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TeamLease Times

  1. 1. TeamLease TimesE-Newsletter: April – October 201110/21/2011TeamLease Services Pvt. Ltd – IIJT Education Pvt. Ltd – TeamLease University
  2. 2. From the MD’s desk-20th October 2011Dear All,When we started out on our entrepreneurial journey, weintended to create a company that was profitable in the longrun, fun to work in and good for the country. We have got thatunique triad in our current endeavor to become the laboursupply chain company of India.At a macro level, we have a great demographic dividend thatin the past was viewed as a bane but now is clearly looked atas a boon. There are multiple challenges in the short run ofmatching demand and supply of labour, in the medium term ofmismatch of supply to industry requirements and the long term problem ofpipeline where the education is not in line with market requirements. But wherethere is a crisis, there is an opportunity.We have raised our second round of financing and are aggressively investing increating the platforms of people, process and technology to achieve success inour chosen areas. We are making the investments in the belief that we have agreat opportunity, a great team to pull it all together and we will overcome theexecution challenge that lies ahead. We are focused on the customerexperience, the product, sales/marketing and the matrix organisational structureto ensure clear accountability and team work for the future.As an umbrella organisation of TeamLease, IIJT and TeamLease University, wehave been evolving and today cover the spectrum of the labour marketproblems/opportunities. We are innovating at the intersection of employment,employability and education to find the solution to the challenge. The 3x3 matrixbelow captures the essence of our opportunity and organisational play. Employment Employability Education Government Corporate Retail Campus/Centre’s E-learning/Cloud OJT/ApprenticeIn specific to the SBUs that we have; TeamLease staffing is on a stable growth platform, but we do need to explore opportunities and avenues that would give the business a volume kick up The Perm Sourcing business has seen a return of volume open positions from clients and key is to ensure delivery to closure to ramp up revenues
  3. 3. The Regulatory consulting practice is seeing traction with growth in number of mandates of both one time and recurring nature The Retail Training business continues to lose money (we do look at this as investment) but is starting to show incremental progress and hope to have that pace pick up The Corporate Training business has opened the account with delivery across IT and non IT clients. We are in the process of building a team for the future business The Institutional business has kicked off, ramped up operations in Gujarat & Karnataka and also built a large volume of business pipeline in other states The University approvals are in process and in the meantime we have Paresh Vora who has joined us as the President and moved to Ahmedabad to drive the ground activitiesWe do have a lot going on. We do have a lot of people doing things. We do havea lot of locations at which we do business. We do have a great opportunity andthe patience to play to the long term. India is tomorrow’s story and today’sopportunity and we are best positioned to make a success of it. Wish you all luck. - Ashok ReddyTeamLease is India’s largest HR Services Company. We are known for ourquality HR solutions. We serve clients from various industries like ConsumerDurables, FMCG, BFSI and Agriculture.The last half year witnessed a lot of action and achievements.Staffing Vertical The Business Development team under the joint leadership of Rituparna Chakraborty and Mohit Gupta has achieved 101 percent of its cumulative revenue target and 102 percent of monthly recurring revenue target. Delhi, Hyderabad and Pune have performed exceptionally well byexceeding both the targets.The team acquired reputed clients like Blue Star, Badarpur Tollway, Ferrero,Magcore, Abbott Truecare, Blossom Kochar, Metahelix and ISAGRO Asia in therecent past. The Operations team under Ashish Jhunjhunwala continues to provide high quality support. The team exceeded their goals in
  4. 4. various parameters like % First Time Resolution and % client IDs locked on orbefore target.The OPs team has done an amazing job in putting new processes in place and inimprovising the existing processes!!!The team created a presentation which would be used to train all the employeeson OPs processes. An improvised process of generation of ESIC Temp cardgeneration has been proposed. The team is working on overhauling the currentdispatch process in an endeavor to clean up the mailing address in the ALCS.The team initiated multiple pay mode options for associates across locations.Axis Bank Insta Cards/Payroll cards and ICICI Bank Insta Cards were launched.TeamLease client related process documents are available on Google docs. Theteam is working out possibilities to incorporate a process which will ensure thatescalations received by phone or by email are acknowledged and first respondedwith plan of action within 1 hour of receiving the request. The endeavour wouldbe to ensure we are able to resolve at least 85% of the escalated matters orqueries within 5 business hours. The Customer Support team headed by Suman Srinidhi has done a commendable job in achieving their targets. The Associate Outbound (99.8 percent), the Modify team (98.9 percent), IIJT Support (97.9 percent), Associated Inbound (96.6 percent), Quality (95.8 percent) and Client Inbound (87.8 percent) contributed to the overall performance of the CS team.The CS team undertook many process improvement initiatives. A sub – teamwas created to handle all the document related requests from the clients. Allabandoned calls are given a call back within 1.5hrs and the query raised aretracked to closure on the Customer Relationship Management (Talisma)The CS team is now capable of handling queries and complaints from peoplespeaking English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya,Assamese, Gujarati, Bhojpuri, Bengali, Urdu and Coorgi. This is definitely animpressive achievement!Sourcing Vertical Our Perm IT team lead by Surabhi Mathur achieved 79 percent of their target. The team has been servicing reputed clients like IBM India Pvt Ltd, National Institute of Smart Government and Equant Solution India Pvt Ltd. The team won new clients like Siemens Information Systems Ltd, Kentar Berkadia, Omnitech and HCL Comnet at locations like
