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Introduction to Prezi (updated)

  1. 1. 1Presented by Tiffaney Lavoie, Instructional Technology Consultant, KEDCtiffaney.lavoie@kedc.orgPrezi is a presentation tool that incorporates the use of text, graphics, andembedded videos all on a web-based platform. The visual navigation of aPrezi presentation offers an engaging display of a presenter‟s ideas andconcepts allowing the audience to focus and follow along in a unique, freshway. So let‟s begin…….Step 1: Create a Prezi AccountA. Go to www.prezi.comB. Use the “Sign Up” or „Sign Up Now” optionsC. Choose either “Free License” or “Teacher/Student License”The Teacher/Student license requires a valid and active edu emailaddress.Introduction to
  2. 2. 2D. Complete the registration page. Don‟t forget to agree to theterms of use then “Register and Continue”E. For a quick overview on Prezi and its tools, click the Learn tab.You can watch video tutorials lesson videos, use the cheat sheets,or search the manual link.F. Select the Your Prezis tab and choose New Prezi. Designate atitle and description and select Create new Prezi.
  3. 3. 3Step 2: Create Your PreziA. Select a template – this will help with the organization of your PreziB. Along with your background, the three other items that you need tobe aware of is use of your menu bar, the zoom tool, and theTransformation Zebra:Background- Click and drag to navigate to different locations of yourbackground.Zoom Tool- Zoom in and out to acquire location and view. Also, theHome button will always get you back to your originalstarting screen location. You can also use the scrollbutton on your mouse to zoom on the canvas.Main Menu - The location for insertion of images, videos, etc.Import PowerPoints, add shapes and themes,build frames for topic organization, and createa library of objects for future Prezis.Object Transformation Tool- By clicking once on the object or text,you can use the Object TransformationTool to resize your object/text, turn it,move it, or crop it. To move/resizemultiple objects at the same time (group)hold the Ctrl key down click on all theobjects you wish to group. Release andyou should now have one ObjectTransformation Tool for all your objects.
  4. 4. 4C. Inserting Text- Simply click once in the location you want to add text.A text box will appear. The inserted text will act likeany other inserted object. You can change fonts andcolors from within the text menu.D. Inserting a Picture- a) Select . Choose from Google imagesor a saved file.b) Open the file or select ok for a Google image.c) Reposition the image on the canvas if needed.E. Making a Path a) Select the Edit Path button in the path sidebarb) By default, you can click on the text or object inthe order you want them presented. A visualline along with a number order will be shown.c) Each path point becomes a “page” in thesidebar.d) To re-order pages, drag and drop them in thesidebare) To delete a path point, select Edit Path, thenhover over the appropriate “page” and clickthe X. Click Clear All at the bottom to deleteall path points and start over.f) Select Add Current View at the bottom of thepath bar to take a snapshot of the currentCrop / Delete objectDrag objectResize object
  5. 5. 5canvas view. It will add the point to your path.F. Showing Your Prezi- a) Selectb) Advancing path can be done via on-screenarrows or keyboard arrows.c) To exit your show option, hit the spacebar.d) Use the “Full Screen” option to view postedPrezis.G. Exiting and Editing- a) End your Prezi session by using the exitfunction at the top of your screen.b) You will have options to edit, download and,share using embed code.H. Download Prezi - a) From your main Prezi page (not on thecanvas), select Download, then Export toPortable Prezi, and Downloadb) Extract thefile after downloadPrezi SettingsA. In your Prezi account, click on “Your Prezis” and thepresentation you just created.B. Select to expand Privacy options.C. There‟s also a comment feature,which could be used to generatefeedback when sharing a Prezipresentation with a group.
  6. 6. 6Advanced OptionsInserting VideosA. You can insert videos into Prezi from the following formats:FLV, F4V, AVI, MOV, WMV, F4V, MPG, MPEG, MP4, M4V, 3GPB. To insert a Video:1. Click .2. Choose a video file from your computer or from YouTube3. Insert the file into Prezi, just as you would insert an imagefile. Once the video is uploaded to the canvas, you can clickon it to get the zebra and then move, scale, or rotate asneeded.If your video file is faded out or will not move on the canvas,hold the shift key down and then select it. Yourtransformation zebra should appear for editing.Inserting a Photostory1. Save your Photostory as a .wmv (save for playback on a computer)from inside the Photostory window.2. Go to Upload the .wmv by browsing your computer and uploading the file(Step 1).4. Choose to convert the file to an .flv (Step 2)5. Enter your email address (Step 3) and select Convert (Step 4)
  7. 7. 76. Your converted file will be delivered to you as a link within an email.Follow the link to download the converted file. ***You must do thiswithin 24 hours of receiving the link***7. Now you are ready to insert the file in your Prezi. Click .Find the file and select Open.8. If the frame is too large or not in the right place, click the file to get theTransformation Zebra. If it will not allow you to select it, hold theShift key down and then select it with the mouse.Embedding YouTube VideosA. Click Media > From YouTubeB. Paste the link of the YouTube video you want to embed > InsertInserting a PowerPointA. ClickB. Locate the PowerPoint you want to useand click OpenC.Prezi will place a side bar of slides on theright side of the canvasD.Click the slides you want, then right-click theon the slide > Insert selected slides
  8. 8. 8Each slide will be placed on the canvas withits own frame and re-sizing capabilities.FramesE. Use frames to group and structure yourmap of ideas – Choose Add FramesF. Use your mouse to draw a frame arounddifferent items in your PreziG. If you click on your frame, Prezi will zoom inon the entire contents.H. Build frames within frames to better organizeInformation.I. Resize your frames by clicking the frame and usingthe Transformation Zebra.J. Invisible Frames are great ways to organize items without havingyour audience see the frame itself. They show up as blue boxes inyour editing window but invisible to your audience.K. Layouts will provide multi-frame templates you can insert.HyperlinksA. Click where you want the link to appearB. Type the full URL link starting with http:// (eg. Save and reload the Prezi, and the links will activate. (You will seethem underlined)D. When in Present mode, click on the link to activate it.E. To edit a link, select it then double-click on the ZebraLayering ObjectsIf you need to add objects or text over the top of another object or text,simply right- click on the item and choose Bring Forward. The same thingworks if you need to send something in back of another item!
  9. 9. 9Customizing Themes and ColorsA. SelectB. Click Customize Current ThemeC. Begin selecting background and text colors.D. Click Next to move through all the customization optionsEmbedding Your Prezi on a Blog/Website1. Click on your Prezi on www.prezi.com2. Scroll below your Prezi and click on the word "Share"3. In the pop up box, click on Embed4. Copy the code, and insert it in your website, blog, etc5. You can also copy and paste the link, or select Email to share thelink via email.
  10. 10. - comprehensive reference – cool fonts available for ree download - photo editor to help customize Prezi themesAcknowledgements:
  11. 11. 11NOTES___________________________________________