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Ethical dilemmas


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Published in: Business
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Ethical dilemmas

  1. 1. Tiffany Lansaw
  2. 2. Tiffany Lansaw
  3. 3. Ethical Dilemmas ChecklistStep #1: Recognize the Ethical DilemmaStep #2: Get the FactsStep #3: Identify your OptionsStep #4: Test Each Option, Legal? Right? Beneficial?Step #5: Decide Which Option to FollowStep #6: Spot Light QuestionsStep #7: Take Action
  4. 4. Ethical Dilemmas ChecklistStep #1: Recognize the Ethical DilemmaMy Ethical Dilemma: Hiring a candidate with a criminalrecord even though there is an unwritten but knowncompany policy against doing so.
  5. 5. Ethical Dilemmas ChecklistStep #2: Get the FactsMy Ethical Dilemma: He was charged with 1 Count of FelonyForgery in 2000. Served 10 Years in Prison, had a perfectlyclean prison record for behavior. Took time while in Prisonto get a college degree. He was released from Prison in2010. Immediately got a job as a farm hand cleaningbarns, was the only place to hire him. Has BA in BusinessManagement and provided perfect attendance records foran Ex-Felons Counseling Group.
  6. 6. Ethical Dilemmas ChecklistStep #3: Identify your OptionsMy Ethical Dilemma: Hire him and go against theunwritten company policy about ex-felons, knowing Iwill not lose my job but will be reprimanded if it isdiscovered. No hire him and be disappointment that Iwas not able to assist him in rising above his situation.
  7. 7. Ethical Dilemmas ChecklistStep #5: Decide Which Option to FollowMy Ethical Dilemma: I decided to follow my gut and hirehim. I knew I had enough evidence of personaldevelopment both while in prison and outside of prisonto validate my consideration. I put him in a positionwhere he would have no access to financial records andwould not be tempted to make previous mistakes.
  8. 8. Ethical Dilemmas ChecklistStep #4: Test Each Option, Legal? Right? Beneficial?My Ethical Dilemma: Both options are Legal. Bothoptions are right in some ways. Hiring him is Beneficialfor my business, not hiring him is beneficial if hedoesn’t work out.
  9. 9. Ethical Dilemmas ChecklistStep #6: Spot Light QuestionsMy Ethical Dilemma: How will I feel if my family finds out aboutthe decision? I will feel good, knowing I was able to look beyondhis situation and find the value in him regardless of his criminalbackground. How will I feel if it is reported to the Newspaper? Iguess that would depend on whether or not the article waspositive or negative? If it is being reported that I put mycompany at risk? I would feel bad if it were a negative article butproud if it was a positive article.
  10. 10. Ethical Dilemmas ChecklistStep #7: Take ActionMy Ethical Dilemma: I went forward with hiring him. Sofar he has worked for the company for 6 months withno attendance, performance or co-worker issues.