  5. 5. Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi. The Sourcing Non IT team under Sangeeta Lala has achieved 80 percent of the target (YTD). The team acquired new clients like Sabic Innovative Plastics, GetiT Services, Idea Cellular, Technopak Advisors, Firefly e-Ventures, Moser Baer Photo Voltaic, Volkswagen India and Abbott Medical Optics.The team is focusing on improving the skills of its members by imparting highquality training. The team has a six month training schedule in place. The Trainthe Trainer program and the mentoring program will go a long way in improvingthe productivity of the team members. The Regulatory team headed by Amitava Ghosh offers a gamut of services related to labor legislations. It also handles day – to – day regulatory issues faced by TeamLease. The team has achieved 34.5 percent of its target (till September 2011). The team has acquired new clients like Mphasis Bangalore, L&T Hazira and Axis Bank Ltd.The team has undertaken many process improvement initiatives during the lastsix months. The invoice draft is standardized. The RLCS software is used to fixaudit schedule. The Central Team started working on Talisma from June – 2011.Did You Know?TeamLease is one of the 8 founding members to form Indian Staffing Federation,joining hands with the likes of Adecco, Kelly, Manpower, Mafoi, Gi Staffing,Global Innovsource and Allegis to address issues which confront our industryand promote growth of staffing.TeamLease has been invited to represent Employers of India in the GlobalDialogue Forum on the role of private employment agencies in promoting decentwork and improving the functioning of labour markets in private services sectors(Geneva 18-19 October 2011)________________________________________________________________IIJT is India’s leading vocational education and training institute. IIJT’s multi –disciplinary courses have robust practical elements that develop critical skillsnecessary for workplace success. It services reputed clients like Samsung,Vodafone, Titan and LG to name a few.
  6. 6. The IIJT Retail business is aiming to build a key differentiator in the VET space.The team is working on building a Job Training Institute that would train as perindustry requirements and would provide strong placement support.The team conducts weekly career seminars via satellite where professionals fromthe industry interact with students every Saturday. This is an enrichingexperience for students. This is just one of the many processes the team has inplace in order to ensure that the students become thorough professionals. The IIJT Partner Operations team lead by Vandana Sharma is the vital link between the Authorized Training Centres (ATC) and the organization. They play a major role in engaging with partners by providing a build – operate matrix support system. They support various activities at the ATC like recruitment, training, assessment and development. They provide sales and marketing support and audit the operations at the ATCs periodically.The team has achieved many landmarks in the recent past. The ATC hygieneexercise has categorized the centres under three colours; green, yellow and red.Travel calendars help in making optimum utilization of time and energies ofcentral and support teams. These teams visit ATCs regularly. Implementation ofCOMS has streamlined the training activities. ISET Studio enables relaying oftraining programs from Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata and Delhi. The IIJT Placements team headed by Savita Singh did a total of 209 placements (COC – 146 and ATC – 63) across all centres during the last quarter, with East contributing the most with 118 placements. The average salary offered was Rs.6,240 per month. More than 60 clients were serviced by the team. Comatra E – Solutions and Karvy Data Management systems hired the most number of students (16 each) during this period.The team has recently started the process of conducting one job fair everymonth. It has conducted several job fairs in the last three months at 14 locations.More than 100 clients have participated in these fairs. These events offered anopportunity for more than 3600 students to attend interviews. More than 1000students got their offer letters or short listed for final round of interview. Amazingjob team! The IIJT Institutional Services team lead by Neeti Sharma has achieved 40 percent of their half yearly target. The team is servicing reputable clients like Development Support Agency
