COMMUNITY [Sociality]
  55. 55. Marketing with MeaningSMALL DRAMATIC SOCIAL CONVERSATIONAL PROVOCATIVE RESPONSIBLEMicro Making sense Connecting Listening Making you think Doing good CommunityCustomizable Cohesion Empathy Disruption Political BelongingRelevant Convergence Identity Adaptive Divergence Socially responsibleActionable Morale Like-minded Changing messages Deconstruction Eco-friendlyEye-to-eye Consistency Affinity Two-way Surprise EthicalDirect Imagination New people Let go of control Shock Human rights StatusInstant Entertainment Open Unexpected Values CompassionAccessible Cultural Fun Respect Unlikely FamilySharable relevance Love Flow Challenging NationAtomized Characters Friendship Topical status quo Common Good Suspense Hobbies Point-of-view Unique Earth Comedy Fans Attention-grabbing Tragedy Different Identification In your face Proprietary & Confidential. ©Aricent Group 2011 60
  56. 56. Being Wrong = Seeing the world as it is notSee the world as it is not
  57. 57. Everyone can see everythingWhat you do affects everyoneEveryone can share with anyone what you doand how you do it
  58. 58. “The reason that Apple is able tocreate products like iPad isbecause we always try to be at theintersection of technology andliberal arts, to be able to get thebest of both.”Steve Jobs
  59. 59. “Our world is being dramaticallyreshaped. The rules of the past nolonger apply. In the 21st century,its no longer what you do thatmatters most but how you do it.”Dov Seidman
  60. 60. 1) Deliver WOW Through Service 2) Embrace and Drive Change 3) Create Fun and A Little Weirdness “Our world is being dramatically 4) Be Adventurous, Creative, and Open- Minded reshaped. The rules of the past no 5) Pursue Growth and Learning 6) Build Open and Honest Relationships longer apply. In the 21st century, With Communication its no longer what you do that 7) Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit 8) Do More With Less matters most but how you do it.” 9) Be Passionate and Determined 10) Be Humble DoSeidmanCulture
  61. 61. - Open door office policy - Publication of financial results unusual for a private company - Meetings open to the public and phone numbers and video conference URLs posted on their wiki - Public road map: Future tech direction of company easily accessible on wikiCulture
  62. 62. Happiness
  63. 63. Happiness
  64. 64. Happiness
  65. 65. Traditional brands Smart brandsStrategy BeliefsPlan ActionProcess PrinciplesAnnual/quarterly horizon Daily adaptationROI MeaningControl Permanent crisisConsistency SerendipityBig Data Big IntuitionFast turn-around Real-timeCentralized knowledge Decentralized knowledgeCommand and coordination Empowerment and networksGo-to-market Distributed presenceMessage Content
  66. 66. Smart brands
  67. 67. “Managerial capitalism asks everyoneto leave randomness at home andcome to work as a hard-headedpragmatist, a heat-seeking problemsolver. But managing, creating, anddelivering randomness means livingwith variation. It means asking peopleto get in touch with their differencesinstead of asking them, as we usuallydo, to converge on a shared facsimile ofselfhood.”Grant McCracken – Chief Culture Officer
  68. 68. “What’s interesting about you is you.” – Alonzo King
  69. 69.
  70. 70. Happiness