  7. 7. of Gujarat, Tribal Development Department, Gujarat; Employment Generation &Marketing Mission, Department of Rural Development, Andhra Pradesh andKarnataka Vocational Skills Development Corporation, Karnataka. The teamacquired new clients like Employment Generation & Marketing Mission,Department of Rural Development, Andhra Pradesh; Commercial Tax Office,Chattisgarh and Urban Development Department, Jharkhand during the last halfyear period.The team has initiated processes which would help in identification ofopportunities to work with state and central government departments and inclosing deals quickly. It has created daily activity calendar which would help inensuring that all commitments are met.________________________________________________________________ The IIJT Learning Operations team lead by P. Davuluri is responsible for faculty development, building relevant curriculum and for increasing distance learning efficiency. The team has been able to conduct assessments as planned. It launched academic courses and Train the Trainer [T3] on satellite. It conducted the academic council with Subject Matter Experts and Industry Experts. The team implemented biometric attendance tracking across allcentres for trainers. It has initiated a process to do the same for students. Itprepared the Trainer Development Plan which involves continual assessments,T3, mentorship programs and self paced learning resources. Keep up the goodwork team! The IIJT Marketing team lead by Vishal Solanki has developed and is working on various products to cater to market segments like unemployed youth, working professionals and school pass outs. Its four sub–functions: Above the Line [ATL], Below the Line [BTL], Press Release [PR] and Digital Marketing work together to ensure that all the customer touch points are covered.The team has conducted various activities like job fairs, career seminars, canopyactivities, electronic direct mailers and student development activities (likepersonality development, grooming, quiz, excursions and chess competitions).The shared services between TeamLease and IIJT are doing a fabulous job ofcreating employee delight and synchronizing work cultures.
  8. 8. The Finance team, headed by Ravi Vishwanath, which is like the back bone for the organization, has been working to build the function into three distinct areas: Staffing Finance, Business Finance and General Accounting. As a step towards this, during the first half of this financial year key personnel in the team with varied work experience wereoffered a change in role within the function. The results of this have beenencouraging so far on two counts – opportunity for individuals to progress in theircareer path and integration of TeamLease-IIJT work culture.With external investors coming on board, there is greater emphasis on numbersand processes. The team has undertaken many initiatives to streamlineoperational efficiencies and processes. It is working towards establishing worldclass financial controls and processes within the organization The Human Resources team under Zarir Batliwala’ s guidance has been driving performance management in a structured manner so as to make KRAs, regular performance reviews, feedbacks, ratings and compensation reviews an integral part of the company’s DNA. The focus of the team during the period has been to build the function as a strategic partner to the business.Each business unit is assigned an HR partner. The HR partners will work withbusiness managers in an endeavor to drive people initiatives across theorganization. The HR team has developed a career development framework forthe four large employee groups – Recruiters and Operations in TeamLease andTrainers and Career Advisors in IIJT.The HR team has developed experiential workshops for the employees. This willgo a long way in encouraging the employees to introspect, identify theirstrengths, work on their areas of improvement, go beyond their limitations and toexcel in their work. Talent management and succession planning will be thefocus areas during the second half of the year. The Information Technology team lead by Sharanabasappa Shirol has done an amazing job during the last 2 quarters by achieving an overall performance of 98.33 percent. It initiated many new processes and improvised on existing ones. The team adapted ITIL framework to manage the IT
  9. 9. infrastructure effectively. The data center check list was defined order to ensureefficient performance of the system. These are just a couple of manyachievements. Great job team!________________________________________________________________Industry and market trendsFocus on niche requirements: The year started off with an optimistic &aggressive hiring intent across all skills and requirements. The market was fertilewith opportunities in vanilla skills, ERP requirements and a large chunk ofspecialized niche requirements. However, some rationalization has beenobserved in the hiring numbers towards the end of the first half of the year. Withmost of the large organizations reducing their overall demand, the hiring focushas moved to more specialized & niche requirements within the industry.Hiring Trend: New market players are hiring with exponential offers (2-3 times)and creating the dissatisfaction threshold in the industry. This is also resulting inattrition due to the inability to achieve high targets.New Entries: New Banks are ready to enter the market as they have approvalson licenses. This is bound to create a huge demand throughout the bankingindustry. We have a huge opportunity here.Productivity Focus: After recession and a little stable last financial year majorBFSI companies are looking forward to enhance the productivity of the currentemployees and thus they will be slow on hiring front. They will try to take out thebest from the current core employees.Hiring Trend with Wealth Management companies: These companies don’twant to compromise on talent and are ready to offer out of the way to acquire thebest talent from the market. Earlier they were constrained by their budget butcurrently due to high demand and expansion they are hiring with NoCompromise.Government departments: The Government is more focused on tenders &RFPs instead of direct proposals. Technology platforms are being initiated inmany states & departments. They may be linked with our technology platformsfor data portability.Achievers – People who made TeamLease - IIJT proudBusiness Development team:Teams of Delhi, Hyderabad & Pune have done exceptionally well by overachieving theirtargets.
  10. 10. OPs team:Subrata Kumar Kundu made the team proud by winning the TeamLease honours award.Deepa C N, Ambika A and Abraham won the Champion of Champions award (2010 –2011). Arun and Shilpa R R were honored with the Pathfinder award for the quarter April– June, 2011. Ramya B L, Jigna P Shah, Hema S N, Arjunan S Subramani, V Hemanth,Nitish Vinay Shah, Syed Afsar, C S Abraham, Harish M Shah, G Rajasekar, Raju C K,Gopi Chand, Sharanya Shalini M, Nagalakshmi S, Praveen C R, Sanjana Sharma, AmitWashnik, D Lokesh Babu, Anthony Raj Lingareddy, Atul Sharma, Archana Devi, NevedaV K, Vani Bai Rajputh, Ravikumar T N, Naveen Kumar G, Shilpa Mense, Keerthan MShah, Satish Kumar N, Sushma N, Swathi S, Jagdeesh E, Harish G K and Baburaj Bwere honored for their excellent performance. Great job indeed!CS team:V Kondhanda Raman was the “Achiever of the quarter” (June – August, 2011). VinayDhondale won the Pathfinder award for the second quarter. Employability was the StarTeam for the same period. Aparna B Chengappa, Shilpashree P, Jai Shankar, PradeepV, Gourav D S, BA Mohammed Shafeeq, Jaspreet Kaur, Sekh Ataulla, Nigel Gavin,Gayathri U, Srinivasan R, Vikram U P, Ramya were honoured for their excellentperformance.Perm IT team:Suchita Kedia, Sandhya K P, Swetha Potel, Aadvaita Bajaj Vadhera, Ankit Srivastavaand Nidhi Bhatt have achieved over 125 percent of their individual targets. Esha Seth,Somna K, Mahesh Kumar Saraswat and Alka Dhingra achieved over 100 percent inLeads. Way to go!! TeamLease is proud of you.Sourcing Non IT team:Suresh Eswararaju, Kirti Dave, Tara M N, Pooja Sharma, N. Radhika, Yamuna Devi R,Renny George, Ketaki Bhirdikar, Shaziya Kazi, Ritu Mohanlal Kukreja, Vanita A Yamgar,Shanu Amit Srivastava, Alka Anavkar, Neha Naik, Khushbu J Rawal, Sajid Baig, NituPatle, Pradnya Shastri and Poonam Gugale achieved more than 100 percent of theirtargets during the period April – September, 2011. Fabulous job! We are proud of you!!Regulatory team:Nirmal Kuman Sahu from Bangalore and Supriyo Banarjee from Kolkata were the bestperformers in the last two quarters. Prasanna, Madhav Joshi and Poonam Wadheraplayed a major role in acquiring new clients during the same period. Great job!Institutional Services team:Pankaj Rathod and Jayesh Chaudhari were the best performers in the team during thelast half year period.Enterprise Learning Services:Bikram Das and Srikanta Acharya were the best performers during the last two quarters.IT TeamPraveen Bharathi, Murali B N and Mukunda were the best performers during the last halfyear.
  11. 11. Admin TeamNavaneetha, Srishylam and Praveen U from Hyderabad team were the best performersfor the last quarter.________________________________________________________________The TeamLease Times CrosswordDown1. The BD/Recruitment guys get this to work on2. This fruit is our head quarters location3. Happens every week in Tabla [conference room]6. This lottery is overwhelming says Manish.8. They are not the police actually but were called soAcross4. What the teams love to hear from Biju [of Sourcing Team]5. One leg of the 3 legged stool7. Our topmost core value8. Copied from the Americans [a team name]9. This is the acronym of our studio facility setup1 2 34 5 6 7 8 9Rush in your answers to The first 10 correct entries willget a surprise gift!!Any feedback / suggestion? Please send it!